In my mind, “R&R” means “recruitment and retention” a key element in volunteer organizations.  However, I am aware that for many, it means “rest and relaxation.”  Right now, I’m counting to ten, doing some yoga “centering” exercises, and trying to release my anger and frustration somewhere other than at Sissy.  There are no photos, but I’ll be switching my Butterfly Lace to another set of needles.  My #6 Bryspun straights are dead.  Well, one anyway.  I thought she was in the study with Mugsy and me.  The good news is, the lace – about 25% done – is only slobbery wet, and still on its mangled needle.  Only the tips and the inch or so at that end of the needles (laugh with me!) are ruined.  I’ll have to wait for the Knight to get home, and have him cut the tip off while I protect the stitches on said needle, but I’ll be able to pick up where I left off.

Sissy NEVER bothers anything but Tofutsies.  Can that hound nose smell the chitin?  (And y’all think she’s so cute.  She is, isn’t she?  She just still requires CONSTANT VIGILANCE.)

Now, I can’t even remember what else I was going to blog about.

Oh yeah.  My lace in progress.  Ha.

That’s it, minus the during the thunderstorm repeats.  See my pretty, happy needles?  Yeah.  I’m going to have to order more, I suppose.  If Sissy got an allowance, I’d make her pay for them, and the yarn that I’d have to order too, just because, well… you know…  I really don’t like lace without borders, but this is nice and light.  It’ll block just fine, as did the first Tofutsies shawl.  It doesn’t require much to make it behave, unlike Sissy… (Who REALLY is a great girl, as you know.  I’m just mad, mostly at myself.)

Let’s go back to my front porch, yesterday afternoon.  Anita went to a little fiber festival recently, and guess who got a care package?!  ME!!!   That’s really a darker, almost jewel toned mix of blues and reds in a corridale blend.  I can’t wait to give it a spin, but I want to twist up all the pink merino on the spindle first.  (No, I didn’t spin last night and it’s not looking good for tonight either.  My blackberry wine is looking good though.) 


Anita also included this lush, angora blend.  I wonder if I’ll ever spin well enough to feel I can do it justice?  Almost looks like cotton candy, doesn’t it?  Feels MUCH better though.  Sorry to the Knight and the cotton candy fans out there.  I don’t care for the stuff, but this?  Ahhh…  I have no desire to taste it, but I could be content to just hold it and pet it.



This morning was also River City Knitters meeting time.  What a great group!  I wish such a guild for each of you.  There’s an informative training session at every meeting, and this month, it was machine knitting.  It was neat, but for the same money, I could buy a wheel…  I also don’t knit for “production” purposes (although the deadlines I create for myself sometimes make me feel differently), so I don’t care about grinding out some stockinette in a heartbeat.  I like the feel of the fibers slipping through my fingers, as one of the other ladies mentioned.  Still, I’m a curious bird, so it was good to actually see a machine in use.  A few ladies gave it a try, but I returned to my seat to chat (imagine!) and work on my butterfly lace (so Sissy could have an after dinner snack, evidently).

Darlene (blogless) brought me these little wonders.  DPN tubes.  The blue and red one with the slot is a wonderful little creature that will allow me to take my DPN sock on the road, because you know that after Magic Loop, two at a time becomes routine, I will still want to do a sock (or two?) on DPNs again.  I’m fickle like that, but in the meantime, my pretty Harmony DPNS can live in sunny little homes, designed just for them.  Thanks, Darlene!

Today also marked the start of the RCK lace KAL.  It’s my first ever mystery KAL, so I’m excited!  Of course, I have no fewer than three yarns I’m considering for it, so stay tuned.  Once I get the Butterflies out, I’ll cast on.  We get one clue every month, and even get to name the shawl.  Fun, no?



After the meeting, Rosanne and I went to Lettuce Knit.  I was shopping for a couple of specific things, but I ended up just grabbing a couple of patterns and the TyDy colorway I’d wanted to try for the Clapotis.  I might go back for more for a baby blanket if I don’t mind knitting with it.  I think that’s going to become a regular stop for us when we’re in Richmond.  They carry yarns I don’t see everywhere else, and I like that!



The pink flamingos are for Christmas gifts.  That’s all I’m sayin’.  The Plymouth bowl/wine cozy pattern was purchased just because I can’t put my hands on the Fiber Trends version.  It too will be Christmas gifts, including a smaller version for my dessert wines too.  (Erm… that’s for me, not a gift, obviously.  Gotta’ treat ourselves too, right?!)

Thanks so much for helping me put some time and distance between the slaughtered needles, Sissy and me.  All that matters is that Sissy didn’t eat the yarn and require a trip to the vet, right?  Add in that the lace is safe and sound, and I’ve really been crying over spilt milk, eh? 


16 comments on “R&R

  1. Amanda says:

    Yowsers! You got lucky, though, that Sissy didn’t eat the lace itself. I hope the needles are easily acquired.

    Looks like you got a bit of eye candy, there. I love reading about your Saturday fiber adventures.

  2. knittingpanda87 says:

    I have both types of DPN tubes from Knit Picks and I love them both especially the work in progress one because I am paranoid that when I put away my knitting the stitches are going to fall off. I just don’t know what I ever did without it.

  3. holly says:

    I have one of those nifty tubes. Missy Sissy, whatever will we do with her? Love her right? The butterfly is so pretty.

  4. Oh what a lucky little dog to have such an “understanding” mistress! I’m not sure I would be feeling so generous yet.

  5. Anita says:

    Oh no! Sorry about your needles!! Bad Sissy!! I bet she gave you one pitiful look too. 🙂

    The shawl is coming out really nice there!! And those flamingos are too funny!! I love them! That will be a fun project.

  6. Anne says:

    Doh. That stinks 😦 Cleo LOVES needles – I have to keep them all hidden well, minus the giant set of size 13’s I gave to her – though I do sometimes fear that as she flies around playing with it she’s going to impale herself… Your spinning looks just fab by the way 😀

  7. Nancy says:

    OH NO! Poor needles…NAUGHTY Sissy! Just goes to show she’s still a pup, and has a very good nose! Sorry that happened, and luckily she just slobbered the lace. But the rest of your post was happier. Lovely fiber, and I am glad you enjoy your guild!

  8. gaylen says:

    Lucy has been known to eat needles and expensive fiber too! So keep an eye Sissy. Let us know when it’s safe to laugh! Of course you need to keep an eye on her – at least until she’s 3. Either that or pull all the carpet out of your house and let her little nails get a little bit longer – then you can hear when she moves about! g

  9. AlisonH says:

    You had me there for a moment: Lettuce Knit? You were in Toronto? Uh, no…

  10. grace says:

    Chan what color is your yarn for the Butterfly Stole, I have this feeling we are using the same color Mine is 723 and it looks alot like yours. I was having splitting problems with my Harmonies so I went to Takumi and it sailing along now

  11. Nichole says:

    Oh I can only hope I’m on your xmas list this year – great patterns!!! 🙂
    Joanne (A Knitter’s Garden) carries Bryspun so if you still need the pink kitch tag, …
    Glad you found such a GREAT guild! I want to come visit..
    Sophie suggests that Sissy run and hide…. Tut is laughing, saying at least he only ate a tape measure… 🙂 {{{hugs}}}

  12. Dianne says:

    Is it wrong of me to giggle just a little bit? Maybe not, but I know it’s wrong to laugh as hard as I am! Thanks – I needed that!

    P.S. Sissy says she was just helping. She thought you were ready to block the lace, and she wanted to be a helper-girl. Yeah, that’s the ticket, she was helping! Heeheehee

  13. KSee says:

    Sorry to hear about your needles. The scarf is very pretty

  14. crimsonpurl says:

    Thank goodness the butterflys are safe!!! Whew!!

    Yep, the angora blend does look like cotton candy! You will definitely surprise yourself and improve on your spinning skills before you know it! ;o)

    Ooh your RCK group seems really fun and I am so glad you are participating and enjoying them!

    I don’t think machine knitting would tickle my fancy either, but I hear it works wonders in doing big/long afghans in SS! Whip them out in no time! THAT is when I would be jealous!!

  15. fireflynights says:

    Sorry about the Bryspun. Looks like you’ve doubled the amount of lace since yesterday. I’m lucky. Neither of our boys does more than look at yarn and its accessories.

  16. Bubblesknits says:

    If it makes you feel any better, the cats unraveled almost a full bobbin of spun singles yesterday while we were gone. I had the bobbin on the lazy kate and they pretty much rolled the living room. *sigh*

    The Butterfly shawl is looking gorgeous, Sissy slobber or no. Oh, and the kids came home today. They say they want to come live with y’all. LOL They loved their gifts. 🙂

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