Flowing Namaste

That’s how my weekends roll.  If you’ve stopped in for even a couple of Friday posts and followed that up with what I REALLY did with my weekend, you’ve probably come to expect some changes by now.  Last night, Rosanne and I were discussing lunch and possibly visiting one shop up her way, but before I could talk about those plans with the Knight, he surprised me.

That’s our weekend.  If we’re all very lucky, there will be a happy “after” shot tomorrow or Monday.  See, some ten-plus years ago, while the Knight was still a newlywed and nesting, I said I wanted lattice around both porches, especially the front one.  It fell on deaf ears, first because there were more important projects, and then because of health issues, and then…  When Sissy came, I began harping about the lattice again.  I’d shown him what I wanted at least twice at our local home improvement store (well, actually in ANY home improvement store if we got near that section), and I’d said earlier this week that I wanted to go get said supplies on Thursday evening, but it didn’t happen.  I’d said I was going to go get it myself yesterday before he and his truck went to the firehouse, but it didn’t happen.  So imagine my surprise when THAT showed up in my front yard first thing this morning!

Obviously, all plans are on hold so I can stand and hold up one end, almost being helpful in the process.  You see, even before my back injuries, the Knight is handy, and I am not.  I can craft, but I cannot build or repair.  I’m not even great at “just hold that there” because I was the first loser as a kid at the “first one who moves is a rotten egg” game.  Oh look!  A squirrel.  While watching the squirrel, I wonder about Fred’s Garden, but can’t see it from my current position, so I shift just a bit…  You get the picture.  But, the Knight will need my sad version of help, and I’m delighted!

The Namaste Love  group on Ravelry has a contest going on.  I finally read the instructions with my “listening ears” on, and saw that they want photos of US with our bags, so I have a shot staged in my mind, but I’ll need the Knight to be happy enough with my helping abilities to cooperate.  Instead, I thought I’d share some of the other shots with you, while I also confess that a WoolGirl sale on the Jetsetter caused me to order my second Namaste bag in the month of July.  (They arrived in separate months, so that’s not so bad, right?!)















That’s the new beauty, posing with the Knight’s gear, demonstrating what is perhaps my favorite Namaste feature – the rugged, go-anywhere, resist everything exterior.  Thanks to metal feet on the bottom, I can set the bag anywhere without fear of getting it icky.  Dirt, that special sticky soot from a fire, nothing scares these bags.  They wipe clean, should anything manage to stick to the surface, and gosh they look good too.

They’re even dog-proof, not that Mugsy is an issue.  The only way he’d cause a mess is if he panted enough to make mud right there, which he didn’t. 

Curious how both dogs seem to be looking at the new, camel-colored bag, eh?  Now, Miss Slobberslinger there could test the surfaces of these bags.  I’d NEVER set a Vera or a leather bag out for her to pant upon, so that should give you some idea of the faith I have in these bags.

The turquoise Laguna and the camel Jetsetter appear about the same size, don’t they?  Well, they’re not.  That flapped-over portion of the Laguna can take on lots more stuff, and I think the softer material also gives a false impression of what the bag can hold.  The Jetsetter is more structured, which I like, but it will be my daily bag, holding one, maybe two small to medium project bags and my purse essentials, nothing more.  I’ve yet to be able to overload the Laguna.  Neither protects a paper pattern at all, but that’s all I can find to criticize!

I’m not done Namaste-ing yet.  I want a Newport too, but I want to see both Saddle and Peacock in person, if possible.  I’m also considering a clutch, which the gals in the Namaste Lovers group assure me can be a small project bag and a clutch to shove under my arm while I shop.  Of course, they’re retiring a couple of styles, so you know that means new ones are coming…

Time to get to work.  Have a productive Saturday!


18 comments on “Flowing Namaste

  1. Dawn says:

    I have a turquois Namaste bag too! Don’t know the name of it though…but I sooooooooo love it. I can get soooo much stuff in it and always have some knitting with me!:) I’ve been looking at getting a new one too! I also get lots of compliments on it too especially with the style being the big bags! I always laugh because I got it to hold my knitting!:)

  2. Anita says:

    YEAH! Happy, happy surprise! Good luck with the lattice! I asked Kevin if he wanted me to go help him at work today, holding trim or something… I was told I’d probably be in the way more than anything. 😦
    See, I’m not much of a helper either! LOL

    I’m lovin that new bag!!! Gorgeous!

  3. Bubblesknits says:

    What a great surprise! To me, the hubby doing something like that is more romantic than flowers. 🙂 Maybe I’m weird, though. lol

    I just got one of the Newports and I love it. 🙂

  4. Dianne says:

    I just love those bags. Someday, I’m going to invest in one of my own…or maybe Santa will bring one, if I’m a very, very good girl.

    As the youngest child, I was the one who was always holding the light or passing the tools to my dad when he was doing projects. The older kids were always out with friends or working or anything else so they didn’t have to help! I can still hear dad saying “Anticipate my needs!” if I was a little slow on handing him whatever tool he would need next. Now, I’m the one that lives the closest to mom and dad, so guess who is still helping… Not that I mind. He’s a great dad!

  5. crimsonpurl says:

    In the new line of Namaste that is my favorite style so far! It serves as purse and knit bag! Luvs it!

  6. Woohooo! Nothing like getting a 10 year old HoneyDo done! Good for you.

  7. Alana says:

    And those bags just keep rollin’ in!! I really like the new one–looks like it will be practical and user-friendly. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who has “bag issues”!!

  8. AlisonH says:

    Lattice now sing the praises of a good and thoughtful husband. Good work!

  9. Grace says:

    congrats on the lattice work Tom is still claiming bad back so no painting or blocking this weekend, I still have not taken the Namaste plunge I want too but just not sure yet, I would want a brown black or red, nothing to light in color, its just hard to decide and then some new yarn pops up and there goes any bag money, this weeks downfall was Arucania Ranco Sock at Little Knits on sale and 8 skeins will eventually be on my doorstep for 2 more shawls!!!

  10. monnibo says:

    Lattice looks absolutely gorgeous. I love when there are a few flowers or vines growing up them.

    Sissy looks dwarfed by those bags!

  11. Amanda says:

    Ooh! That bag is beautiful!

    We did lattice on our porches at our old house. PAIN IN THE A!

  12. Nancy says:

    oooh..I like the jetsetter! nice! I recv’d the white QVC bag yesterday, it’s pretty fine. Thank you, Ms. Enabler. I still wish Namaste had Newport in white…
    I hope your porch lattice project went along smoothly!

  13. Robin says:

    The pups look like they approve!

  14. fireflynights says:

    I’ll be interested in seeing your bags up close and personal. Lots of pretty colors to choose from, and they seem to market them better than that other bag we both had hoped to find.

  15. nichole says:

    They’re looking great! I didn’t catch the “US” on the contest?? Oh well… there’s no me and the bag, lol. I think the airport lady shall take the cake if that is the case…….

  16. StarSpry says:

    Cool bags! I love the pictures with the dogs 😀

  17. Darcy Watts says:

    I have been eyeing the clutchs.Hugs Darcy

  18. love those bags… the kids look pleased with them. : )

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