Secret Meme

Skip this post if you’re not up for a challenge.  Seriously.  Because if you see your name below and leave me a comment asking why, you’ve bought your way into this secret meme. 

I found my name on Grace’s post.  I’m rather curious by nature and actually like a meme every now and then, so I was in.  Now, I hesitated to post this just now, because especially with foul weather on the eastern seaboard, I don’t know when I’ll be back online again after tonight.  However, I also didn’t want to ignore this for any longer than I already have, so we’ll just have to hope that either you’re all curious quickly, and/or that we have a wireless connection at the beach.  Otherwise, be curious and patient, and I’ll get back to you with more information as soon as I can!

So, here are my answers to this secret, reverse meme.  (Y’all have to have your sense of humor in hand here…)

1. Stacey
2. Rosanne
3. Gnat
4. Dianne
5. Ann
6. Michelle
7. Grace
8. Anita
9. Jessi
10. Holly
11. ?
12. Claudia
13. Kathy
14. Lacey 
15. Pissy 
16. Ruth
17. Sissy
18. The Princess
19. Gaylen
20. ?
21. Nancy
22. Monica
23. Me!
24. You think I’d name ’em?! 
25. ?
26. The Knight
27. Mary
28. Amy
29. Greg House! 
30. Laugh!  I was in a zany mood when I filled this out…

16 comments on “Secret Meme

  1. gaylen says:

    Alright, I’ll bite. Not only am I an answer, but The Princess is too – very curious! g

  2. AlisonH says:

    Playing Julie Andrews here and singing “Do re meme fah so latte go.” Except skip the latte and put in hot cocoa.

  3. Dianne says:

    Hmmmm, what is this all about? I’ve got to know!

  4. Mary says:

    um curiousity killed the cat, but they ave 9 lives so I figure I do too…SNOL I’m biting..fill me in 🙂

  5. MrPuffy says:

    I like to laugh – count me in!

  6. Kathy says:

    LOL…….okay, what’s up with this? I’m curious.

  7. I am intrigued by this meme! :o) Why? Haha!

    Hope you have a great time at the beach despite the wind & rain!

  8. Anita says:

    Ok, what is it??

    Nice of Gaylen to notice my name up there “princess”, she must have meant me! SNOL Oh wait, she probably meant Sissy… 🙂

  9. monnibo says:

    Alright, go on then! I’ll play too!

  10. grace says:

    since I have the questions I know what #7 is and you couldn’t be more wrong and yet others have said it too—I was the total opposite

  11. Miss Me says:

    i’m not in there as an answer, but you’d better believe that i’m curious!

  12. insanknitty says:

    gotta figure this out… gah… now I”ll be curious all night!

  13. nichole says:

    am I relieved to not see my name??? lol

  14. Nancy says:

    I’m in there…hmmm…????

  15. Natalie says:

    Ok…I’m curious!! Why am I up there? 🙂

  16. […] tsk… Chan reeled me in to this secret meme… and then Anita again before I could post my answers. You post all the […]

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