Tea, Colorful Tea

April 27 – May 3
The White, Green, Black, and Herb of Tea

Tell about your favorite tea. How do you prepare it and serve it? Milk and sugar? Plain? What are some of your best memories of serving or sipping on this tea? Share a picture if you can. Tell the health benefits of the tea(s) you prefer. Where do you purchase your tea? Is there someplace you enjoying purchasing tea from? Who from and where?

This week’s assignment for the Tea Blog-along is tough, because I like ’em all (save red teas).  Every tea has a time and a reason.  So, as it happens around here rather regularly, grab a cuppa’ and a treat and away we go!

Here’s a day in my life with tea, or what one might look like, anyway…

Morning:  It takes a pot of black tea to knock the cobwebs out some mornings.  One of my favorites is Harney’s Irish Breakfast Tea.  It likes a healthy shot of cream (or milk) and about a half-packet of Splenda in a very large mug.  An alternative would be chai with a good dose of milk, but I’ve yet to find that perfect chai to share.

Next up, for through the day sipping is a nice green tea.  There are plenty of sites promoting the health benefits of green tea, but all I can tell you is I’m almost never sick, and if a cold finds me, it moves on quickly.  I like a variety of green teas, but one of my favorites for all day sipping in an iced form is Republic of Tea’s Sip for the Cure Pink Grapefruit Tea.  I drop four bags in the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Pot and have a pitcher of tea ready in no time.  No sugar, no nothing. 


When I want a treat in a mug, I reach for Harney’s Chocolate Mint, which has a black tea base.  Again, add the dairy, please?

As the sun sets, I often switch to a white tea or an herbal for the last pot of the night.  My white tea favorite is Adagio’s Silver NeedleDevon gave me some White Pomegranate from Trader Joe’s that makes me long for said store here. 

Herbals are special-use teas for me.  Upset tummy?  Celestial Seasoning’s Tummy Mint.   Can’t sleep?  Yogi Tea’s Bedtime.  Both of those can be found in most grocery stores or health food stores. 

My favorite tea memories still come from my early childhood.  They’re hazy memories, but I treasure those first cups and pots of tea with our neighbor in the afternoons.  I think it was a basic black tea with plenty of cream and sugar.  I still feel elegant and “all grown up” when I use sugar cubes and tongs, although now, I find cane sugar too sweet!  That inspired me to have tea parties in my bedroom and in my sandbox with that great, nearly “adult-sized” plastic set.  (Know where I can find one, new and shiny?  Not china, but PLASTIC.)

12 comments on “Tea, Colorful Tea

  1. LaTeaDah says:

    You have a wide variety of wonderful favorite teas! I think that’s the way it is with those of us who enjoy tea so much! Thank you for sharing your favorite brands and flavors. I look forward to trying some of the new ones you have recommended.


  2. Bubblesknits says:

    Mmm…I like Irish Breakfast. That’s about all we drink around here. 🙂 And the girl was sipping some out of her little set last night. It was too cute!

    Although, I’m sipping a nice cup of coffee right now. Num.

  3. You almost make variety sound good enough to try! I bought a very nice plastic tea set at Ross or Marshals, I can’t remember which one…but in time, one can find nearly anything in these stores, don’t you think?

  4. Ellen says:

    Your tea choices all sound so interesting. I’m learning about so many more teas. Thank you for your info and enjoy your cuppa!

  5. Anita says:

    Yummy! I’m gonna have to try some of that Pink Grapefruit! Pink Grapefruit is one of my faves. Want me to find you a teaset online somewhere? You know I can! LOL

  6. Grace says:

    love your tea choices but I just can’t do milk in tea!! Unless its chai then I am okay with it!

  7. marye says:

    I like many of htose, Adagio silver needle included!Great post.

  8. Kathy says:

    Really great post! Kathy

  9. Bonita says:

    I’m learning so much via the tea blog-a-thon. I didn’t know about the pink grapefruit tea- sounds interesting. I’ll definitely have to locate the tummy mint tea.

  10. Steph W says:

    Like you, my tea choices change frequently. I pick my tea by the weather, my mood, etc. Isn’t tea a great indulgence?!!

  11. Katherine says:

    I don’t care for the red teas either.

    I found a plastic tea set at Walmart.


  12. Vee~A Haven for Vee says:

    Chocolate mint tea? Oh my! Say no more!

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