Pardon the morning sun dancing across the lace, and the “Sissy was here” wet ear marks on the right, but that’s all of clue #1 in our Guild’s mystery KAL.  That means I’m half-way through for the clues I have on hand.  I’ll start on clue #2, probably after I post this.  I frogged what you’d seen before and started over on #7s Friday night.  Interestingly enough, it flowed, mistake-free.  I don’t know whether the slightly larger needle allowed me to see the stitches better or what, but it seems my shawl is happiest on #7s.

I’ve done a few rows on Stardust, and otherwise, the weekend has not been following my plan.  I tried to go to the Needle Lady  yesterday.  I even waited until the farmers market should have been over.  (The market takes up one entire, precious parking lot.)  For whatever reason, there was not a parking place to be had downtown, so I scrapped that and proceeded to the grocery store for more frustration.  Then, I headed home with most of what I went to buy, and made macaroni salad and brownies for the Knight’s duty crew at the firehouse.  At first, it appeared it would be dinner for three, but then my Favorite College Kid showed up (the Knight mentioned the brownies to him), followed by some dear friends from out of town.  What a great surprise!  I happily forgot all about my plans to knit the night away at home, and hung out at the station, catching up and laughing, and eating. 

I did pick up the supplies to begin training Sissy to the invisible fence, so that adventure will start in a while.  As I type, Mugsy is exercising her on the front porch in a rousing game of chase.

Friday afternoon marked the arrival of one of my recent Etsy purchases.  The gals of Chestnut Bay Fibers have a new fan!   Each hank arrived individually bagged, closed with cute little horse head stickers.  Very few of you know that horses used to be a big part of my life (prior to the back surgery), so this was a great added touch for me.  (Details.  I love those little custom details that make me feel valued as a customer!)  The yarn is so soft, and so beautiful, so it was with a heavy heart that I bagged it back up and set it aside for a day to be determined by my ever-growing queue.  So much yarn, so little time to knit. 

I know.  Some of you already think I have a lot more time to knit that you do.  And that’s true enough I suppose, but knitting really is my zen.  It centers me, but I also say only half in jest that knitting is part of my Alzheimer’s prevention program.  You see, it’s on both sides of my family, although all cases were in great aunts, so there’s hope…  They seem rather certain that continued learning of new things/skills help fight off the brain disease, so I figure as long as I keep learning new stitches, learning about new fibers, etc., knitting really is good for me!

Someone had said she wanted to see the package I sent my Coffee Swap pal.  Holly has received her care package and has blogged all about it, so you can see that HERE

Now, back to knitting.  And training Sissy.  Have a great Memorial Day for those in the USA.


8 comments on “Half-way

  1. Devon says:

    Love the way the scarf is turning out. That is a great color too. Your new yarn is beautiful – reminds me of the perfect spring day.

  2. Bubblesknits says:

    Pretty pattern! Maybe you’ll have better luck with parking today.

  3. Robyn says:

    Great scarf so far!

    The fiber looks delicious as well!

  4. MrPuffy says:

    Love the new yarn. You are not the only one who views knitting as part of their AZ prevention program – LOL

  5. Judy says:

    Actually, I’m currently reading a book on Alzheimer’s prevention, and it specifically mentions knitting and quilting as good activities for keeping your mind sharp and avoiding Alzheimer’s!

    Judy W

  6. Dianne says:

    Yummy yarn! Happy Memorial Day to you, too!

  7. Anne says:

    Ooh looking very pretty dear – not that I’d expect less from you and lace. I, too like the green/blue colorway; I’ve seen a similar one in one of my LYS but at 26 per hank, I wasn’t going to get some without a great idea of what to make with it!

  8. Amanda says:

    Wow, beautiful new yarn. Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

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