I have a zillion old family photos that I’d share, if only I had a scanner that I could plug into any of the current computers.  Today’s “Celebration of Life” for Auntie was hands-down, the happiest funeral I’ve ever attended.  Oh, there were tears.  There were soiled linen and lace hankies, because Auntie’s mother inlaw taught her nearest and dearest that tissues were for colds and children, not for ladies out in public.  But all in all, I’m quite sure Auntie looked down from above and smiled.  We laughed, we hugged, we promised to stay in touch better now, because the family’s “linker” is gone. 

Her departed husband’s first cousin gave the homily/eulogy.  That’s significant, because Auntie’s inlaws are Catholic, and Auntie was Episcopalian.  The planets aligned and it was good.  The pastor of Auntie’s church?  His wife was born and raised in Auntie’s favorite beach spot, Pawleys Island.   The dear man even brought back a baggy full of sand from the beach this spring, and Auntie ran her fingers through the grit.  He said he watched the memories wash over her…

We reconnected.  We honored her, and we’ll continue to honor her by staying in touch as she would have wanted.

Believe it or not, there are more goodies for me photos to share.  And since Anita put a photo of us up on Ravelry, turnabout is fair play.  This was taken at the end of the day Saturday, but trust me, we gabbed the whole time, taking breaks only to sleep.  I’m quite certain that despite being raised to have better manners, I spoke with my mouth full more than once last weekend.  I’m smiling too hard for a good photo in just about all of ’em, but that just tells you that I had a blast!

But goodies.  We all like to windowshop on other blogs, right?  Well, here we go!

Anita gifted us each with a different set of stitch markers.  I should do a photo shoot with the assorted markers she’s made me, but today, these silly turtles get the nod.  While several of my girlfriends make neat stitch markers, I think Anita has a lock on CUTE.  If you haven’t been to her Etsy site, you don’t know what you’re missing!  (While you’re there, check out her tape measures, which are a special favorite of Sissy’s.)

Ruth brought me quite the package.  Isn’t this shawl lovely?  Be sure to note the green on the left.  Which side is the “right side”?  (Does it matter?)

She also gifted me some Pecan Tart tea and some rich, delicious chocolates.  (Do you say pee-KAN or puh-cahn? )  Thank you Ruth, for the gift of your time and the great conversation.

Sadly, I was so caught up in enjoying my visit, that even when Ruth snapped photos, I didn’t grab my camera and do the same.  So, you’ll have to wait until she blogs about our meet-up.  We had a very long, leisurely lunch at Michie Tavern, then parted ways briefly before heading to the downtown mall.  

We got lucky and made it in The Needle Lady just before closing.  I’ve been on a search for just the right yarn for a very special project, and I happened upon it there.  It’s Cascade Handpaints sock yarn, and had they had more of it, I’m pretty sure Ruth would have bought some too.  Ordinarily, I would have offered to let her have it, but this yarn really does have a mission.  The only hint I’ll give is that both the Knight and MJ agree the colorway is just perfect for the recipient.  Now, to find a pattern, a shawl pattern.  I have over 800 yards, but I’m not sure where this will fall into my queue.

Sissy and I got another care package yesterday too.  No, no, the emory board isn’t for Sissy!  There were some warm-weather Loopy Kisses for Sissy.  The Catalina Pouch is for me too, thanks to Nancy of Days Gone By.  Ever listen, or better yet read, the words to that song?  It was playing somewhere during our travels today, and it really got my attention.  Auntie lived life that way, and I aspire to too.

13 comments on “Gabfest

  1. Anita says:

    You must send me a copy of that photo! I love it!! We look to be having a great time, which we were! 🙂 I think that is right after you cut yourself in half with the camera… SNOL

    That shawl is gorgeous!!

  2. gaylen says:

    You have such a great outlook on life – it’s truly inspiring. That is a fabulous photo! Glad you had fun, you deserve it. g

  3. fireflynights says:

    Glad the funeral was more about happy memories than being sad.

    The Catalina Pouch is a useful little bag. I’ve been using one for about a month for part of my notions.

  4. MrPuffy says:

    What a lovely way to share the funeral. I feel like I know her from what little you said.

    Lots of wonderful loot too.

  5. grace says:

    Glad the day gave you good memories, and I like pee cans in my cookies and my ice cream!!

  6. 1.I love the photo of you…not just a smile, laughter too!
    2.Glad your Auntie’s remembrance was a good one.
    3. I will get that green yarn, I will.

  7. crimsonpurl says:

    What a great time with the ladies! (I meant to tell you that on your last post) I see all of y’all were in your knits too! :o)

  8. alison says:

    Out of the rain, a ray of sun must shine.

  9. Nancy says:

    What a lovely post. I am glad the celebration of Auntie’s life was a happy one. As it should be. That photo of you and Anita is great. You have a beautiful smile! The shawl Ruth gave you is really pretty. Glad you’ve had some fun. It’s been busy at my place! (thus the lack of blogging!)

  10. nichole says:

    You guys look cute there!
    LOVE that green colorway!
    Cute Turtle….

  11. flycatcher says:

    I’d hold off on getting a scanner for all those pics. Can you imagine how long it would take to convert a thousand pics on a flatbed scanner? For the same price as you’ll pay on the scanner, and without the time wasted, you could find a decent place to scan them for you. Not a retail giant like Walgreens – besides for gouging you on price, I wouldn’t trust them with ’em. There’s too much stuff going on in those stores, and too much opportunity for the workers to misplace them.

    Here in Chicago, in Chicago, there’s a place called The Digital Convert ( ) that also does albums for reasonable prices, and even uploads them to a family webpage for sharing purposes. You should check them out or Google for places in your area.

  12. StarSpry says:

    Wonderful post; I’m glad the day was about happy memories! What fun goodies (I say pee-KAN). That green yarn is beautiful!!

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