Gotta’ run

Whew!  Little Friday already?  Where did the week go?  The good news is, that means tomorrow is Friday, glorious Friday.  I’m still sorry I won’t make it to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival yet again, but I will enjoy two days off to call my own.

gse_multipart112972I digress.  Happy Dogs on Thursday!  (Although I’m so late posting that some of you won’t read this until Friday, I bet…)  I really don’t have anything exciting to share.  (Well, I do, but no photo happened last night, so maybe next week.  Honestly, it’s not really exciting, just neat…)

Here’s Gretchen, leaping through the jungle.  Her life philosophy is why walk when you could sprint and/or leap?  It’s impossible to be in a bad mood around her – or Sissy for that matter – because both fur-girls are just full of themselves and love life.

Dang, Gretch.  I see more rain clouds coming...

Dang, Gretch. I see more rain clouds coming...

You’ve probably already visited the other Dogs on Thursday blogs, but it not, you’re missing some adorable pooches!

Gone with the sun

My sunny disposition, that is.  Yesterday: sunshine and happiness.  Today: cloudy and grouchy. 

After 24 hours with Redondo,  I’m wondering if it isn’t a bit too big to be a daily bag.  However, I just added my little camera and I haven’t added a small travel project yet, so we’ll stick with my happy report from yesterday.   I don’t know where the more bucket shaped photo (scroll down to yesterday’s post) came from, but it’s definitely  shaped like the photo to the left.   At the very least, I do believe it will be my live in the car meeting bag.  You see, I have a portfolio for the guild stuff, a portfolio for the League stuff, and a padfolio for the firehouse stuff.  My pretty Vera League bag (in a color no longer available, but THAT bag…) also shares space for the bit I keep for Jefferson Country Fire & Rescue Association.  Don’t you think they’d all like to live together in a Sissy-resistant bag, rather than fending for themselves in the backseat and/or the cargo area?

Because I’m in a decluttering mode, there are three bags that I’d like to re-home.  (Others that have seen more use will head to GoodWill or the like.)  One person has claimed first refusal on any bags I release into the world, so just leave a comment if you’re interested and we’ll take it from there.

My pretty Vera Bowling bag has never been used, except to hold yarn.  You can see my first impressions HERE.   (Wait…  Maybe I did carry it to one guild meeting?)  It’s just too bulky for me, and again, Sissy and fabric don’t mix.

I should also mention that we’re a non-smoking but dog hair-rich home.  If you’re looking for something without a white hair somewhere in it, none of these bags are for you.

10616038I’m also parting with my relatively new, gently used but “signed” by Sissy Lisa B by Vera.   I got caught up in MJ’s Vera virgin shopping experience and came away with stuff I was pretty sure I wouldn’t use for long, so less than a month later…  She also has a matching taxi wallet that causes me to change applications as I pull my smart phone from within…

Last, but hardly least is the Lawre’s Laine baby bag.  (The link isn’t to MY bag, but to the same design in another fabric…)  See yesterday’s post about Sissy and fabric.  This bag is beautiful and was briefly used, but it just doesn’t work for me.

They’re all pretty bags that should be loved and at least have the potential to see use, so leave me a comment and we can chat from there about price, shipping, etc.

PLEASE do NOT leave any “offers” or such in your comments.  I don’t know why, but I just don’t want money stuff in the comments.  Thanks!

Second Chances

Last year this time, I was consumed with finding the perfect bag for daily use.  I finally landed with Namaste and was happy.  However, it’s a heavy bag, being a big ol’ pleather bag, and so a few weeks ago, I returned to Vera.  I soon ran into complications though.  My stuff wouldn’t stay in the pockets where I put it, and then Sissy proved that I have no business having a fabric handbag.  (Girlfriend drools and slobbers, and must touch everything…)

yhst-11933180554866_2050_483701297Friends kept raving about their Lexie Barnes bags.  Lexie had been my first choice last year, but I couldn’t find a shape and fabric that I liked, so I gave up, hoping for new colors this year.  (Haven’t seen any yet, so I’m wondering if she’s giving up the bag line of her business?)  So, last week I went poking around and found a close-out deal, and the Redondo Tote had to come home to me. 

Now, I have buyer’s remorse.  Oh, at that price, I certainly can’t regret my purchase, but I sure can be heartily sorry I didn’t buy the sucker a year ago, even if the price was much higher!

I’ve only lived with it for a few hours, but I’m in Lexie love.  Here’s the unsculpted version, to give you a better idea of the functional shape.  I don’t know how they staged that photo, because my bag is nothing but a rectangle, no matter how I stuff it.  I’m not complaining though; there’s more than enough room for a book or magazine  to hang out in there without anything getting bent up!

Yes, yes… it’s a diaper bag.  (Anyone need a Lexie Barnes black changing pad?)  I’m sure that’s what this pocket is for, but at the moment, my Blackberry and a couple of other thin things I like to be able to grab easily are living there.  I love that the lining is light and bright, and water drool resistant taffeta!

Look at all those pockets!  I love pens, so three can travel at hand’s reach at all times.  The pocket behind the pens runs down to the bottom of the pen section.  MJ suggested putting my checkbook there, but it’s a touch too narrow for that.  As of yet, the square pocket on the right is empty, but the little zipper holds my favorite lipstick.

There’s also this handy detachable key fob, but I think I’ll add a ‘beener and just use it to keep my keys close at hand.  (That’s also the best representation of the actual color, on this monitor anyway.)

It’s not elegant or even refined, but it’s pretty and practical, which is much more my speed.  Sorry Vera.  Anyone want to wager what I’ll be carrying come fall?

Light ‘n Lacy

That’s *SO* much larger than lifesized…   But here’s another finished object report!

emmabadgeIt’s hat #3 for Friends of Emma.   It’s a great little crochet pattern, Creative Premmie HatIt was one of three crochet patterns suggested by someone in the group, so I gave it a try.

Pattern:  (See above).  I *LOVE* it!  It’s very light and lacy, so I hope it will be warm enough for a little preemie princess.  I did substitute DK weight yarn and a smaller hook, because I thought the pattern as written would be too big for a preemie.  It took only a few minutes to make!

Yarn:  Plymouth Dreambaby DK.  See HERE

Hook:  I, because the yarn was smaller…

Verdict:  Now I want to try the worsted version.  I’ll be making more. 

Bridget presented me with the Let’s be Friends Award.  Here’s what she said about it:

lets_be_friends_awardBlogs that receive the Let’s Be Friends Award are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers.Blogs that receive the Let’s Be Friends Award are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers.”

Wow.  I’m not sure I’m “exceedingly charming” but I do try to be friendly!  Thank you, Bridget. 

So, my eight… 

  1. Kathy
  2. Cathy
  3. Monica
  4. Natalie
  5. Grace
  6. Wendy
  7. Stacey
  8. Mary

And anyone else so inclined! 

How was your weekend?

Yesterday Revisited

Let’s pretend I remembered to download photos Thursday night, or that I had my act together and took my memory card with me to work yesterday.

Here’s the photo of one of the many wild dogwoods in bloom in our woods that I would have shared when I mentioned the Dogwood Festival and its parade. 

And this is the lone tulip that survived all the plagues – digging dogs, deer, squirrels, birds and more – it faced in our little garden.  (And yes, those are bugs you see within.  But it’s a survivor!)




They are nature’s beauties, but here is the framed lace I mentioned, made by my paternal grandmother.  (Knitted, I’m guessing?)

I intentionally left a bit of the wall and frame edge in there, so that I could mention that it is very simply and elegantly mounted on black velvet, and framed in a very plain, narrow, black wooden frame.  When my mother first gifted it to me, I was a bit chagrinned by her choice of display.  (I happen to like wide, fancy frames and multiple mats.)  However, time and/or my own appreciation of what it takes to make lace so fine and intricate made me realize that this  was precisely the right approach, allowing the lace in its crisp white contrast to stand out, even in the dark hallway where it hangs. 

I think on that glorious day when I get to quit talking and dreaming about our addition and/or renovations, this beauty shall move into a more prominent spot.  Although where it is, everyone who stays long enough to require the “facilities” does see it…

I cast on for some new simple knitting last night, and I’m hooked.  Yeah, me too!  Who would have thunk it?  The gal who craves a challenge to keep her interested is enjoying garter stitch, yarn overs and changing colors every other row.  It’s also time to finish my 4/12 socks if I want to stay on a somewhat monthly schedule…  (See HERE for an idea of what I speak…)

Now, to pick up that sock.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Acorns and Growth

I have to admit that while I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses, I am still humbled by recognition.  The Knight likes recognition, and enjoys being in a position to both give and receive it, but I strongly prefer to see to it that others get recognition for their efforts.

Nameless friends at their annual 3-Day Walk for breast cancer

Nameless friends at their annual 3-Day Walk for breast cancer

Somewhere along the way, a paradigm shifted, and the scrawny young woman stopped being the perpetual rookie, always trying to prove herself, whether it was necessary or not, and I became a mentor.  I’m sure it didn’t happen overnight, but my ease with the role just is settling around me like a laceweight wrap.  It’s a little fragile, but all those threads knotted together make for a nice, cozy feeling…


Grace honored me with this award, and shared these words, from one of the awards designers, I believe:

Here is what Bella says of this award:
“this is a brand new award and I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds it’s way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak, giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns…”

Now to pass on the award.

The other thing I like about oak trees – ironically, I reflected upon this yesterday when I was unlocking the back door and the wind was really whipping through the woods, rocking those tall trees – is that they’re built to weather storms.  They’re strong enough to bend.

So, to pass it along, I’m going to share it with a few of the bloggers who inspire me with their strength and/or those whom I consider my mentors in one fashion or another:









By no means is that list complete.  Each of you have inspired me and/or helped me grow a bit in one fashion or another, and then there are the folks in my “beyond the blog” life…

My favorite photo of Pop

My favorite photo of Pop

So, what does your weekend hold?  There’s a lot going on locally this weekend with our Dogwood Festival, and I think the Knight has a chiefly duty tomorrow for a while, but my only plans beyond the usual is to attend a ceremony at the local Moose Lodge, honoring Pop and the other recently departed members.  I’m hoping the Knight will get started on the steps off the back deck for the fur-girls tomorrow, but we’ll see…

Digging Garden?

gse_multipart112972Happy Dogs on Thursday to ya!    Do go see our friend Fudge doing some great choosing in today’s post.  Sissy tried her mouth at choosing, but she found it very stressful, so we quit trying.  She doesn’t even like to pick one dog treat over another…  Strange girl…  Congrats to the winners in the DoT 100th post contest though.  Now, to get my act together and mail all the things that must be mailed…

Speaking of Fudge and the rest of that pack, I wanted to share my girls’ efforts at gardening.  Hem, hem.   Keep in mind we’ve had a lot of wind and rain of late, so some of the damage got lost in run-off, soil compacting, leaves blowing, etc.  Clearly though, that’s not mulch, and a mum is missing.

Rainbow Garden Late Summer 2008

Rainbow Garden Late Summer 2008

Picture of not-so-innocence

Picture of not-so-innocence

So far, the girls haven’t been digging for a few weeks.   The digging stopped right after I bought some pellets at the pet store to sprinkle in the area to discourage digging.  (Note:  BOUGHT.  Not to be confused with USED.)

Doesn’t Gretchen look all grown up?  Time flies.  Breeds are different.  Gretchen, just shy of eight months old, is basically full-grown, while Sissy, at 19 months tomorrow, is still filling out.  That’s not to be confused with being full of one’s self… both girls are just that!

G Marie has proposed that the girls need a digging spot to call their own, and even proposed a biscuit-training/tempting method to get them to accept their new spot.   Have any of you tried it?  I don’t mind them digging, but I sure wish they’d stay out of the boys’ garden and the front yard!  

Do enjoy your little Friday.  We’re outta’ here!

Knitting Friends are the BEST

Well, I hope that soon I’ll finally be able to share a couple of my secret projects, long since finished, and another that I’m plugging away on again.  How do you motivate yourself to finish things up?  I’m talking to those of you without project monogamy, who have more than a couple (hem, hem) works in progress…

Lace Ribbon frog-to-be

Lace Ribbon frog-to-be

Firstly, I can admit I have knitter’s ADD.   If it isn’t quick, small or a fun challenge, I get bored, no matter how much I’d like to finish the project.   See this?  I love the yarn, hated the pattern.  Can’t even finish the third repeat.  Decided in the fall I’d grind through it as travel knitting and gift it for Christmas.  Nope.  That only got me through the second repeat.  Thought briefly about gifting it earlier this year, and that caused me to start the third repeat, but I’ve come to the conclusion that yummy yarn wants to be something I can knit with love. 

Cast on in the wrong season

Cast on in the wrong season

Secondly, I have things on the needles for DEAR friends and my favorite aunt (sniff, sniff… only one of those now).  I like the projects, I want to gift them in a timely fashion (okay, the wool forthebeach hooded scarf for Aunt will at best be an anniversary gift in the fall), but I can’t seem to pick any one of them up on a regular basis and make real progress.

I really want to cast on for Fauxibus (although I’ll be doing the moebius version) with its Malabrigo Lace.  Having it at the ready, sitting there staring at me, is motivating me at the moment.  Thanks Grace, for helping me get motivated!! 

Don’t forget today is Earth Day.  Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

Earth Day for the Dogs

Yes, I’m a day early, but who knows what tomorrow will bring?  Nichole asked my girls to field test Planet Dog’s Orbee Tuff Adopt Ball.  You can follow the link to Nichole’s review of the whole package Planet Dog sent her, but here are my girls at play with the ball. 

As Nic noted, Gretchen plays with the ball the most, which is ironic, given its size.  However, she really is an Orbee kind of girl.  She has a small Orbee Original Tuff Ball, an Orbee Tuff Bone, and then each girl has her own MintJust last night she gave the Adopt ball a romp around the living room, while she sprinted in a cricle, over and over, in a rain protest dance.

We’re big Planet Dog fans.  The whole Orbee line is eco-friendly, and then there’s the made in the USA element, not to mention the Planet Dog Foundation which has a great mission…

The mission of the Planet Dog Foundation is to promote and celebrate programs in which dogs serve and support their best friends.

Getting back to Earth Day, as a terrier devotee, I think it’s only appropriate that Earthdogs have a company they can turn to for toys and more that is just as into earth as they are.  Sissy wants woods and meadows to run through in for generations to come, and Gretchen hopes that there will always be dirt to dig in and squirrels to chase for all her terrier kin, and any other dogs up for it.   (Note:  our current fur-kids aren’t AKC registered, and we don’t encourage Gretchen’s dirt diving, but I do realize it is a part of her heritage!)

Any Earth Day plans of your own?


Rain & Remembrance

taken 2-09

taken 2-09

Gretchen is happy to have her raincoat.  Sissy is still hoping Dadaw will find her a purple one.  Mondays are bad enough without rain, but here we are again, and yet the weather guy insists we’re still several inches below where we should be in annual rainfall…  

Today also marks the 10th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy.  I was supposed to be in Colorado on a business trip when it  happened, but my boss bumped me and went instead.  I remember having an instant change of heart when I took his call, asking if we had seen the news.  We had not, but work stopped and firefighters and officers alike crowded around TVs throughout the station.  Unfortunately, that first school shooting of massacre proportions seemed to open the way to more and more, including our own at Virginia Tech, the second anniversary of which was last week. 

If our children and young adults aren’t safe at school, what does that say about our society?

On a lighter note, how was your weekend?  Not much more knitting happened yesterday.  We spent a good little chunk of time at the firehouse for a meeting for me, and just doing chiefly things for the Knight’s part.