Days 2-5 of Christmas

Point of clarification:  I do realize Boxing Day’s origins are not Canadian.  However, my desk calendar here at work seems to be rather North-American-centric…

Christmas carries on at chez Haddon Wood.  Friday night, we had dinner with the Knight’s brother and his family.  (Finally!  They’re engaged and the step-niece-to-be has started calling all of us aunt, uncle, grands, etc.  The wedding’s a ways off yet, but it’s nice to know they’re making it official…)  Then, we went home and baked and baked.  Thankfully, my house elf returned from points north (I’m pretty sure he headed up to help Ann out; she was cranking Christmas out left and right, so I’m sure she had extra help, and my house elf was missing…) just in time to help with the big round of baking for Saturday’s feast at the farm.

Taken by the Knight

Taken by the Knight

Saturday, we loaded up with the fur-girls and headed out around 9:30 am.  (Note:  Lady Gretchie Greer requires a VERY empty stomach to travel.  Hem.  ‘Nuff said.)  Three unexpected stops later, we arrived at the farm, and a GREAT time was had by all.  We’d intended to leave the girls in the car with liberal walks, but my dear aunt would have none of that; her own dogs were ushered inside, and the fur-girls had the run of their lovely back porch and the fenced yard.  They were lavished with attention by all the relations, including my cousin from New Zealand. 

After Gretchen’s shy Mommy’s girl routine two weeks ago, we were pleasantly surprised at how well she did with the host of humans, ranging from four years to adult.    Gretchen even did well with the senior dog of the farm.  He’s a bit grumpy in his old age and doesn’t even like his folks to pet another dog while he’s in a lap or nearby, but Gretchen simply honored his grumps, while slipping under the chair where my aunt could still pet her without too much ado. 

taken by the Knight

taken by the Knight

Likewise, Sissy the wild woman played chase with the young human girls without incident.  There were no attempts to leap out of the fenced area, and the relatives thought it was cute when she bounded into the chair on the porch immediately behind where I was sitting at the table on the other side of the window.  The youngester did hold the door open too long and both fur-girls raced in, but they were polite enough to be allowed to stay while we opened gifts.

Then, we played fun game called Compatibility.  I won, but only because others “matched” me often, not because I picked matches well at all.  As soon as that ended, we headed over to visit Bec and her family.  Bec received the Tudor Grace scarf, and I promise to do an FO report soon.  Her dear young son had never found a dog he cared to pet, but Gretchen solved that problem.  She was a very good, calm girl, and before we left, he’d petted her three times.  Maybe she has a future as a therapy dog?

Then yesterday, we exchanged gifts with the Knight’s brother and his family just before we had a big ol’ family dinner with MJ’s extended family.  That completes our family holiday obligations.  We still have a few people to catch up with, but those are purely fun, if you know what I mean…

2008-1There are some really neat gifts I’d like to share, but whew!  Give me time.  However, Sue did create a lovely award which she bestowed upon me and several others.   Thank you Sue, and thanks to those of you who left comments saying how much you enjoy my blog.  It’s rather humbling to know that my ramblings are enjoyed by others.  I’ve met and made so many good friends through blogging, and it’s now as much a part of my life as breathing.

14 comments on “Days 2-5 of Christmas

  1. Sue says:

    There’s something about Gretchen’s little furrowed brow that always makes her look so worried in photos. Sissy, on the other hand looks nice and relaxed.

  2. grace says:

    Your weekend sounds like glorious fun, and i catch your happiness in every word. I do think you deserve that blog award because I know my day is not complete until I come and pay a visit here and see whats happening in your life. I am glad the holidays are going by so quickly and I feel the need to declutter even more. Could be because I hate new years so much but who knows and I am going off on a tangent here that makes no sense at all. Enjoy your remaining holiday get togethers Happy new year, XOXO Grace

  3. nichole says:

    Bec is a lucky recipient! Beautiful scarf!!!

    We’re still widdling our way thru Christmas as well… yesterday was my bro’s house.. we still have my parents to do.

  4. Nancy says:

    That sounded like nice times, so good that the girls were well behaved!
    I am glad my family obligations for these holidays are over.

  5. p3knitter says:

    I LOVE Anne Hanson’s patterns … I think I have most of them in my Ravelry queue!

    I totally understand about the empty stomach when traveling. Two of my parents’ seven cats – Bones and Sulu – always vomit in the car!

  6. Bubblesknits says:

    The Knight took some wonderful pictures! I’m glad the girls were welcomed at the festivities, too. 🙂

    Congratulations on the award! I definitely agree!

  7. Cathy T says:

    KUDOS to SUE for bestowing said award upon Ms. Chan – I too so enjoy reading the exploits of the Knight, his Queen and the little furry princesses.

    Merry Christmas all and a most Happy 2009!

  8. AlisonH says:

    Love it all. Thank you for making me smile!

  9. What a pretty scarf. And, of course, pretty little dog-grr-girls too. Looking forward to the New Year, might even get my Christmas pressies mailed out in January!

  10. Miss Me says:

    love the pics of the girls. all your visiting has me exhausted!

  11. anniebananie says:

    Thank you very much for letting me borrow your Elf – I can’t tell you how much it helped, and I’m glad he got back in time!

    I love the pics of the girls. You really need to bring them up to the house sometime…

  12. Dianne says:

    The Knight took some GREAT pictures of the girls! I’m glad you all had a good time!

  13. Kathy says:

    Love the pics the Knight took:). Captured the girls beautifully.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and the girls were included as well. Makes for a very Happy Holiday.

  14. Anita says:

    The scarf turned out lovely!! And I love those photos of the girls, really cute, but when are they not? 🙂

    Sorry I’ve been away, seems I picked up the flu bug somewhere in my Christmas travels… UGH

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