I Spy…

We used to play that game in the car on road trips.  This weekend will find me taking a couple of little trips around the state, and much more.  Saturday morning, I’ll meet Rosanne at our usual spot, and then we’ll journey to our knitting guild meeting.  This month’s training topic is on podcasts, a subject about which I am very curious.  Since I used to be an instructor, I like to do my homework, so if you’re into podcasts, tell me why, and when/how you listen.  I like blogs, love the reading, and it’s something I can do at work.  Podcasts require speakers (something not on the work PC), and listening ears, which I don’t have at home.  In the evenings at home, I’m either trying to get Sissy the exercise she needs or the Knight is watching TV and/or talking to me.  Not exactly a listener’s environment…

Sunday, I think we’re going to stay in town long enough to have lunch with the Knight’s extended family at his parents’ house, but we’ll have to bug out and leave them to start on the Thank You Notes without us.  (Yeah.  SNOL if you will, those who know the Knight.  Like he’d even sign his own name on a TY.)  I feel that’s a fair compromise, because I’m sure they won’t finish tomorrow, and I will have at least a few to help with on Monday at work.  Even if they do finish without me, frankly, I feel it’s fitting and more socially correct for the TYs to come from Pop’s children, not a granddaughter inlaw, right?

Then, we’ll head to “The Gateway to the Northern Neck” and with a rather bitter twist of fate, close out my grandmother’s estate by picking up my furniture inheritance.  They’re calling for storms, but we’ll take tarps and tape, and it will be okay.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to have supper with my aunt and uncle before we head home.  Dodging storms would be nice too.

Never mind that we don’t have room for the furniture.  I want it, and we’ll make it work.  I’m still hopeful that we’ll quit talking about an addition and actually BUILD one some day.  I’m just hoping the big mirrored coat rack bench thingee has storage in the bench.  Guess what I want to hide there?  Of course!  Yarn! 

I’m also going to finish the motif sock this weekend if I have to pull an all-nighter.  I wanted it done for tomorrow’s show and tell at the guild meeting, but that ain’t happenin’.  This will be my last non 2 at a time socks for a while, because I do indeed have second sock syndrome.  I can’t imagine how painful the stockinette foot will be, but at least I have lots of travel time for mindless knitting.  I may have to get Rosanne to stop somewhere tomorrow in the City (Richmond, as opposed to the village I live in) to get me a book light, just in case Sunday evening’s return trip is in the dark.  Sure, it’ll drive the Knight up the wall, but he’ll feel sorry for me and just shake his head…  He doesn’t need to see anyway.  Both of our vehicles can make the trip from the farm home (or vice versa) on auto-pilot. 

17 comments on “I Spy…

  1. Mary says:

    Woo-hoo, am I your first post…lol
    Weekend packed with fun! Hope the storms hold so you can get your furniture home without getting wet.
    Oh I was hoping the sockie got more finished, but I know you will!
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. gaylen says:

    As much as I love using double pointed needles to knit socks – I truly love knitting them both at the same time – no gauge issues, no second sock.

    I can’t wait to see your new furniture and I’m so with you on the stop talking about it already and just do it! g

  3. Amanda says:

    Sounds like a productive weekend, and seeing family will be nice!

  4. Bubblesknits says:

    You’re gonna be busy! Be safe and have a good trip. ((hugs))

  5. KM says:

    Family pieces are so important! Enjoy your day away. And finish those socks already. I want to know who they are for…although I’m guessing……..

  6. MrPuffy says:

    Never have listened to a podcast. I’ll be interested in what you find out. Sorry to hear your grandmother passed. How nice you will have some of her things for momentos.

  7. Anita says:

    Time, I need more time…. sounds like you could use some too. 🙂

    Have a safe trip this weekend, can’t wait to see photos of the new (hopefully) yarn storage bins. SNOL

  8. Nancy says:

    I don’t listen to podcasts. at home, there is usually music or TV. I can listen to music at work (sometimes I have it quite loud), but don’t think a podcast about knitting would go over too well. Perhaps if the proposed to me commute to NYC for work a few days a week happens, I will have more interest.
    Good luck on your road trips this weekend. Yours sounds packed full. I know you will love your Gram’s furniture. Hoping for a road trip to Cape May myself tomorrow.

  9. Dianne says:

    Be careful what you wish for… In the past 5 years I’ve lived through an addition, and then a kitchen renovation. It’s nice now that both are done, but living through them was pretty rough going at times! Be safe this weekend!

  10. fireflynights says:

    I take it that’s your grandmother. I’d never seen a photo before. Nice photo, and attractive lady.

  11. Kathy says:

    Oh won’t you be the busy one? New places to hide..er….stash yarn is always good.
    Have a safe weekend and enjoy the family.

  12. crimsonpurl says:

    See I like your knitting guild! Great website too I must say! I enjoyed the Show & Tell pics!

    I don’t listen to podcasts – very rarely I click on them. I barely have time for blogs! Haha!

    But I rather knit and netflix! ;o)

    Yay! @ 2-1 time socks! I really plan to CO on for some this weekend! LOL (hopefully tonight???)

    Have a safe travels getting the furniture!

  13. Darcy Watts says:

    I hope you are feeling better your in my thoughts and prayers.Hugs Darcy

  14. monnibo says:

    I like to listen to podcasts — sometimes I don’t always have time… but they’re great for car rides and commute. Sometimes I listen while I’m doing something — like cleaning or painting my toenails. I subscribe to them on iTunes (sooo easy) and I can either listen on my laptop or put it on my iPod.

  15. Felicia says:

    For $1 I bought a pair of safety glasses at my local home improvement store. They didn’t have lenses – but they did have a light! Best for knitting in the dark that I’ve found.

  16. AlisonH says:

    Tell you what, just send those storms over to me and we’ll all be happy. I hope the furniture had no problems along the way.

  17. Nichole says:

    Hope you enjoyed the weekend!
    So… was there storage in the bench? Pictures!!

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