Literary Feast

litfeast-logoAfter about a year of planning, this year’s Literary Feast takes place tonight.  A handful of women work very hard every year to make this event a big success, because the proceeds fund our community projects and grants.   Ticket sales have been slow this year, but I think that this week, last-minute purchases will allow us to fill the room and hopefully, our coffers. 

I’m sure I’ll write more over the weekend, but if you haven’t read any of Emily Giffin‘s books, start with Something Blue.  They’re great, easy-reading books, but I found the characters compelling.  

Now, I owe Miss Me a meme. 

Here’s how it works:
Find your 5th photo file folder, then the 5th photo in that file folder.
Then pass the meme to 5 people.

I poked around on all my computers, trying to cheat and find something cute or fun, and finally realized that I really needed to use Flickr for ease of uploading.  Now, if you consider my oldest file #1, #5 is an album that is private, because it’s of a special young man, so the next album is of my sister’s wedding…  I wasn’t excited about sharing a parking lot shot, so here you go:

photo by Dae

That’s the front of the church before the wedding.  Not very exciting either, but better than looking at the sun bounce off cars in the parking lot, right?

I’m not tagging anyone, but if you care to play along, leave me a comment so  I know to check it out.

What else does the weekend hold?  Well, tomorrow morning, I’ll head to my knitting guild meeting, and that will be that!  The rest of the weekend will be spent quietly, I think.  I have done some knitting, but nothing I can share just yet, so maybe the weekend will produce something I can show you.

What are you up to this weekend?

Got Tags?

Happy little friday meets little monday.  (This is only the second day of my work week, actually…)  Please pop over to the main Dogs on Thursday blog and read about my two favorite doggy shops at the beach!

I’m afraid there are no cute Gretchen meets ocean photos.  It was just too cold and windy for that, but I did get some adorable shots of the girls playing on the deck, watching the birds and the ocean…

Sissy watching traffic

Sissy watching traffic


Gretchen, posing for the camera

Gretchen, posing for the camera

There are more photos, but I’ll share them as time goes on, because while I have your dogged attention, I want to mention another gadget I found at Pet Expectations

See the almost glowing hot pink loop with the tags on it?  That’s a Cetacea Tag-It.  It’s a little nylon loop with a quick-release clasp and a D-ring, to hold the tags.  For owners like us who change collars and harnesses regularly, it’s a blessing, because the tags live on the Tag-It, and we only have to unclip, move, reclip.  I did slip it between the layers on the adjustible portion of each collar, as there were raised stitches.

Both girls are sporting new collars too.  If you’ll recall, the Knight had a fit about Gretchen wearing purple, so Sissy now has the purple collar (in a larger size because Nichole rocks) and Gretchen has a SLIM, hot pink collar, which strangely enough is making her much more tolerant of the collar.

The big yellow tag on each collar is their Home Again microchip number.   (See above for a photo.)   Check out Natalie‘s post later today for information about another program for protecting your pets in an emergency.  I’m looking forward to her post, because I’m undecided about the service…

Don’t forget to check out all the other Dogs on Thursday posts!


Sissy & Mugsy 2-08

Sissy & Mugsy 2-08

I left my camera at home this morning, so let the cold shore of a year ago speak to you.  Actually, if you’re looking for photos of the girls in the water, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for our next trip.  It was too cold to even set foot on the beach.

However, that left lots of time for fine dining and a little shopping.  We found two new favorite restaurants, and since I know a lot of the world journeys to “our” Outer Banks, I’ll share.

history_01The Black Pelican came well-recommended and is only a few blocks from the house, so I’m not sure why it took us so long to get there.  It’s in an original Lifesaving Station, so you get a glimpse of the Banks’ history while you dine.  (A very similar photo to this one was above our table, and a blue marlin decorated with a chain of shamrocks was also visible.)  I had a pasta special, complete with mussels and little necked clams in the shell, and it was some of the best I’ve ever eaten.  The Knight opted for a baked crab and shrimp dish, which he liked so well he then sopped up the remaining sauce with bread.  The service was incredible too, prompting the Knight to say that we’ll be eating there the first night next time we head down.

The Knight has been on a quest for an outstanding steak place at OBX, and we finally found it at Prime Only.  I’d love to link to something for you, but their website is a single page with a pulsating heart, inviting you to join them for Valentines Day.  Instead, I’ll tell you that they’re at milepost 10.5, or on the right immediately after you cross into the Nags Head limits (coming from the north, of course) on the Bypass.   (aka: Rt. 158, Croatan Highway), in what appears to be a large brick “home.”   

Going off-season is tough, because many of our favroites – Pigman’s Barbeque, Barefoot Bernie’s and Tale of the Whale are closed.  While we have a great kitchen and the Knight and I both enjoy cooking, frankly…  we don’t cook anything more complicated than toast or warmed up leftovers while we’re at the beach. 

It’s my week for the Dogs on Thursday main post, so tomorrow I’ll share a couple of our favorite doggy shops, which are the only other places we visited this time.  Never fear though, I will have photos of Sissy and Gretchen at play at the beach, but not ON the beach.

How was your weekend?

Almost Dog-gone Friday!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  We’re looking forward to the weekend and to getting Gretchen on the beach.   It’s been a really busy week here for us, with one meeting yet to go.  I need to do laundry and pack too…

spayday2009Gretchen is recovering nicely from her spay surgery, which is a great reminder to mention that the 24th is National Spay Day.  Please see the Dogs on Thursday post today for more information. 


Just because my girls are cute, I’ll toss in a few more photos.   Gretchen has taken to flipping at least one ear back quite a bit when she’s outside, for some reason.  Silly girl!  She’s definitely my model; she doesn’t believe the camera should click without being focused on her.

And a glimpse of those soulful eyes Sissy knows all too well how to use to her advantage…

I’m not quite sure when I’ll post again.  Off-season, we can never be sure we’ll have a wireless connection, and frankly, our travel plans still aren’t firm yet.  However, you know I’ll have both cameras (and likely, the Knight will have his new one from the station, getting acquainted with it too) with me, and there will definitely be dogs on the beach photos to share!

Fingers crossed that despite the cold, Gretchen will love the surf. 

We also have motion sickness meds for her, and Sissy always gets a children’s benedryl before we travel.

If I don’t check in tomorrow, have a great weekend!  Happy little friday.

Brown Paper Packages

Okay, so one wasn’t brown, and neither was tied up in string, but still, these are a few of my favorite things!  (Apologies to The Sound of Music.) 

First up is the Valentines package from Gaylen, which actually arrived on Saturday!  The photo could have been staged better, but what you can’t see are the cute little white legs and the dark brown head I cropped out of the photo.  Gretchie Greer was QUITE aware that G had sent gifties for the pups, and she meant to watch over the whole package until she and Sissy got their due.

I love the little stitched card G included!  And how ’bout that adorable little pawprint photo keychain, huh?  I love that color.  The Knight thoroughly enjoys digging through the candy hearts and handing me one now and then (but didn’t think to go buy a bag himself).  I even bagged up the red metallic confetti to re-use in scrapping or card making!

I’m really eager to try the yarn.  It’s the colorway I’d picked up several times but my local store never had two skeins in the same dye lot.  I’m looking forward to trying the aloe-added yarn, and will most definitely take the yarn along for some beach knitting.

The stuff you can barely see in the lower right corner has great potential.  They’re puffy little tie-ons for use with any of several crafts.  The Yarn Daisys are going to live in my pouch of tools I always have with me (in the center pocket of my Namaste bag).  I confess to being lost when I don’t have the Knight and our ball winder and swift on hand.  Thank you, Gaylen!

Yesterday, Anita’s package arrived.  There was no group photo, for two reasons.  Firstly, Sissy KNEW Auntie ‘Nita had sent things JUST for her.  (Big homemade dog cookies on the right, literally have Sissy’s name on the bag, just as the wee cookies on the left have Gretchen’s name on them.)  Secondly, and not pictured at all is the Knight’s new go-to hoodie.  He snatched it up immediately, and even wore it to his conference this morning.  (This after I specifically asked the guys to wear collared shirts… he does have a golf shirt on under the hoodie, so I guess I got my wish?)

My goodies require individual photos for details.   These are the adorable stitch markers, available HERE.   I have to tell you that while others have tried to imitate her style, Anita just has a knack for blending polymer and cute into stitch markers that never fail to make me smile!

Actually, Im begging for another cookie!

Actually, I'm begging for another cookie!

Gretchen is a little confused and believes the yummy fiber is for her too.  No Gretch.  Just as Sissy’s eaten her last bobbin, you’re done  pulling MY fiber into unusable, wet, matted, little blobs.   I’m sure it’s no coincidence that Anita sent some fiber very similar to that Gretchen snatched from its pre-drafted coils atop my wheel.  (The white stuff with the rich carmel ribbons?  Yeah.  That’s what Gretchen ruined.)

Anita and I are also going to have our own flamingo growing contest.  I’m sure if you want to join us, you can buy your own from her employer’s store…  Thanks Anita, for spoiling us all, even if one of us was too excited to cooperate with photos.

Now, back to the freezing rain and work…

Eighteen Wheels…

… but no dozen roses.  (Apologizes to Kathy Mattea.)

Really.  The Knight now has three vehicles, which makes four at our house, but his work truck has dual wheels, so (4×4) + 2 = 18.

That’s why I took off yesterday.  The Knight asked me to go with him to pick up the new command vehicle.  There it is, in all its glory.  It’s purdy, but trucks don’t do much for me, so I’m sure I’m not ooohing and ahhhing over it enough.

I don’t have any dance photos for you.  There are some taken by a friend, but none that I’ll share.  Instead, I’ll share a couple of the crew decorating.  The Knight is the one with the sunspot across his back.  The man ties balloons off surprisingly well.

Everyone kept saying how pretty it looked.  I really liked the backdrop behind the band.  I believe they were just disposable vinyl tablecloths from the dollar store.  It’s a good thing the other gals in the company are more creative than I am!

The dance went incredibly well.  We had just shy of 200 guests, and I think we actually turned a small profit.  The band is itching to come back, but since the Recruitment & Retention Committee put on this one, the Activities Committee or some other group is going to have to pick up the ball and run with it. 

There are no happy drunk Knight photos because a sense of responsibility kicked in and he didn’t really drink.  However, he had great fun calling early on Sunday morning and checking on some of his drunk friends…

Here ends another little Monday.  How was your weekend?  Was it a long one?

Eye Candy

Happy Valentines Day!  I’m not feelin’ the love; the fur-girls decided this was just like any other day and we should be up at 6:45 or so.  They did let me go back to bed about 90 minutes later, but then a lady we know called the house to check on the outdoor burn laws…

I owe you a finished object report, and assuming MJ delivered them this morning according to plan, here are my Ka-Vangeline mitts.

Pattern: Evangeline, available only as a free Ravelry download, since Magknits fell off the face of the earth.  I did the short version, as written, save the thumb.  The recipient has short fingers, so I only did five rounds on the thumb.  I REALLY liked this pattern!

Yarn:  Bernat Natural Cashmere.  (Which actually has only a TINY amount of the good stuff in it, not even enough to tempt Gretchen.)  I liked it though, right much for an acrylic blend.  Didn’t even use a whole skein, so I have enough to do another pair for me.

Needles:  US #6 KA bamboo circs.  I like KA bamboo, I really do.

Verdict:  Yet another mitt pattern I’d do again.  It seems I like mitts…

Now, to go decorate for that dance!