Coffee, Tea and Holly

It’s great when two of your dearest friends co-host a swap.  I simply announced before sign-ups that I did want to do the coffee swap, but then pre-arranged that Holly and I would spoil each other – knowingly – because both of us really are more into tea right now than coffee. 

You’d best grab a cuppa’ (or if you’re in the already hot and humid Southeast, a tumbler with ice and…) and a snack, because this is going to take a while.  There’s just too much here that I don’t want you to miss!  This box was packed FULL of goodies, just for me, the Knight and the world’s two most rotten pooches.  Good thing Holly treated the pups, because I must confess that I got carried away with opening my package, and I left them outside and their supper was more than 30 minutes late, because it took me that long to open everything! 

Firstly, there was the ubber lovely card.  It’s from New Civilitea, and I’m sorry to report that the design is copyright protected.  Since my photo is a bit shaky, you’ll have to trust me that everything tea is written in the design. 

For instance, the tiptop of the lid says scones, and the bottom base says cream and sugar.  See??

That’s the everything shot.  There’s so much there that I just can’t share EVERYTHING with you, but we will hit the high points, and boy, there are plenty of ’em.  But first, a quick roll call, from leftish to rightish.  There’s an assortment of bee-themed notepads and such, a darling bee hotpad that is sure to become the Knight’s favorite (and he’s hotpad picky, as Holly recalled!), a copy of Tea Time magazine, my favorite Lindt bar, my all-time favorite snack – candy coated sunflower seeds (think M&Ms meets sunflower seeds!), THREE scone mixes, my very special treasure of a tape measure, the adorable bee stitch markers, Icarus pattern AND yarn, the Knight’s dye kit and yarn, my first braid of roving, my own pink needles with pink custom tops and point protectors, doggy treats (which closely resemble human sticky buns and could trick the Knight, very easily…), the prettiest little tea for one ever, two lovely mugs, four teas, and last but not least, perched upon the very top, the coffee, because it is, after all, a coffee swap. 

A word about said coffee.  It’s from my most favorite grocer in the world, Fresh Market.  I have it on GREAT authority that they’ve secured a site here in my city, but I’ve yet to see the store.  I’m getting impatient.  Anyhoo, dear Holly sent me some of their limited edition, Honduran Yaruchel coffee.  From the package:  …coffee with notes of brown sugar and subtle fruit tones.  Need I say that tomorrow morning, I shall press a cup in my adorable coffee press?  SIGH.

The teas are stellar too.  There’s Stash Chai sampler and Jasmine Blossom Green Tea, which are two of Holly’s favorites.  She also sent me my favorite tea to brew for iced tea and a new to me green tea, along with a tin of Snowflakes by Teaspot, which is ironic, because I sent her a Teaspot loose tea too!

Then, there’s that refined, but generously cupped tea for one. 

Isn’t it lovely?  I think I’m going to have to have a cup of chai in it, just as soon as the humidity and the temperature drop a bit more. 

There’s also a pair of these lovelies.  I love embossed, bone china, another tidbit Holly couldn’t have possibly known. 

The pupster sticky buns.  Don’t they look good enough to plate up and serve with tea?  Tsk, tsk…  No, I’m not going to let the Knight bite into one before I tell him they’re for the dogs.  Besides, the dogs have already earned them by waiting patiently for their kibbles.  (We’re going to ration them out though.  One, per dog, per night.  Mugsy’s watching his figure, and we’re trying to teach Sissy the concept of moderation.)

There’s so much fibery goodness.  I didn’t do a close-up of the Knitpicks Bare laceweight with the Knight’s dyeing kit, but you can see it in the “group photo.”  Holly caught on one blog post, quite a while back, that the Knight seemed curious about dyeing yarn in the microwave, so now, he can.  (Right after he makes me the PVC niddy noddy I’ve asked for!)

Then, there’s this incredible roving from SakinaNeedles.  I do believe my lovely Bluefaced Leicester in “Concord” is the same yarn on their banner.  I want a wheel NOW!!!  This stuff just BEGS to be spun.  (Yes, my roving stash is growing too, but I’m proud to point out that I only bought about 7 oz. for myself.  The rest has been gifted to me, thank you very much!)  Maybe this weekend, I’ll go wheel shopping again.


Then, there’s the Icaruskit Holly assembled for me.  I swear this woman has figured out how to get into my cart at a couple of different online shops!  I’ve admired that pattern for a while, and interestingly enough, the very yarn she included, Knitpick Shadows in Oregon Coast Heather, has been in my cart more than once, but I just never checked out!  (See the link for a true representation of this soft, yummy colorway.) 




Holly had some help with several items in this package.  The fink My good friend Anita worked her fingers to the bone so Holly could give me some truly unique, precious gifts!  The sneak even asked me one day while we were chatting how she might make a tulip tape measure.  Me, the not so-visual lover of tulips…  I tried to help, and now, I know why she asked.  I never thought for a moment that it was for me!  I’ve pulled the petals open here, so you can see the full effect.  The tape comes out there at the green stem.  You can also see closed version in the “group photo” at the top of the post.  You can look, but you can’t touch.  Long before this came to live with me, Anita told me she’d never do another of these beasts.  I’m sorry I was so much trouble girl, but I promise it was worth it! 


Then, there was a pair of Anita’s special needle toppers.  She’d also told me that she wasn’t doing these anymore, except for swap pals or personal gifts.  I’d hoped that I might one day get a pair just the same, again, never sensing that the pair she just struggled through was indeed for me!  I had difficulty photographing these beauties, but you get the idea. 



There was even a pair of tip protectors too, which conveniently enough match a lone stitch marker Anita sent me with the last order I placed.  Ha!  The joke’s on me, evidently. 




Anita was a busy bee, filling Holly’s special order for me.  Aren’t these guys cute?!  In case you’re wondering, there was a bee theme to this package.  Holly had sent me the Lantern Moon bee tape measure in a Valentine package too.  I don’t remember when I shared with Holly that I like bumblebees.  It’s kind of weird to like a creature that my father was deathly allergic to, and Mugsy has his own allergies, which thankfully, he hasn’t tested in many years.  However, there’s story about the bees that inspires me.  I heard it not long after coming to grips with my own, new and permanent physical limitations, about ten years ago.  Evidently, some engineers decided that bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly.  There are several variations on story, but the point is that the bee doesn’t know it shouldn’t be able to fly, so it just beats its wings as fast as necessary to fly.  It does what it must to do what it wants to/needs to do…

Well, I’ve run on long enough.  While I pandered here, the Knight took Sissy out for her first run within the confines of the invisible fence.  He and Mugsy played fetch, and she ran and ran.  They’re all sacked out around my living room, so it’s time to go make dinner.

Thanks again, Holly dear.  I look forward to having tea and/or coffee with you in person one day soon!


18 comments on “Coffee, Tea and Holly

  1. Anita says:

    What a great package! Holly is awesome! 🙂 I just love that little teapot & cup, how pretty. And oooooh, all that yarn & fiber, yummy! Those doggy sweet rolls do look good enough to eat, I believe I’d have to try one. LOL

  2. Amanda says:

    What a terrific package! You definitely scored some awesome goodies!

  3. holly says:

    Ok, the bee topic came about when we were suppose to do the Spring Wings and Tea swap with me. I am so glad you liked everything. I am glad you weren’t upset you didn’t get the cookie dough.Hehehehe……

  4. crimsonpurl says:

    Gurl I don’t know how you store everything! LOL

    Great swap loot!

  5. Devon says:

    I gave Holly those cards – isn’t it too cute. I found them in Salem, MA. What a great package. Two ladies that deserve to be spoiled!

  6. Darcy Watts says:

    Is the one cup tea pot hand painted? I didnt know there was a tea magazine this is a very special package you were well spoiled;)Hugs Darcy

  7. gaylen says:

    That is an absolutely fabulous SWAP package. Holly is awesome! g

  8. Bubblesknits says:

    Holly’s been working so hard on that package, so I’m glad it arrived safe and sound. 🙂 And what a great package it is, too! Tell the Knight he and the pups have more treats on the way. 😉 Oh, and I might have included you, too. SNOL

  9. You are sooo spoiled! That is the most awesome, endless swap package in history. Enjoy your lovely things and your delicious things,too.

  10. anniebananie says:

    What a fantastic package! Let me know how the Knight’s yarn dyeing experience goes. I may want to ask his advice when I start!

  11. KM says:

    What a great package!

    I love the story of the Bees too. I do sell Mary Kay…although since November I’ve been just barely keeping up. Did you know that that story is why the bee is the symbol of all things Mary Kay?

    But, I’ve always loved bees and ladybugs.

  12. nichole says:

    What an AMAZING package!!!!! I’m itching for Icarus, but don’t have the time/patience yet/now, lol.

  13. Grace says:

    I am in awe, that package is divine and your teapot stitch markers and the bee ones are too die for, you will love Icarus I did and have always wanted to do it again but there are so many to do again and again or new and never tried. Way to go Holly Anita and Chan you all rock!

  14. Dianne says:

    Great package full of lovely, thoughtful things!

  15. Robin says:

    Man! What a haul!!!! Especially love the roving and the hand-sculpted needle tops and stitch markers. Beautiful tea for one pot and cup and white-on-white cup.

  16. fireflynights says:

    Wow, you sure made a great haul. What a wonderful swap partner. Loved the teapot.

  17. Nancy says:

    Wonderful loot! Hi from Tucson!

  18. Mary says:

    Awesome package with lots of beauties!! Love everything and what a unique tape measure!! Now it makes sense on which ones Anita was pulling her hair out
    Cinnamon buns looks yummy and I’m sure the pupsters enjoyed them lots 🙂
    Really glad you were spoiled so!! Enjoy it while I drool over your 🙂

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