Friday Flash

News flash, that is.

Just a couple of things to share, late Friday here on the East Coast.  Please pop over and wish Cathy and her guys well.  They were in a hit and run accident last night.  Her teenage son was quite the hero and got her out, but her guy friend is still in the hospital.  There’s no good time to have a wreck, but I can tell you first-hand that this time of the year SUCKS.  Car shopping isn’t fun when you have to do it before the rental has to be turned in, but I’m glad that no one was more seriously injured than they were.  Heal well Cat and guys!  And the rest of you, stay safe, please?

This is also your last chance to enter the contest.  Gretchen is also 13 weeks old today, and will be four months old tomorrow.  More things to celebrate!  I’ll announce a winner the next time I post.

Does this count as a weekend post?  I’m at home and posting…

National Dog ShowLastly, Sissy has taken SERIOUS issue with the announcer’s comment yesterday on how athletic Noodles looked.  (Photo is linked, and not a great shot of chunky, purdy Noodles.)  Sure, sure, compared to any overweight, under-exercised basset, Noodles has some muscle definition, if you use your imagination, but if you compare her to my fine-boned filly, there’s nothing jockette-ish about Noodles.  The Knight actually got grumpy when I tried to soothe Sissy by noting that she doesn’t meet the AKC breed standard, but we think she’s the most beautiful basset girl in the world.  (Apologies to the other basset females and their owners.)  Our vet is sure Sissy is built for a longer, healthier life than the average basset because of her lean build and longer legs, and we’re counting on it. 

As I type, Sissy is running the Basset 500, with wee Gretchen rather literally nipping at her heels.  For those of you wondering, that’s Sissy WIDE OPEN, in the house, ripping and racing wherever her legs will take her.  (Sorry.  Had to stop to grab my box of business cards from her.  Evidently, she wanted to make tonight’s event a relay, and my cards were going to be the baton.) 

A TRUE basset athlete at work

A TRUE basset athlete at work

Tack Hammers Fred, our Beauty Boy

Tack Hammer's Fred, our Beauty Boy

See the difference?  So, those of you with hounds with good confirmation (like our Fred, nephew of a former model), don’t leave a message pointing out Sissy’s flaws.  Believe me, we know, but she knows she’s beautiful and we’re inclined to agree.  Bassets – save Sissy – are built for endurance, not speed.  They’re built to bulldoze through a thicket without emerging as a bloody mess.  Noodles could probably pull that off better than Sissy could, and if that makes Mr. Announcer think Noodles is an athlete, so be it.  Sissy could take Noodles in a dash or a long run, and I’m positive Sissy’s vertical leap would leave Noodles with whiplash.

My point?  I don’t think I really have one, except that the announcer said a rather silly thing.  All dogs are beautiful, and that’s that.

12 comments on “Friday Flash

  1. Bubblesknits says:

    Well, I’m a little partial to Sissy, too. 😉 Speaking of, will I be getting a new picture for my fridge this year?

  2. gaylen says:

    I think she looks lovely! As I type there is construction going on in my old dining room. It’s loud and messy, but the end result will be a fabulous french door! g

  3. Each person who has been chosen by a dog should certainly think that their friend is the best, the brightest, the most beautiful….duh!

  4. Darcy says:

    We are getting pictures taken this weekend of our girls:)Hugs Darcy

  5. p3knitter says:

    I have to agree … ALL dogs are beautiful! Although I am partial to Saint Bernards!

  6. sonya says:

    Dog shows are as bad as beauty pageants.

    It is the little things that make each dog special. I think she is an exceptional looking Basset.

  7. holly says:

    I am very partial, but even if I wasn’t I think Sissy is a far more prettier basset than noodles. Who am I talking to though, all yours are beautiful.
    I am with Jess, I am hoping for another picture this year!

  8. Anita says:

    Well, if you ask me there are no Bassetts more beautiful than Miss Sissy! She should be the new standard. 🙂

    How did the 500 turn out? Who won? or should I say what piece of furniture lost? SNOL

  9. AlisonH says:

    I’m so glad Cathy and her loved ones came out of that one! Wow!

  10. Dianne says:

    Standard, Schmandard…who really cares? All dogs are beautiful!

  11. nichole says:

    ALL dogs ARE beautiful. Amen.

  12. Thanks for thinking of us; we are all doing well – Chris got out of the hospital today finally and is recup-ing at his folks’ house. I’m laying low here at home for a few more days. Thoughts and prayers are wonderful things – thank you all.

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