My dear Grace has a question:

When you are knitting and using metal needles like Addi’s or Options and it starts to thunder and lightening to you put your knitting down? I do and pick up something on wooden needles and Tom thinks I am crazy. Everyone who answers my question will be entered into a drawing for prize (to be determined but with a minimum value of 10$ and knitting related) . Post the same question on your blog and I will give you an additional entry as long as you tell me where to look. I will take entries until Sunday the 27th and pick a winner on Monday the 28th .

Follow the link above to her post in question.  MJ is now all worked up because it had never entered my little mind to put down the metal needles.  Wouldn’t the lightning have to travel up/through something to matter?  Am I not grounded, sitting on the sofa with the nearest outlet some 10 feet away?

16 comments on “Storm-related

  1. Bubblesknits says:

    Here’s my two cents worth: Scenario #1: You’re sitting inside your house during a lightning storm, happily knitting away with your metal needles. The lightning strikes your house, travels through your pipes/wires/etc., and you happen to be touching one of these things WHILE knitting? Crispy critter, but highly unlikely.

    Scenario #2: You’re sitting inside your car during a lightning storm, happily knitting away with your metal needles. Lightning strikes your car. Even if you weren’t knitting, if you are touching something…anything…metal inside the car, then you run the chance of being a crispy critter. Best put the needles down.

    Scenario #3: You’re sitting outside during a lightning storm, happily knitting away with your metal needles. You deserve to be a crispy critter for not coming in out of the storm in the first place. 😉

  2. Grace says:

    Jessi Love it !!!!

  3. Nichole says:

    I’m too nervous to knit if the lightning is bad enough!

  4. crimsonpurl says:

    I never even thought about since I rarely knit on metal! But I probably would still keep knitting! Haha! It is like the whole “talk on the telephone” taboo ;o)

  5. I certainly never thought of this, as it hardly ever rains here, let alone thunder and lightening!

  6. Anita says:

    SNOL!!! Only Jessi could come up with that!

    I’ve never even thought about “becoming a crispy critter” while knitting with my beloved knitpicks options metal needles during a storm with lightning…. does make you wonder though. 😛

  7. anniebananie says:

    I believe that it would be highly unlikely for you to get struck by lightening, but I couldn’t think of a better way to enter the great beyond, with knitting needles and yarn in tow. 🙂

  8. AlisonH says:

    My son-in-law’s grandmother actually died of a lightning strike, working on the clothesline outside. (I imagine trying to take stuff down fast as the storm was heading in.) Moral of the story: forget the laundry, go knit, it’s safer.

  9. insanknitty says:

    oh my! Jessi, I’m SNOL! 😉
    only you would come up with something so brilliant! Hmmm I mostly knit with bamboo.. though metal does come out when I don’t have the right size, or need a pointier tip…

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  11. Alison says:

    I’d be one crispy knitting critter. Good reason to always use bamboo though. Love the baby blanket, it looks adorable and sometimes it’s better to have a slightly smaller one they can snuggle with.

  12. the boys on myth busters busted the myth about piercings attracting lightning, so i’d have to keep knitting. if a face full of metal isn’t going to increase your chances of being toasted, there is no way that knitting needles would.

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  14. lauriec says:

    I am SO SO sorry about Mugsy! Many hugs for you!

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