Little Things

There’s a couple we do dinner with rather regularly.  He and the Knight are great friends, and she’s very crafty, so we’re enjoying getting to know each other.  When the Knight mentioned to his friend’s wife a while ago that I knit, she asked what kinds of things I made.  His answer?  “Little things.”  (Eh, I guess.  Socks and shawls, and the rare baby blankie…??)

So, last night as we did a grown-up version of an 8th grade dance, with the guys wandering a few feet away to talk about guy things, she asked me what I knit.  Of course, the Lace Ribbon Scarf jumped right out of my purse (the Vera Bowler)…  I heard the men laugh, and they began to fuss about how we knit/crochet while they drive.  We began to to compare notes on our blankies in progress.  It just struck me as funny…  “Little things.”

Anyhoo, last week held a few stash-building moments.  I’d forgotten that someone had offered me some roving she – a non-spinner – had received, and it arrived with some cute stitch markers to boot.  It really has more of plum look, but for whatever reason, the camera grabbed a rather dull interpretation of the color.  The Knight announced around midnight on Friday that I should just go get my wheel, and then glanced at the clock and mumbled that perhaps I should wait until morning.  Unfortunately, it will be another ten days or so before I have a chance to do just that, but stay tuned for the joyous news!  No more waiting to make room; the wheel will come and we’ll adjust when it gets here.  Hooray!

Oh – and the stitch markers…   Thank you very much, Heather.  (I’d link to her blog, but it’s private, it seems…)  Nevertheless, I am touched by the kindness of the fiber-bloggers.  That this roving for whatever reason tipped the Knight over the edge on encouraging the wheel purchase makes it even more appreciated!

There are still a couple more packages winging their way to my little place in the woods, all part of my I am crabby I shall shop adventures last week.  It didn’t seem to really help at the time, but as the boxes show up on my doorstep, they are indeed providing some retail therapy.

Lookiehere.  I swear, they have to invent touch photos.  (You know, like those kiddie books with the swatches of this, that and the other on every page?)  Since you can’t just pet this Mooi, I have to urge you to find some of your own to fondle.  I’ve had a rather life-long affinity for bison, and who doesn’t just melt in the presence of cashmere?  Add in a healthy hunk of bamboo, and what’s not to love?  I’m not sure what it will become, other than the most-often petted yarn in my stash.  Oh – and according to the link above, it’s pronounced “moi” not Mooo-EEE, as I thought.  I’m not sure about the technicalities behind that, but I’m betting that being a Looo-AAAA yarn has some influence.

I know.  From Kureyon hater to Noro junkie.  For everyone who raced to your LYS to pet the Kureyon sock yarn and pulled back shredded, sore fingers, rest assured that this softer cousin is indeed the stuff self-striping sock yarn dreams are made of.  As soon as I am motivated to turn this skein into two matched balls for knitting two at a time socks, I’ll gush more, but honest…  I wouldn’t lie about how a yarn feels.  This is soft, happy yarn.  Being on the thin side of fingering, I haven’t seen too much of that Noro thick-thin thing either, but I’ll let you know once I handle it and start knitting.  (Any pattern suggestions?  I want to let the yarn do all the work, but you know I can’t do plain ol’ stockinette…)

Same here.  Happy Choices, which is Plymouth’s flat, unravel while you knit offering.  The sucker’s longer than I envisioned, but I can hardly wait to knit it up too.  According to the little article in the front of the July 2008 Knit Picks snail mail catalog on their sock blanks, I’m guessing that painted pattern is going to give me some wide stripes with some unexpected results at the chevron tips where the colors change…

That’s the little delayed who says money can’t buy happiness update.  I think my dogs are ready to come back in and allow for a little more sleeping in, so pardon the rather abrupt ending!

17 comments on “Little Things

  1. Nichole says:

    Hmm… I think Mooi just went to the top of my list of what to look for at the Knit & Crochet show this week! Bison? COOL.

    Great news on the wheel! I can’t wait to see what the roving I sent you spins up like!!!

  2. KSee says:

    Can’t wait to see you wheel and how the socks knit up from the flat.

  3. Amanda says:

    Looks like we have some things to look forward to seeing on your blog!

  4. I love men who appreciate what we do, but they will truly never understand unless they are knitters/crocheters themselves!! I don’t care if we knit a tiny 1×1 square THAT is talent and hard work hands down!!

    Gurl if they only truly had touch photos!! Yay! You got your WEBS order in. Wow! That was fast!
    Hey does the Plymouth blank have a “strip” down the middle where you can cut it in half like flat feet??

  5. KM says:

    Wowie! A Wheel! Can’t wait to see what you spin.

    I do agree with the touch photos. I trying so hard not to buy any more yarn so I can be ready for a big Christmas shopping spree. I’ve got so much to knit up. A flat sock piece will be on my list.

  6. Mary says:

    Dang theres another yarn I can add to my long list of yarns to try, actually to Looks beautiful!
    I think its great you have a friend near by you can talk “craft” with!! I miss that terribly…

    Hope its a great week for you all!

  7. Anita says:

    My poor hubby gets the brunt of the “crafty talk” since I don’t have any crafty friends close by… good thing he is a good sport about it! 🙂

    See, that shopping therapy is paying off already! Every time you get another box, more happiness! SNOL

  8. gaylen says:

    Love the new purchases. Everything looks fabulous. When I saw the photo of the flat feet I thought you were sewing us a finished knit! DOH. Can’t wait to see how everything ends up. g

  9. AlisonH says:

    Touch photos. Okay, let me go grab my Silicon Valley techie hubby and put in an order.

  10. Nancy says:

    Little things? That’s funny. I like your stash aquistitions! Looking forward to seeing your new wheel when it comes!

  11. Dianne says:

    A wheel! I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to see pictures. Refresh my memory, though…who was it who said she was not going to become a spinner? It slips my mind at the moment…

    The Noro looks fabulous, and I’m anxious to see what kind of pattern that flat piece knits up into.

  12. Bubblesknits says:

    Oooh…I can’t wait to hear your review of the Noro. 🙂

  13. StarSpry says:

    That Mooi looks beautiful!! Congrats on the wheel! Can’t wait to see how your roving spins up 🙂

  14. MrPuffy says:

    I love the visual of you pulling out your scarf! Too funny. I’m the same way – want to see something I’ve knit???

    That scarf is stunning. Love all your new yarn goodies.

    Can’t go wrong with the Monkey socks (or any of the sock patterns over at Knitty).

  15. Linda says:

    Hope you like your noro socks when they’re done. I had my hopes on knitting myself a pair, but the yarn flunked my touch test at maryland S&W. To me it felt scratchy. I couldn’t find a color that i liked. Maybe at another time i’ll give it a try. Looking forward to seeing your photo when yours are done!

  16. hmmm… i didn’t mind “the hand” of my kureyon sock yarn. and it does get softer with knitting. how about a pair of jaywalkers or a nice cable for your noro socks? i did my kureyon in a cable pattern. they’re almost an FO but i need to find putting in the ends and blocking them. hopefully that will happen during my next 3 weeks of VACATION!!!

  17. […] socks and buying sock yarns, patterns and books.  I was so excited about Happy Choices (see here) when I found it, and even when it arrived.  I got sucked into how soft and pretty it is, until a […]

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