Finally Friday

Phew!  It’s been a long week.  Of course, it has something to do with the fact that I get wrapped up in the Olympics and can’t go to bed in a timely fashion…  Isn’t it great to see so many successful, happy athletes? 

Of course, the problem with REALLY being into the Games means I find myself sitting there with my knitting beside me, and not much gets accomplished that way.  Add in Sissy’s EVER-growing exercise needs and Mugsy’s current state, and it’s just not a lace climate in my house.  So, as much as I’m digging the Voyager, it’s been set aside, and in the rare moment I think I might try lace, I’m working on Very Blue Jay.  (A photo tomorrow, perhaps?)

But last night, I got caught up in Secret of the Stole iii fever, and I swatched.  Okay, so I only did about a dozen rows and strung all of 5 beads, but I also made dinner, played with Sissy, worked with Sissy on her “homework”, took Mugsy out a dozen times… 

That’s the first photo I TRIED to take of my kinda’ blocked, kinda’ swatch.  Yes, I had a helper. 

She’s a mama’s girl.  (And no, she’s not really chewing on the needle.  It’s just under her slimy jaw.)  She is my shadow, and didn’t seem to care that I didn’t want her help.  (Note to self:  when really blocking lace, shut the door before Sissy can come in the blocking/guest room.)  But she’s just precious, right?  (And hence, the problem.  Cute trumps manners.)

That’s all the close-up you get.  I had to give up and “block” on the ironing board (pins don’t go thru metal), and then the camera batteries died, but there you go.  I love pearls, and I didn’t want to go to the trouble of knitting with beads for the first time and not be able to see them.  I like the look!  For any of my fellow sostiii knitters, that’s on #3s, but I’m a loose lace knitter.

I also started motif #1.  I’ve decided to just march through the book in order, at least until that ceases to interest me.  I’m using an Addi hook, and I’ll review it after a little more use, but I can tell you I won’t be throwing my Boyes under the bus.

My weekend is pretty relaxed, until Sunday afternoon.  I just want to grab some wax so that when my wheel arrives I can wax on, wax off and spin, all in the same night.  (Hmmm…  What’s on the Olympic broadcast schedule for the middle of the night?)  We need to re-measure Mugsy, because I have no faith in my measurements, and I can’t order the cart until I feel decent about them.  Then on Sunday, I have a Pampered Chef fundraiser for a friend’s church missions fund, followed by dinner with the Knight’s duty crew and a meeting at the firehouse. 

Otherwise, I’ll be knitting or dog wrangling.  How ’bout you?

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19 comments on “Finally Friday

  1. Robin in VA says:

    Long week??!! You can say that again sister!!! I’ve made myself go to bed early…and miss all the good medal rounds!!

  2. crimsonpurl says:

    I tried staying up last night to watch the Olympics, but Mr. Sandman was knocking on my door HARD last night! Haha!

    I am off today! So I plan to knit until my fingers fall off….but I haven’t started yet! Haha!

    I bet you are excited about your wheel!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Nancy says:

    The olympics are making me sleep deprived. I had to watch the medal ceremony before I could sleep. But I am knitting on the shoulder shawl while watching, mindless garter is a good thing. The edgeing will require more concentration though. My friend up here who crochets prefers Bates over Boyes. I have no reference since I don’t crochet these days. (although I might try something, in the near future…) I LOVE your lace swatch w/beads. Do you know the trick for easy bead stringing, the dental floss threader?
    Measurements? you know what they say in carpentry?…measure twice, cut once. 🙂
    How come I keep forgetting you’re Pampered Chef??

  4. successful happy athletes??? medal count for canada: ZERO!!! not that i’m bitter or anything…

    moving on – love your swatch. great colour and love the pearls. the helper is pretty darned cute, too. did you see that you won one of the initial prizes? congrats!

  5. StarSpry says:

    Your swatch looks great! I love the pearls (and your helper)!

    I’m excited to hear about your wheel!! Good luck with your Pampered Chef fundraiser 🙂

  6. Gaylen says:

    Wow – how did I miss that you won an initial prize? How cool is that? Your swatch looks great and I’m glad you went with the pearls. I just printed the first clue – it was my reward for getting my workout in without my trainer! Now I’m off to make oatmeal and knit the first clue – I think I’m going to go down a needle size.

    The rest of the weekend includes shopping for food, housework, laundry, BBQ – the Princess is coming home for a week – and Sunday I get to relax (after another workout). Your weekend sounds better then mine.

    Hope you feel good about getting Mugsy’s measurements soon so you can get his new set of wheels ordered. 🙂 g

  7. Barbara says:

    It is a known fact that cute always trumps! (DTE had a boyfriend for a while that would try to work a “Sad Puppy Eye” look on her and never understood why she just laughed at him and said it would never work! He didn’t understand why until he met Sadie!
    I am guessing shipping would be horrendous for a PC stoneware bread pan. I love the one I have and wish I had just gotten two at the time.

  8. nichole says:

    Looks great! I worked on my baby wraplan last night during Big Brother & the olympics, only to realize about 6 LONG rows later that I only increased for one sleeve and not the other… so I had to rip back… and actually did a damn well decent job doing so, so that was good (this yarn was great for not loosing TOO many stitches and I only had to reassemble a few that had dropped down too many rows)!

  9. OOOooo. I’ve wanted to try beads for a while. And yes, cute trumps manners more often than it should! My weekend? Looks like S.F. again, which means not much knitting. Ah well.

  10. AlisonH says:

    Ah, so you can’t put the cart before the dog?

  11. Anita says:

    Love the pearls on your lace!! And your helper has such a cute nose there! LOL

    Just order those wheels girl!!! Don’t make me come up there & knock some sense into you! SNOL

  12. holly says:

    Your beading looks fabulous.

    Well, for my weekend, I have just 5 rows to finish the Swirled Pearl shawlette. It has like 700 beads in it. It calls for 882, but I am laying off a round because my mom is short like me and I have seen it blocked with 5 rounds instead of 6. Maybe there will be pics this weekend.

  13. Robin says:

    Can’t wait to see your wheel!

  14. Bubblesknits says:

    The pearls looks so pretty in your lace! And Miss Helper is precious. 🙂

  15. anniebananie says:

    G and I are staying up right now watching the swimming. I love the beaded lace – it’s going to be just beautiful!

    And you know I can’t wait for you to get your wheel…

  16. Alana says:

    I’m also sleep deprived from sitting up late to watch the Olympics. And knit. I finished one sock, and it turned out except for the fact that it’s too big. I’ve started the second one on smaller (and metal!) needles, and will frog #1 and knit it again. It’s all good, though… the yarn is real purdy, and I’m having fun knitting them. I have good karma about these, so the attitude is staying favorable!!

  17. alison says:

    Looking good. Hope Mugsy is getting to be a better patient (oh wait that’s an oxymoron) you know what I mean. Cute always beats manners which is why Peri can rin rings around me with my knitting. I too am lured way past bedtime by the olympics.

  18. Kathy says:

    I watched the Oympics, cheering and yelling all the way. I also knitted.
    Sissy looks so sweet and it’s good to see Mugsy getting around. Give them a hug from my crew.

  19. Cathy says:

    Sissy is such a sweetie – when I was a few years younger… I had a lovely boy named Pete who had her coloring. He was a english setter/cocker spaniel mix and was as soft as a bunny!

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