It Happens

I just deleted my whiner post.  I’ve been sitting here jamming to It Happens by Sugarland, that says it all, except for the minor detail of the Knight turning the alarm clock off last night!

Okay, so it’s not like that at all.  I was only ten minutes late, and while my father inlaw has a reputation as a hard boss, he’s never called my house or said anything more caustic than “Good afternoon” when I turn up late, which is something I never did in my past life.  (You know, back when I had it together?) 

Anyhoo, now that Comcast fixed their problem “outside” and I’m back online, how’s your Friday going?  I’m really looking forward to tonight’s meeting.  The Knight’s sick, so he’ll drive, and I’m ordering some sparkling wine, maybe even a bottle.  (See, because I whined   do have local friends, the meeting is being held not at the firehouse, but at a restaurant…)

So, how ’bout that FO report?  I still owe you one from last week, but just hang in there, because there will likely be another quicky FO in the morning, but I’m blocking the Voyager tonight, so its report will come…

Thinking Thin Mints Mitts

Pattern:  Kathy‘s quick and easy Wooly Warm MittsThey’re also my first pair of mitts, so I went out of my way to find a pattern I couldn’t mess up.  Thanks, Kathy!   I’m now a mitt fan.

Yarn:  Swoon.  I think this yarn was my first Etsy purchase, but I know it was my first stash enhancement from Jessi.  I’m delighted that I have more Alabama Fiber Dreams yarn in my stash, because this stuff even meets Gretchen’s approval.  It’s a worsted weight wool in a colorway called Grasshopper.  I can’t find the tag, so contact Jessi for more information.  I’m not sharing!  In fact, I enjoyed this yarn so much that I immediately cast on for another project with the rest, but that’s for another day.

Needles:  Knitpicks Options Harmony tips, size #8.

Verdict:  I love ’em.  They were a one afternoon project, but I started Monday night, finished one, and then it took me two more nights of almost no knitting either night to finish #2.  MJ tried dropping hints, but not too hard, because she knows I love brown and green, so perhaps I’ll make her another pair this weekend, with a shorter thumb…

So, my weekend?  That meeting and some wine, tonight.  I’ll also finish up the matching neck and/or ear warmer tonight.  Tomorrow, if we don’t have snow, I’ll go get new glasses.  I do want to try contacts one more time, but my left lens is cracked, so I don’t have a choice.  Then, I’ll block a little lace, work on my lace ribbon scarf (maybe finish it?), go to FIL’s birthday dinner (um, order him a gift certificate from ____  [just in case he reads]), and go grocery shopping.  That’s all I have planned!

What do your weekend plans include?

15 comments on “It Happens

  1. Sue says:

    Wow, you’re moving right along with your projects. I think I’ll try a pair of mitts, too. I’ve made many pairs of mittens (full hand) and gloves, but I’ve never been satisfied. I have really small hands and they’re always too big. I though of trying a child’s size, but maybe mitts would work.

  2. gaylen says:

    friends for dinner tonight. ASG tomorrow, but we won’t discuss that. Hubby wants me to go to a poker game with him tomorrow and then face time with the sewing machine on Sunday while the football game is on 🙂 Go Eagles!! g

  3. MrPuffy says:

    Did I miss the whining post?

    I love your mitts! You will be hooked now ~ I am! The color does remind me of thin mints – it is Girl Scout Cookie time yet?

  4. Sue J. says:

    Love the mitts! Very nice, very warm, very pretty. My weekend? The Deputy is skiing, so DH and I will veg. Me? Knitting, of course! Have a good weekend!

  5. Love the Thin Mints! And remember, you can whine if you want to, it’s your blog. Naturally I never whine on mine, however. (cough choke)

  6. Bubblesknits says:

    Oooh…those do remind me of Thin Mints! And I’m glad that the yarn passed the “sniff test”. 🙂

    Enjoy your bottle of wine. I’m going to try to talk the hubby into going out to eat tonight.

  7. Nancy says:

    oh, those mitts look like grasshopper cookies! Very nice. The pair I made (different pattern) are a bit loose, I must make another pair. Lace Ribbon Scarf? Hmmm…wasn’t I knitting one of them? lol.
    Enjoy your wine. I’ll no doubt be having some as well. Have a nice weekend. I hope for your sake you can get your new glasses, but for mine, I am hoping for a lot of SNOW!

  8. Love the thin mint mitts! That is my 2nd fav GS cookie flavor ;o) Can’t wait for the matching items too!

    Have a great weekend Chan!

  9. grace says:

    Thin Mitts are awesome, hope you are enjoying your wine!!

  10. Darcy says:

    Yummy colorway the mitts are gorgeous!!!Hugs Darcy

  11. monnibo says:

    That colourway makes me think of After Eight Mints… yum

  12. sonya says:

    Love the mitts. But not Thin Mints.

  13. Kathy says:

    Whine? Who’s whining? 🙂 I know I don’t. ha! just read the past week’s worth of whining….er…..posting. LOL

    My pattern and Jessi’s yarn. Perfect in every way:) Love ’em, they look yummy.

  14. Anita says:

    I love the mitts!!! You are making a matching neck warmer? That will be awesome!! 🙂

    I hope you had a good time last night!

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