February 2008, OBX

February 2008, OBX

A perky “okay” releases Sissy from a “wait” or “stay.”  She met me at the back door, with Gretchen at her side.  They were happy just to see me.  I bet you want more than that though, huh? 

I had a great, long lunch with Amy.  I had my camera in my purse, but I forgot to pull it out and snap photos.  Her hair is getting long and looks awesome!  She crossed the street just ahead of me; we’d parked in different lots on the same street.  So, arriving early to scoot up to The Cat House for a little gift for her took a different turn.  (I just dragged her along and let her pick out a few things.  She picked toys for her kitties and the cat at work.  I added a little something for her too.)

sqaure_needles_on_card_smallWe walked down to The Needle Lady next.  We each purchased a few things and then headed to find some lunch.   My first choice was Hamilton’s, but they didn’t have a table available, so we wandered down to Miller’s.   Time flew by, and before I knew it, I needed to head back to work.  The good news is, now I’ll have to head north one day to catch up with Amy on her home turf!

Of course you want to know what I got, right?  Well, I grabbed some yarn (of course), but my big purchase was the Kollage Forest Palm Square Needles.   Are you surprised to know they’re also what Gretchen raced to when I set the bag down?  Luckily these days, “Leave it” works like a charm, and only one needle had nose prints on it, nothing more.  I’m eager to see if these are indeed easier on my hands and provide more uniform stitches.  I’ll have to find a little lace something to do on size 5s…

Rain, rain, go away.  The sun never came out today, but tomorrow, I’ll be making my own sunshine.  MJ has finally decided she wants to join the Vera nation, so my sister and I will be escorting her to our local Vera retailer, just to be nice.  (Hem.  Those of you who know me really well know that my Vera stash eclipses my yarn stash, not by item count, but by mass.  I’ve sworn off yarn stashing with only moderate success so look out Vera!)

Other than that, it’ll be a quiet weekend with lots of finishing projects, yarn and otherwise.  I’ll just keep promising an FO or two, and one of these days, I’ll surprise you.


Maybe I'll come live with Chan?

What Vera tempts you this season?  (Yeah, yeah… I’ll confess my sins purchases…)   I love this Hope Garden fabric, but honestly, I question my ability to keep it looking crisp and clean throughout the summer.   I also have to find something that will hold my smart phone (and dang, the thing is smart and makes me happier than I should be willing to admit), an ID and my trusty piece o’ plastic, and still fit in my Newport without taking up too much precious project bag room.

What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

15 comments on “Okay!

  1. Anita says:

    Another cute shot of my Sisssy Monster. 🙂

    Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch. Cat House huh? We will have to visit when I’m up there next, get Jazzy some treats.

    Good luck Vera shopping, make sure you take a fire extinguisher, to put out that smoking card! SNOL

  2. Sue J. says:

    I love Vera!!! I hope MJ decides to dive in with both feet. I’ve been a Vera lover for years. I had no idea you have a big Vera stash. Pics? I’ll be anxious to hear if those square needles are easy on your hands. Have a great weekend. Milo sends a big smooch to the girls.

  3. Sue says:

    Wow, I just had a big flashback reading this. Rob and I one summer when we lived in Maryland spent our vacation on one of our ‘tracking history’ trips. We stopped in Charlottesville on a Sunday afternoon and stayed at some nice motel, don’t remember names. We walked the mall that evening, there was an outside concert. On Monday we visited Monticello. I’ll have to look around and see if I took any pictures. Lucky you, as I recall it was a lovely area.

  4. Barbara S. says:

    So what would be the size dimensions of said smart phone/plastic bits bag? Oh, wait. My name isn’t Vera.

  5. I love how you’ve featured Missy Sissy today. She is a cute gal and deserves some “face” time. I’ll have to go check the Vera link, cause I don’t have a clue…

  6. Darcy says:

    I’m using the same square knitting needles to knit my lizard ridge blanket and I love them so let me know what you think of yours okay:)(((((Hugs)))) Darcy

  7. Sonya says:

    It is so much fun to introduce a friend to something you love/are obsessed with.
    I started a new project yesterday even tho I have at least 3 other pressing UFO’s. The rain has come here and I am not happy.

  8. Bubblesknits says:

    Good pic of Sissy. 🙂 We’re actually getting a night alone, complete with dinner out. Yay! lol

    And we are going to the mall later on, so I might drop in on Vera too. 😉

  9. Miss Me says:

    square needles? who would have thought??? okay – vera bradley looks fabulous but something tells me this is a usa thing… i couldn’t easily find anything about international shipping. : (

  10. anniebananie says:

    Square needles? Let me know what you think of them. I may have to try a pair.

    This weekend? Well, I ended up taking the kiddos grocery shopping, to BK for lunch and the Dollar Store for a treat for them. Then I apparently fell asleep for 2 hours. Luckily, they didn’t burn the house down nor was it too trashed.

    And of course there is auction stuff this weekend.

  11. Kathy says:

    Ohhh…….I tried square needles. I was surprised that I actually liked them. So I hope you enjoy knitting with them.

    That garden fabric is pretty. Love it!

    My weekend? Chasing down Mr. B to wipe muddy wet feet and then to my MIL’s for dinner on Sunday.

  12. Dianne says:

    Whoa – square needles? Where have I been? I’ve never heard of them. Cool!

  13. nichole says:

    Can’t wait to hear your review on the square needles. I tried them out at the Knit & Crochet show last July and meant to go back and get a pair, but had spent more on yarn than I should have and… well…

    Can’t wait to hear what new Vera you snatched up!

  14. Natalie says:

    I was glad it rained near me! It allowed me to go out and enjoy the air after it stopped. 🙂 Those needles look great! Glad Leave it’s working.

  15. Nancy says:

    ohh…square straights? I have a pair of square circs that were a gift but haven’t had a chance to use them yet. I’d try the straights. My arm has been bothering me I think from too much knitting. Sounded like a lovely day.

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