Gee, maybe I need to get a quick weekend preview in here before it’s already the weekend!

Sissy’s looking forward to heading to the beach again too, but that’s not this weekend.  (Can’t wait to see the changes!  New decking, new siding, which I think the Knight will want for our home… )  We’re all sure Gretchen is going to love the ocean, like someone else we used to know…

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  This weekend, we have the Firefighters appreciation Valentines Dance at the station.   It’s open to the public, but our firefighters get tickets at a reduced price.  Last year was a tough, TOUGH year for our station, and those of us who are still here deserve a night to kick up our heels and relax together.

Sunday is the Daytona 500.

That’s the beginning and end of my plans.  I don’t know if I’ll need to help decorate or not.   I don’t know if the Knight plans to take me out to dinner or not, but I’ll be at the dance – I’ll be with the really happy drunk guy – and I’ll be hunkered down watching the first race of the season.  I do have a few things to get done for my assorted boards and committees, and this would be a good time to mention that you probably won’t hear from me on Monday.  (I’ll tell you why after the fact.) 

Next week is hell week for us.  I’m actually supposed to be three different places on Tuesday night, and then have more meetings the rest of the week too.  I’m going to learn to say no this year, I really am!

What about your weekend plans?

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20 comments on “Quick!

  1. Barbara says:

    Will you be able to fit in any reading time?

  2. gaylen says:

    It’s a good thing I had just swallowed the thought of you saying no had my laughing so hard things would have flown out of my mouth!

    Sounds like a fun weekend. I hope the happy, drunk guy also dances. Rememer why you love him on the day of hearts. g

  3. Dawn says:

    Have a wonderful time at the ball, Cinderella! Take pics!!!

    Yeah Nascar! whoohoo, can’t wait to hear them say “gentlemen start your engines!”


  4. Sue says:

    Have a happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy the dance. What fun to be looking forward to the beach.

    Tomorrow we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day, but much more important than that tomorrow is Fudge’s fourth birthday. I bought three packages of Frosty Paws so the whole gang can celebrate.

  5. Nichole says:

    “just say no!” — really, you can!! 🙂

    We’ll have to text during the 500… can’t wait!

    And aww… great Mugs shot! 🙂

  6. CathyT says:

    Beach? Woof!
    Valentine’s Day with cute drunk guy? Does the Knight know him? Woof?
    I’m sorry your week next week is so tough, but I hope I am one of the lucky ones Tuesday night… (and I’ll try to not ask you any questions that have any answer other than “no”, ok? she offers timidly)

  7. Alicia says:

    Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing!

  8. sonya says:

    Oh my, when are you going to knit??

  9. ROFL….I didn’t think “no” was in your vocabulary! Enjoy the dance.

  10. Felicia says:

    hmmm….not sure if you’ve heard this before – but you seem to need to learn how to say “no!” and then mean it!

    Have a great time at the Valentine’s dance. And the beach and watching the race, and….

  11. grace says:

    haircut, nothing and knitting, oh and my 3 nieces are coming for dinner while their Mom and Dad go away for the weekend and work on their marriage===last week we thought it was a done deal over fini caput but this week they are trying again. After over 21 years I hope they can make it work!

  12. Sue J. says:

    Have a terrific weekend, Chan. Mine will be spent wishing I could pick up the needles. Love those sweet pup pics.

  13. Darcy says:

    Tomorrow is Our 5th Wedding Anniversary so we are making valentines cookies and hubby let me order myself some yummy yarn that is like a yarn gasm;)Any whoo hope your Dance is so fabulous that it keeps a smile on your face for the following tough week.Maybe a dvd or 2 might help;)((((HUgs))) for Chan the Knight and the Fur Girls and Happy Valentines Day!!!!

  14. Anita says:

    Hope you have fun at the dance!! 🙂 Love the Sissy & Mugsy photos at the beach, I know you want to go really bad…

    You don’t know what no is girl! You need to learn it though. 😉

    No big plans here, my butt will be planted on the sofa for the 500 though!!

  15. MrPuffy says:

    A Valentine’s Day Dance! Sweet. Enjoy 🙂

  16. Looks like a full weekend for you! I will be knitting on Saturday and not sure what else. A little work, a little fun!

  17. Barbara says:

    BTW, Work on the learning how to only say “No.” Seriously, nothing else. Don’t give the why of the no, ’cause then people will come up with a way to work around it. As in just say “No” and then bite your tongue. (Yes, I know you are wondering about that pot/kettle thing!)

  18. Bubblesknits says:

    I hope Gretchen enjoys the beach like Mugsy did. 🙂

    Well, we were planning on having the greats and grands over this Sunday, but girl-child is running a fever with a nasty cough. Great Grandfather just got out of the hospital and doesn’t need to be exposed. ::sigh:: Hopefully next weekend.

  19. Krystle says:

    Aw! I hope you had fun at the Valentine dance! (and with your really drunk happy guy). Have fun and relax today and hopefully tomorrow sense it really does sound like a hectic week for you…hopefully you have time to breath! 🙂

  20. Miss Me says:

    beach??? we’d have to have a really good thaw first!
    the dance sounds like lots of fun and i can’t wait to hear about how you make out being in three places at once on tuesday… i need to master that so any help would be greatly appreciated! ; )

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