Invisible FO

My subconscious was busy yesterday.  Heck, I was too, but evidently, I let Lady Id drive the bus.  When MJ got to work, I showed her the blankie, and never thought about a photo.  At lunchtime, I gathered up my parcels, made good time at the pack ‘n mail, picked up lunch, and only after I’d eaten did it dawn on me that I’d been so eager to be rid of  to get blankie on its way to the hostess for the baby shower I’ll miss on Saturday that I’d failed to snap a final, finished photo.

So, use your imagination.  Most of you visualize better than I do anyway.  Because I wanted to get this wad of cotton off my needles  in the mail so it could be opened at the baby shower, I had to stop with a rather square shape Wednesday night.  Before I get into the details, I want to be clear that I loved this pattern, and was pleased with the final result.  I’m just not a blankie kinda’ knitter.

Pattern:  Debbie Macomber’s Carol’s Sunshine.  Great pattern, great book of baby blanket patterns.  My first cable and lace combined project,  and I love it, for the first couple of skeins.  The pattern didn’t bore me, but grinding out 40-some inches of it just didn’t happen with my seemingly late start.  I stopped at the end of skein #4, with a roughly 32″ x 32″ blankie.  MJ thinks it was a good size, so just take her word for it.  I did.  My biggest complaint, aside from the fact that it wasn’t a self-knitting blankie, is that this should have been called Carol’s Purls.  The garter stitch border is purled.  For some reason, I throw when I purl and pick/grab when I knit, so this was not a good thing.

Yarn:  Bernat Cottontots in Lovely Lilac.   Can’t say enough about this cotton yarn.  I’d tried to crochet with it earlier this spring, and it was very literally slung across the room in frustration.  The label says it is 100% cotton, but I’m not at all convinced that the very narrow ply in the mismatched 2-ply yarn is indeed cotton.  Still, it was soft, cotton, and came in the hue of Showerette’s choice.  It also happened to be the very yarn used in the pattern’s sample, so I believe for the first time EVER, I used the yarn named in the pattern! 

The label also says machine wash cold, and it may be dried on the no heat setting.  I did something else I’ve never done before; I taped that part of one label, circled even, in the card.  If it’s terribly tacky, Showerette will forgive me.

Needles:  Ah, here’s the rub.  I couldn’t get gauge.  The pattern calls for a crazy-huge #10.  I knew that wouldn’t work for me on a worsted cotton.  I do dishcloths on #7s, and the Knight’s face cloths, on #6s, so I went for #9s, assuming the designer wanted a slightly looser drape, due to the lace panels in the pattern.  Before I finished the starting garter strip, I knew I was off.  Down to the #7s…  I used my Knitpicks Options in the original steel version.  Happy little tips, but the problem is the cord.  I can’t tell you how many of those purple cords have pulled out of the little metal piece that screws into the tips.  NOT.HAPPY.  I’m going to see what the warranty is on this one, rather than just having the Knight put a dab of Gorilla Glue on it as he’s done several times before.

Verdict:  I wish I could tell you I’d do this one again, because it is that lovely.  It made me happy to spread the WIP out and look at the cables and lace alternating across the span of soft lilac.  However, I’ll confess now that I bought a little booklet on crochet baby blankies today…

What a Friday!  I hope you had a great day.  I have another very nearly FO, but that’ll have to wait for tomorrow.  I also got a great package on Thursday, but this post is long enough, I think.  I can tell you that I can now compare and contrast Flat Feet and Happy Choices for you, and there are more bags in my life.  The night and I spent the day riding around in the peaceful, beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  We visited his great grandparents’ graves and just enjoyed the very rural surroundings.  Now, I’m going to go finish that other FO to be, because tomorrow’s another full day.  I need to go pick up more medicine for Mugsy, get a pedicure, and attend a special little boy’s birthday party. 

Sunday, I’m doing dinner for the Knight’s duty crew and we have another meeting.  (I know, right?!)  I think I’m going to do something the Knight can grill, my favorite potato salad, and a birthday cake for a special adult boy.  (Adult boy’s mom is doing a salad, as in greens and such, so we’ll have one truly healthy side!)  Good thing I got a lot of knitting done today.

10 comments on “Invisible FO

  1. For me, the trick to completing the baby blanket was time; lots of it! I, too, loved the pattern and how the blankie was looking, but….I would work on it a bit, and put it away for weeks, then work on it a bit, and so on. If you want to have a nice gift on hand for whatever comes up, this method works. (I gifted the mommy when baby was 7 months old)

  2. Bubblesknits says:

    I’m glad you got it finished! I know you were ready to mail it off. 🙂 So what’s on the needles next?

  3. crimsonpurl says:

    Yay!!! The baby blanket is D.O.N.E.!
    Gurl what was up with your purple cords! Ugh!! Hope you find out what the deal is or get better replacements/tips!

    Ooh tell me the truth…you like flat feet better dontcha! ;o) Told you so!!

    Have a wonderful weekend Chan!!

  4. Dianne says:

    Some projects are just like that – a struggle from beginning to end. It looks great, though, and I’m sure will be much appreciated. Now I’ve got to go and cast on for a dreaded baby blanket. The first of two I have to get done by January. Blech.

  5. gaylen says:

    Chan – the blankie is lovely! I had a new mom tell me recently, that she prefers smaller blankets – they are easier to tuck around carseats, strollers, small babies, etc. Plus, when baby decides it’s a favorite and has to take it everywhere – well it’s small 🙂

    Your weekend sounds lovely. Enjoy. I think we might have a birthday BBQ to attend on Sunday, still waiting to hear, nothing like last minute. g

  6. Wendy says:

    The blankie looks wonderful. I may need to get my hands on that book for the next baby blankies I do. But I can’t believe you made it through all that knitting with cotton. You’re a champ!

  7. Anita says:

    Yeah! I know you are really happy to have that blankie done! I’m sure the whole finished piece was lovely!!

    Hope your Sat & Sun are good, make sure you take some time for yourself… too much running around going on in your world!! 😛

  8. Nichole says:

    Have a great weekend! I need to get a bunch of stuff photoed and blogged..

  9. Nancy says:

    I can visualize the completed blankie…and it’s lovely! All that cotton though…do you have any skin left on your fingers? I swear cotton sucks the moisture right out of mine. Cottontots does feel soft though. The mommy should appreciate the care instructions. Did you say more bags? I want to see! LOL..I am not a Coach person…but ooh la la, there are 2 new ones in their fall line that are in competition for me to help stimulate the economy. I’ve never walked out of Coach thinking that, ever.

  10. Robin says:

    I like this pattern.

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