There’s so much for me to celebrate today.

It’s MJ’s birthday.  She’s taken the day off, so I’m glad I didn’t have all the necessary ingredients to make her requested cake; I’d be grumpy if I’d made it and she wasn’t here!

I’m blessed to have a mother inlaw I happily call Mom.  She’s been a part of my life almost as long as I have memories, and she really is a dear friend too.  Have a great day, MJ!

Here in the USA it’s also Veterans Day.  There are so many veterans in my life, past and present, and I’m very grateful for their service to our country.  I think I have a personal connection to every branch of the service, but I’ve done a roll call of sorts in the past, so I won’t do that today.  Instead, I’ll ask you to also remember that when someone serves in the military, a whole family sacrifices.  So as you honor our veterans today, please say a prayer or think a kind, supportive thought for the friends and family who bridged the gap while that veteran was away.  It’s a collective honor and sacrifice, and those holding down the home front suffer too.

Yesterday was a fantastic day for packages at our house.  Do you track the daylights out of your goodies when you have a tracking number?  I do.  I watch them trek closer and closer, knowing that when they hit Richmond, they’ll be on my doorstep the next day.

The first package I opened was the one I hadn’t been able to track.  The Multitaskers(Ravelry group) are having a virtual baby shower for blogless Katie, and as her fellow Virginian, I’m the receiver of the gifts, and then, the delivery gal.  Dianne was ever so sweet and included a package of treats for each of MY babies, and Sissy knew it.  Thank you, Dianne!  I love the little pouches too.  I never bonded with the treat pouches we used in class, so maybe this will work better.  If nothing else, I know how the treats will travel to the beach…

(And no, you don’t get to see the shower goodies until Katie opens them!)

The second box on the porch was from The Loopy Ewe.  My first season in their sock club has come to an end with the arrival of this package.  The yarn is Mountain Colors, and I’m delighted to have another of the large project bags.  It’s great for patterns in the original sleeve, and it drops down in my Newport bag just as slick…

My favorite part of this final package is the custom soap.  I’m not sure I should admit how much I like soaps like this.  They’re fun, and I love that unlike the little decoratively shaped soaps, the design sticks around to the very end with these soaps.  I’ll have to save this one for my knitterly guests, because I don’t think the Knight would appreciate the cuteness…

There was one more package, but I’m saving that for Thursday, so that all the Dogs on Thursday folks can read it. 

Don’t forget to thank the veterans in your life for their service.

13 comments on “Remember…

  1. gaylen says:

    I thank the activity duty I know and the veterans I’m aware of regularly. I finally sent cookies off to My Soldier – hopefully he receives them soon. I guess – technically – my first husband is a veteran having served in the Air Force.

    Happy Birthday MJ hope you have an enjoyable day. g

  2. Sue says:

    Wow, don’t you just love multi-package days. It’s like your own private Christmas. I didn’t see any doggies helping you. Do you actually get to open a box without fuzzy noses pushing your hands away?

  3. MrPuffy says:

    Cool package day! Thanks for the reminder and your thoughts on Vetran’s Day. My dad being one of them….

  4. Oh yeah….love the sheepish soap! I haven’t been tracking my WEBS box, but I wants it, I does…. Hmm, missing some stitch markers I ordered, too…off I go.

    Happy birthday, MJ.

  5. Dawn says:

    Love the sheep soap….how cute is that! Very cool package! My soundtrack to Twilight is very good…you can picture where they’re going to be in the book! Or I do anyways…they’re are a couple of songs that I just love! They even have Bella’s lullaby! You can listen to pieces of it on Amazon to see if you like it…thats what I did before I went and hunted it down yesterday!:) Have a wonderful Veterans Day! hugs

  6. Dianne says:

    Happy Birthday to MJ!

  7. Miss Me says:

    that soap is adorable! on a more serious note, it is remembrance day here in canada. while i have no family connections to any of the branches of the forces, the services always make me cry. i can’t even imagine the sacrifices that so many have made to give us all a better life.

  8. StarSpry says:

    Happy birthday, MJ!!

    I love tracking my packages, too! It’s so fun getting things in the mail 😀

  9. Bubblesknits says:

    Happy Birthday MJ!!! I hope you had a good one!

    Very cool soap and goodies. I love sock clubs.

  10. Anita says:

    Tell MJ Happy Birthday from me! Hope she had a wonderful day!

    Wonderful goodies you’ve got there! I love that soap, how creative!

  11. nichole says:

    Love the goodies!!!!!! Soap is cute!!

  12. Kathy says:

    Happy Belated Birthday MJ. Hope it was good.

  13. fireflynights says:

    What pattern/yarn is your MIL wearing in this Nov. 11 post? I really like it.

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