Little Monday

Gaylen came up with this idea, and it is surely a little Monday today.   Sissy was still stressed last night, so we were up and down and sleep was a precious commodity.  Don’t look for any news about Gretchen though; she won’t be ready until somewhere between five and eight tonight.

So, more on my blues busting cocoa swap package…  The rich, minty cocoa is hiding on the right in the back, under the little sheepy.  (More on that later.)  In the nice, big mug next to it are more rosewood needles, and Gretchen has learned her lesson and leaves my needles alone now, so these will be safe!  There are even his ‘n hers treats, so the next cold night, we’ll snuggle up and I’ll stir my mint chocolate sticks in my cocoa while the Knight munches on some buttery pastries.

Now, for the ooooh factors!

One of the requirements for the swap was a blues busting buddy.  Darcy knitted this cute, soft sheepy for me.  He’s on a keychain, so he can travel and make himself useful.  I actually have a plan for him already, so he’ll be pressed into service very soon, maybe even tonight!



Then, there’s the Tudora neckwarmer.   You can find more information about both projects HERE, on Darcy’s project page on Ravelry.  It’s very soft and very warm, which means I won’t be wearing it this week with our big heatwave!

Last, but not least is the yarn, Malabrigo SilkyMerino.  Yum!  I’m not sure yet what I’ll knit with it, but I’m looking forward to giving it a knit.

Thanks Darcy, for spoiling us all so nicely!

I’ve received a couple of awards lately too, and PLEASE don’t misinterpret my silence as disinterest.  I heartily appreciate them, but my head is in a fog, and as MJ put it, my heart is torn in two, with each of the fur-girls!

Now, I’m going to go clean up the lunch MJ made us, and resist the urge to call and check on Gretchen.

11 comments on “Little Monday

  1. Bubblesknits says:

    I take it Gretchen is having her big girl surgery? Give Sissy some love for me, poor girl. Let me know when you hear something about Gretchen.

  2. Sue says:

    Don’t resist, call. Do you think Sissy is upset because she senses that Gretchen has something going on?

    That’s a nice gift, sure is a mid winter blues buster. I received some chocolate mint sticks for Christmas and they are yummy in cocoa.

  3. Dawn says:

    I’d call and check on her too!:) hugs to you

  4. I’m in love with MMmalabrigo silky! My last two scarves were knit with it…bliss. :-0

  5. Anita says:

    I hope the recovery time is short for Miss Gretchie!

    Really nice package, love the neckwarmer!! 🙂

  6. Miss Me says:

    what a great package. i LOVE your sheep! i’m just getting caught up after a couple of busy days at work, so i hope that both of the girls are feeling better, although i’m sure that gretchen may need a couple of days and some extra tlc.

  7. Anne says:

    Aw, poor girls. Here’s hoping they BOTH feel better soon, so YOU can have less stress and happier poochies! Great package; that sheep is adorable!

  8. Darcy Watts says:

    Poor fur babies will say prayers for all of you.
    I wanted your package to be as special as you are and it was fun putting together the secret package and knitting your buddy and neckwarmer and hard to keep the emails straight and not give myself away as you know me and I thought you would figure it out and I so wanted it to be a surprise.The Azul was meant for you and Iam so glad you love your Tudora and sheep sheep:)(((Hugs))) Darcy

  9. Dianne says:

    I hope little Gretchen is doing just fine this morning. Everyone in Britknitterville is sending her (and Sissy) lots of feel-good vibes. [[[Hugs]]] to you, too!

  10. gaylen says:

    Well I’m late to the party. I know that Gretchen is ok. Hope the girls cooperated and you got some sleep. And that Wednesday is just hump day 🙂 No little anything. g

  11. nichole says:

    Nice package – cute sheep!

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