Is it really Monday already?  On one hand, my weekend flew by.  On the other, I feel as though I crammed about five days’ worth of stuff into what was supposed to be a calm, relaxing weekend.

Oh – before I forget – the Blogiversary contest (see previous post) ends on Wednesday.

Photo by Anita, 2008

Photo by Anita, 2008

Something abloom has made the last few days miserable.  Living in the woods doesn’t help much.  I like to pretend I don’t have allergies, because frankly, the cure is worse than the curse.  Non-drowsy formulas make me drowsy or so jittery I can’t stand myself, much less anyone else.  We’ll see if I can get an appointment today…  Nope.  Not ’til tomorrow morning.  Dang…

I was at the firehouse for a portion of every evening of the weekend.   So much for my theory that the Knight’s new position wouldn’t change my involvement there.   A sock in progress (no, no photos) caused much curiousity and kept me calm in a heated meeting.  It also allowed me to discover that one of the female firefighters knits, but has trouble in the round.  She’d also like to learn to crochet, so we’ll work on that too.  Isn’t it fun to find other fiber folks in your life?

Oh!  And look what I found:

CP and my Right Hand

CP and my Right Hand

Here’s the new Battalion Chief, CP.  It’s not a great photo, and for whatever reason, I could only fix the red eye in ONE eye, but…  (See?  I’m responsive.  You want photos?  You want stories?  You get ’em.) 

Before we have story time, Right Hand is a captain at our station.  I don’t remember not knowing him; his grandparents and his mom are fixtures in our community.  In fact, his mother has a mostly white, fat, spoiled Jack Russell named Mugsy, after my ol’ boy.   I’ve been Membership all by myself for most of the two years I’ve been chair, and it’s great to have Right Hand and a couple of gals helping me now.

Okay, grab your beverage of choice and settle in for story time.

Once upon a time, a little short guy followed a childhood friend to the firehouse to help work on a truck.  (Both are certified diesel mechanics.)  The friend and the Knight kept finding reasons to invite the little guy down, and eventually, he gave in and joined the station.  I was still cooking for the Knight’s crew then, and I baked a lovely cherry pie for them.  As I set the bubbly, perfectly browned pie on the counter, CP asked what kind of pie it was.  I responded, and immediately heard, “Cherry Pie?!  I don’t eat @#$%^&* cherry pie!”

Now, it turns out CP and I have VERY similar personalities – read: we’re both apt to speak our minds – so it’s become our little joke.  He’s been warned that it’s about time for another of those mini, almost single serving cherry pies to show up.  The Knight couldn’t wait to tell CP of his nickname on my blog, and amid the laughter, I did get a rather rude expression of thanks from CP.

If we weren’t so much alike and if  he wasn’t such a great cook, he’d be an obnoxious  fellow.  As it is, he and his wife are incredible friends and we’d be lost without them!

How was your weekend?

17 comments on “Already?

  1. Natalie says:

    Nice story! I love Cherry Pie! I take it he didn’t get any?

    I had a good weekend. I’m glad to hear yours was too. It’s good to get stuff done!

  2. Darcy says:

    Picked up my daughter from the airport Saturday.Sunday knit on my Urchin Hat realized I dont have enough yarn to finish it.Watched tv with my eldest daughter last night after hubby and I got the 2 youngest girls to bed and he shuffled off to bed himself.Hubby’s car broke down on the freeway yesterday so we are a one car family at the moment.I’m having my twenty minutes of quiet time before I get the girls up to start their day.(((Hugs)))Darcy

  3. Dianne says:

    Who doesn’t like cherry pie??? What’s not to like – cherries and sugar and pie crust…YUM! I used to make a cherry pie with a layer of macaroon on top instead of the top crust. Talk about delicious! I’m hungry…can you tell?

  4. Cathy says:

    Weekend was good… I am feeling better (in my head) but my body doesn’t want to follow suit yet, so we had a little mind/body conflict going on!! I actually got a couple of hours on Sunday all to myself (i.e., no testosterone in casa save canine) but it flew by too quickly! SNOL

  5. grace says:

    Isn’t if funny, I don’t like cherries I don’t like them in cookies, candy, icecream, fresh etc but I LOVE cherry pie where does this come from??

    I don’t like coffee—but give me a dish of coffee royale icecream and I am in heaven

    I can’t stand peanut butter, love peanut butter cookies, Reeses, peanut butter pie—-I guess its all in the presentation!!!

    My blog will fill you in on the weekend!!! Hugs!

  6. Dawn says:

    Yummmm cherry pie, made my mouth water. Hope we get some cherries this year on our trees! Did some spinning this weekend…got it looking quite consistent. Also knit the sunflower bag..first time doing intarsia…yeah, fun! Nope, no cussing either!:) Our allergies have been horrible…especially with 40 mile an hour winds! hugs

  7. Sonya says:

    I’m not a cherry fan. Not in any form. This weekend I found out that mt current WIP is not for TV knitting. Tinking 250 sts in the round is no fun.

  8. gaylen says:

    Have you tried taking children’s allergy drugs? It’s all I can take at work – non-drowsy make me fall asleep in my soup and anything else makes me feel like my head is floating. Just a thought.

    Love the CP story. I made a cheater cherry cobbler last night – it was yummy. Mix yellow cake mix with a stick of softened butter. Pour over the contents to 2 cans cherry pie filling (yes, I said cans!). Bake until you can’t stand the smell. Yummy. Hmmm, if I’m gonna eat like that I probably shouldn’t complain about my weight.

    My dublin bay socks are makin’ me crazy. Thankfully I’m past the lace and can carry on now. Didn’t get much of anything done this weekend. Spent the entire weekend waiting for JB, at his PT appoint. For him to get up. . . .


  9. Bubblesknits says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t get cherry pie up the nose for that one! LOL

  10. p3knitter says:

    Good weekend here. Managed to finish sewing one petite coat, and I hope to get the other one done this week.

    I’m so excited about Friday. I get to see you, and hopefully, another old friend as well.

  11. Anita says:

    Mmmm…. I LOVE cherry pie! Allergies kicking my butt here, sometimes I hate Spring… 😦

  12. anniebananie says:

    I don’t remember my weekend. It involved a lot of kids, too little wine, and auction stuff – all without T.

    I love the Cherry Pie story. And just for future reference, I DO love cherry pie – it’s my fav!!!

  13. Can I have his cherry pie? And, I’d like tea with that, please! Love the story….made me SNOL, which is good for a Monday.

  14. Krystle says:

    Oh pie.. how can one not love pie… its great in any flavor..well almost, I’m sure there exists a flavor out there that I wouldn’t like… but Cherry Pie is delicious… and the way you described it piping hot with bubbly crust…….yum!

    Anywhoo sorry to hear about your allergies, but sense your appointment was today, I hope it went well! Good luck! I have several allergies as well, and it is definitely getting to be that time of year because man am I sneezy! But fortunately one non drowsy generic pill does it for me. Hope you and your doc can find something that works for you 🙂

    Have a great day

  15. nichole says:

    I’ll pretend along with you on the allergy thing…

    I’m still trying to find time to blog…….

  16. Sue says:

    Allergies are the pits. Rob and I both have them and so do several of the dogs. Spring and fall are the tough times. Hope you’re feeling better soon. How can one not like cherry pie?

  17. And how about Right Hand’s wife….???? ;p

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