Paid Forward

Dear Grace has paid it forward, and I am working on the items for my recipients.  (Don’t look for your packages before the holidays though, okay?!)

Missing from the photo is the tiny, sweet-smelling tea light I didn’t find when I ripped into the package while the Knight was showering so we could go pick up Gretchen.  I never did find it in the box, but the taller dog at our house (hem, hem) found it…  Luckily, “leave it” is the one command Sissy performs without fail, so there’s not so much as a tooth mark on it.

What you do see is the bee tea cozy, which is so very special because Grace and I both have an affinity of sorts for bumble bees.  It will also be my cold-weather cozy, because it’s nice and thick and will make my teapot wish it had the ability to snuggle into the walls of the “hive”.  There’s also a tea wallet, complete with a Grace-picked assortment of tea bags, and it went immediately into my handbag, so that I’m never without tea.  A pretty post card and a box of tea are rather hidden, and then you see the cloth the Knight has made his own, and the very special yarn.

Grace’s own knight, aka: Master Blocker, dyed that.  He might have to become known as MBD, as it seems he’s a rather accomplished dyer too.  It looks very much like what we see out of any window in our little house in the woods right now.  I love a very vibrant, red fall, but the colors are rather muted again this year.  Still, it’s a lovely work of art every day.

Thank you, Grace (and Master Blocker), for a very thoughtful, special package! 


Here’s another special delivery.  Nichole sent goodies for all the gals in our house.  The pretty raspberry wad in the rear is a shirt for me, and the girls got birthday and new arrival treats from Nic’s local pet bakery.   Gretchen just had her very first puppy treat yesterday, so we saved these for tonight, and they’ll share Gretchen’s little pupcake.  Then, we’ll let Sis have her birthday “cake” over the next few days, while passing Gretchen a bit of puppy biscuit or something.  Thank you Nic and gang, for honoring a special time at our house with unique treats we sure can’t get around here!

Here’s your gratuitous puppy shot for the day.  Sissy really does mother the daylights out of Gretchen, when they’re not playing too rough and getting in trouble!

Wishing you a happy Tuesday.  We’re having a rather cool, blustery day, but I know some of you have snow…

17 comments on “Paid Forward

  1. nichole says:

    Is that a sideways ghosty pup-cake I see there? LOL I hope the girls enjoy them……. after I sent I thought I should’ve just sent the actual birthday CAKE … it might’ve been easier for the new gal to handle, as opposed to the harder treat. Next time… 🙂

    Grace sent a great package – pretty yarn!!!!!!!

  2. Nancy says:

    Nice PIF from Grace you got there. Those cakes look good enough for humans to eat. :-)Those 2 pups look so cute all snuggled up! No snow here, but damn it’s a cold windy and rainy 37. Poor Kathy…the Florida Keys girl did not want to be here for this kind of weather!

  3. Dawn says:

    Cool PIF from Grace! Love the cozy! Those cakes from Nichole look soooo yummy! Love, love, love the snuggle bunny pic! Soooo sweet! Geez, we’re still in shorts and summer clothes here in CA! I even went and stocked up on my fire wood this weekend so I could hopefully get the weather to change here!:) Of course not! Enjoy your cool weather! Can’t wait to see your new do too! Did she use a hot iron? I have a hot air brush that I got at Sally’s…its the coolest thing because it flips it and styles it as its drying your hair…kind of like killing two birds with one stone…I’ve always hated that analogy because I’d get very upset if someone killed a bird. I feed all our wild critters…birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits. I usually have at least 30 doves in the morning! Have a great day! hugs

  4. Robin in VA says:

    At the moment Gretchen looks like “Mini Me”!! Nice package…

  5. gaylen says:

    What a lovely bunch of packages (althought I really wanted to type coconuts!) you got. Grace puts good boxes together. Love the pic of the girls – they are precious – I kinda hope Gretchen stays proportionally smaller than Sissy. g

  6. AlisonH says:

    Go Grace! And Gretchen and Sissy steal the show, as always.

  7. StarSpry says:

    Wonderful packages! Gretchen looks so tiny next to Sissy 😀

  8. Bubblesknits says:

    Gretchen almost looks like she could be Sissy’s pup from that angle. 🙂 Such sweet girls.

    What a wonderful PIF package! I’ve been so busy with Christmas knitting, I haven’t even started on mine. 😦 Although, can you believe I’m almost done and it’s only October 28th? I’m kind of amazed…and wondering what I’m forgetting. SNOL

  9. grace says:

    I was so amazed by how much Gretchen looks like Sissy that I swore she was a baby basset until I learned she is a JRT. They are truly adorable and I am glad the package was a hit, I always worry after the fact!

  10. Anita says:

    Wonderful packages you got there!

    And that is the sweetest photo of the girls!!! How precious!

    I sure wish we were getting some snow here… all we have is really cold, strong wind….

  11. Anne says:

    Awww isn’t that just the cutest shot! What a nice package! The girls are certainly adorable – I’m glad you are able to find some joy with a new pup 🙂

  12. Robin says:

    Pups are so cute together!

  13. What nice gifties! Oh, and that houndie pic is too precious, what a good girl Sissy is.
    I have snow!! I have snow!! I am sure i will not sound this gleeful come Feb.

  14. Kathy says:

    Lovely gift:).

    I like the picture of the girls. Very sweet.

  15. fireflynights says:

    That’s a darling photo of the two girls.

  16. Natalie says:

    Is that just the most precious picture!!! Makes me want to resume my puppy search which I think it officially on hold until January. 😦 Gretchen and Sissy are just too cute!!!

  17. Darcy Watts says:

    Wonderful pif package:)The doggie photo is a keeper.Hugs Darcy

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