Not to be confused with the don’t peek post… 

I’ve found all kinds of goodies today.  The first three are from the Yarn Market e-newsletter. 

Socks for a cause.  (No great photo exists, or I’d have shared.  Honest.)  Yarn Market has a great kit with a limited edition yarn to support breast cancer.  Since this is also Pampered Chef’s Help Whip Cancer month and they’re pink, they caught my eye.  I’ll be ordering the kit, just because…

Next comes the Molly Messenger Bag by Della Q.  I’m in search of a bag that will allow me to slide a regular, unfolded pattern into a pocket without any real damage, and I’ve been thinking a messenger style would work best.   Anyone know anything about this bag, this company, or messenger-styled knitting bags?  Keep in mind that I don’t really do huge projects, but I do like lace wraps, so would I have to cram them in (as I do now with my large, sock project bags) or would they rest happily?  Would my needles be protected, because when I can, I like to do lace on straights.  Would it be easy enough to drop my project (including all yarn and needles) within, and drop the flap to discourage a certain, beautiful, bad dog from sampling said project/needles?

Now, I’m generally not a pre-order kind of girl, but given my new-found love of non-Kureyon Noro yarns, I’m beside myself.  Silk Garden Sock Yarn!  Gasp!  Swoon!  Does Tofutsies  have competition as my favorite sock yarn?  We’ll have to wait until AUGUST to find out.  The Panda Soy  comes out about the same time, so I might have to take a day or two off from work and just sit at home and whip out socks!  (I’m not joking.)

Then, there’s the  media hype over BPA and “plastic” bottles.  Nichole and I had been chatting about a zillion things (bentonite is both a grouting substance in water wells AND an anti-diaherral), and she introduced me to another must-have.  Camelbak always has great products, and I can’t wait to get mine!  For all of its bells and whistles, Lexie has crapola cup holders, so I need spillproof bottles, aside from toting my own green tea to work.  In Sissy’s honor, I’ll be ordering the purple and probably the bright blue, or maybe the pink (or all three).

Also, this can count as my Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap week #5 free-form post.  As usual, my poor pal will likely get her package right on time or a day or two late.  I’ve had a blast shopping for her, and I have all the confidence in the world that I’ve made some great selections.  It’s been torture, remembering not to post here as the goodies arrive, so I’ll be sure to share a link to her blog when she receives her package.

12 comments on “Lookie!

  1. Nichole says:

    Wonder-twin powers, activate…
    Purple was the one I ordered first also. Since, I’ve added a pink one (and a black one for Matt).

  2. Nancy says:

    I’d been wanting to try Noro Silk Garden (reg) for the gorgeous colors, but since I don’t like Kureyon, I’m Noro-reluctant. The LYS I went to on Sunday had some, but it wasn’t part of the “proceeds to breast cancer research” promotion, so I didn’t get anything. No personal experience, but I’ve read good things about Della Q bags. There’s a bag forum on Ravelry (of course there is!) if you’re looking for particulars. Kate’s cup holder’s are great, but I need a new water bottle to take on the go. Thanks for the link!

  3. anniebananie says:

    Man you have just been going to town, girl! Oh, I have your roving, and it is lovely. When’s lunch?

  4. Anita says:

    Great stuff! I have to have a purple one!! 🙂
    I love all the stuff in your Loopy package too. That’s a neat little hook, good idea there.

  5. Grace says:

    i must check out the silk garden sock yarn what a fabulous shawl it will make!!!

  6. Mary says:

    Neat stuff! I bookmarked them all…lol Sissy looks happy in the other photo..funny how they love to chew boxes but not on their toys…
    Yep, I peeked, I’m not in the sock club 😦 Neat stuff they sent along with and pretty!!!!!!

  7. StarSpry says:

    I haven’t used any yet, but I love the Della Q bags! It seems like you should be able to use a messenger bag the way you want.

    I love my Camelbak water bottle! Nathan & I just ordered the new Camelbak water bottles last night!!

  8. Robin says:

    Love the Noro sock yarn! Knits up great for shawls. Will have to try Camelbak – have never heard of that brand. Usually use Nygene (sp?).

  9. Natalie says:

    Fun. I love Pampered Chef!! I also love pink. I threw a party just so I could get the Stainless Steel mixing bowls. I LOVE THEM!! I need to replace a lid because one day I came home and Jackjack put holes in it. Bad dog.

  10. AlisonH says:

    I read an article in the paper yesterday about how Nalgene bottles and the like are safer if you never put them in the dishwasher, where the harsh detergents will leach out the carcinogens–right after putting my new bottle through a cycle. Oops. I’ll have to try that Camelbak.

  11. crimsonpurl says:

    I got that same e-mail yesterday from YM and was super excited about the SG sock yarn! I am game!

  12. Anne says:

    Late as usual – as much as I love the Namaste messenger bag I got (like the one Amy got but in blue) – I HATE it as a knitting bag. Flat just doesn’t work well for me – but perhaps it’ll work nicely for you. Things just seemed to get squished and lost and it had so much more ‘stack’ space than real space – I enjoy a rounder more tote like bag myself 😀

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