Well, here we go.  Grab a beverage, a snack, and settle in somewhere comfortable, when you have more than a few minutes…  I didn’t take photos.  I took my camera, but I was too engrossed in my classes to even think about it!

Saturday morning, I headed northwest to Carodan Farm for SoXperience.   I’d signed up for both of Edie Eckman‘s classes, Motif Crochet (for Knitters), and the Blue Ridge Sock with Flower Inset.  When we checked in, we got a great little goody bag.  The yarns are much prettier than this photo shows; deep, dark jewel tones, and so very soft to the touch.  The yellow wad is Post-Its, which I think most of us use in one fashion or another while knitting.

HERE is the link to Edie’s teaching schedule.  She’s going to be teaching five or six (I can’t recall which) classes at Stitches East, and I sure hope at least one falls while I’m there.  I stongly encourage you to take a class from her if you get the chance.  I really wasn’t excited about the Motif class when I signed up, but figured I’d approach it as a learning experience.  Ha!  I am now chomping at the bit for the August release of said book!  I might become a happy hooker after all. 

So, the Motif class. 

I made that.  ME!!!  (You’d really be impressed if I’d blocked it.) My very favorite part of the first class was the super-cool cast-on Edie taught us to avoid crochetintheroundholeitis.  See how tight and closed my motif (ME!  I did it!) is in the center?  Squee!  That alone was worth the price of admission.  Now I can crochet chemo caps in a few minutes, because I’d cast them aside when I couldn’t close the dingdang hole at the top.  I can read crochet charts now, and boy are those things logical.  What you see is what you get, and it doesn’t get any better than that.  I think Edie had all of her swatches (from the cover shot anyway) for her new book with her, and let me tell you…  If you drooled over the colors and shapes in that measley photo, again, you owe it to yourself to see Edie and her swatches in person.  The colors are so contemporary and vivid, and it was so helpful to see the same swatch done in solids vs. contrast, or the three circles done in the pattern I did (ME!), but with three different borders/edges.  I don’t visualize well, so actually SEEING the differences in person was impactful.  I now truly feel that with patience and dropped shoulders (just in case Edie does read this), I can crochet most anything.

The afternoon brought another motif and a sock.  I’d actually done one of these suckers about five times (if you count how many times I did part of the pattern before even “don’t frog” Edie suggested I go back to the point of non-mess-ups), but it was in DK weight, and y’all know I’m a fingering weight gal.  So, thanks to blogless Margaret from RCK (my knitting guild – Judy and Carrie were there too!) and her D-hook, I produced one motif on my second try, and took off on my sock, on a size #3 circ, which was then frogged at home after I tried the sock on.  I’ll show progress shots later this week, but with my trusty size #1 Addi, I’m making a sock that fits.

The yarn was a custom-dye by Claudia for SoXperience, Blue Ridge Blue.  The DK weight seemed a little deeper and darker, and one gal in the afternoon class said that the first sample she saw was MUCH darker, which would match up with my idea of the Blue Ridge Mountains better than what I have, but I still like the yarn and the colors.

After the class, Edie made good on her offer, and with just the Magic Loop booklet and my feeble explanation of what I thought might have gone wrong on the heels of my first attempt at two socks on one circ, I am quite sure I will have complete success on my next try.

I also grabbed some of this month’s Tofutsies special yarn, Bandstand.  It’s very lovely, and I’m curious about this knit flat cuff that starts the pattern that goes with it.  That might be next on my sock queue…

So, my question is, does this count as knitting in public on WWKIP Day?  I mean, I wasn’t at home, but I don’t think we opened any non-knitter eyes as we were back on the farm…


18 comments on “SoXperience

  1. Mary says:

    Great job on the motif!!! I knew you could do it, crochet is so easy! You’ll be a hooker yet! 😉
    Your day sounded fun and I enjoyed every bit I read. I wish I had the time to sit and do socks but my curiousity is going up about using circ’s for something, just want to try
    Love the bandstand color! pretty.

  2. AlisonH says:

    Sure it counts! And that does it. I’m buying her book.

  3. gaylen says:

    I might have to have that pretty look book just to find out how to close that danged hole! You motifs look lovely and the sock – dang!

    I think the color is pretty, even if it isn’t what you imagined. And yes, it counts as knitting in public – anytime someone other than your family can see you – it counts! g

  4. anniebananie says:

    Man, I should have gone. Next year remind me to sign up, will you?

    Also, I love the motif! Now, will you teach me how to crochet???

  5. Darcy Watts says:

    I want to learn to crochet I love your motif’s and the yarn you scored is lovely I so enjoy reading your blog;)Hugs Darcy

  6. Nichole says:

    How cool!!!!! Sounds like you had a blast. I can’t wait to see how the socks with motif knit up – I’m jealous!!

  7. LaTeaDah says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I’d love to be able to attend a workshop like that!


  8. MrPuffy says:

    I love that blue Claudia’s handpainted. So pretty!

  9. Amanda says:

    Sounds like a great weekend, my friend!

  10. Kathy says:

    Well, of course it counts. Why not?
    Okay, you convinced me, I must have the book. Glad you had a good weekend.

  11. KM says:

    What a fun experience. I so want to visit that farm now.

  12. Anita says:

    Your motif is lovely!! Great job! 🙂 I’m gonna have to get a copy of that book too, now you’ve got me wanting it! LOL I love that sock pattern, what a neat idea!

    That new Tofutsies is just to die for!! Those colors have me written all over them too! LOL

  13. Bubblesknits says:

    It sounds like you had a great time! I need to get you to teach me how to get rid of those holes. I ALWAYS have them! Your motif looks so neat and clean, too! 🙂

  14. crimsonpurl says:

    Good stuff!!!

    So you ARE going to Stitches East?!!
    Dang you make me want to take that motif class. Yes! You really really did it! ;o) So proud of you!

    Yep you definitely KIP!

  15. Sounds like a very nice and productive day for you. Yarn collected at classes doesn’t count towards stash, right?

  16. Grace says:

    Love the motifs, my mother in law crochets as if she were born to it, very very intricate patterns, from super fine lace to heavy snuggly afghans all in motifs etc. Love your selection of Tofutsie, I finally used half of mine in a scarf and I love it. I used it doubled and in the beginning the color combos were random somewhere near the end they teamed up to be exactly the same for the rest of the scarf. It suprised me to see green with green purple with purple pink with pink blue with blue yes I am rambling, need more sleep!!!

  17. fireflynights says:

    Glad you had a good time. Like the Blue Ridge Blue.

  18. rita says:

    I KNEW I recognized that Blue Ridge Blue yarn!!! I work at Claudia’s part time and was there when they were first dyeing it. I fell in love with the yarn immediately and must. have. it.

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