Knitting Friends are the BEST

Well, I hope that soon I’ll finally be able to share a couple of my secret projects, long since finished, and another that I’m plugging away on again.  How do you motivate yourself to finish things up?  I’m talking to those of you without project monogamy, who have more than a couple (hem, hem) works in progress…

Lace Ribbon frog-to-be

Lace Ribbon frog-to-be

Firstly, I can admit I have knitter’s ADD.   If it isn’t quick, small or a fun challenge, I get bored, no matter how much I’d like to finish the project.   See this?  I love the yarn, hated the pattern.  Can’t even finish the third repeat.  Decided in the fall I’d grind through it as travel knitting and gift it for Christmas.  Nope.  That only got me through the second repeat.  Thought briefly about gifting it earlier this year, and that caused me to start the third repeat, but I’ve come to the conclusion that yummy yarn wants to be something I can knit with love. 

Cast on in the wrong season

Cast on in the wrong season

Secondly, I have things on the needles for DEAR friends and my favorite aunt (sniff, sniff… only one of those now).  I like the projects, I want to gift them in a timely fashion (okay, the wool forthebeach hooded scarf for Aunt will at best be an anniversary gift in the fall), but I can’t seem to pick any one of them up on a regular basis and make real progress.

I really want to cast on for Fauxibus (although I’ll be doing the moebius version) with its Malabrigo Lace.  Having it at the ready, sitting there staring at me, is motivating me at the moment.  Thanks Grace, for helping me get motivated!! 

Don’t forget today is Earth Day.  Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

Earth Day for the Dogs

Yes, I’m a day early, but who knows what tomorrow will bring?  Nichole asked my girls to field test Planet Dog’s Orbee Tuff Adopt Ball.  You can follow the link to Nichole’s review of the whole package Planet Dog sent her, but here are my girls at play with the ball. 

As Nic noted, Gretchen plays with the ball the most, which is ironic, given its size.  However, she really is an Orbee kind of girl.  She has a small Orbee Original Tuff Ball, an Orbee Tuff Bone, and then each girl has her own MintJust last night she gave the Adopt ball a romp around the living room, while she sprinted in a cricle, over and over, in a rain protest dance.

We’re big Planet Dog fans.  The whole Orbee line is eco-friendly, and then there’s the made in the USA element, not to mention the Planet Dog Foundation which has a great mission…

The mission of the Planet Dog Foundation is to promote and celebrate programs in which dogs serve and support their best friends.

Getting back to Earth Day, as a terrier devotee, I think it’s only appropriate that Earthdogs have a company they can turn to for toys and more that is just as into earth as they are.  Sissy wants woods and meadows to run through in for generations to come, and Gretchen hopes that there will always be dirt to dig in and squirrels to chase for all her terrier kin, and any other dogs up for it.   (Note:  our current fur-kids aren’t AKC registered, and we don’t encourage Gretchen’s dirt diving, but I do realize it is a part of her heritage!)

Any Earth Day plans of your own?


Rain & Remembrance

taken 2-09

taken 2-09

Gretchen is happy to have her raincoat.  Sissy is still hoping Dadaw will find her a purple one.  Mondays are bad enough without rain, but here we are again, and yet the weather guy insists we’re still several inches below where we should be in annual rainfall…  

Today also marks the 10th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy.  I was supposed to be in Colorado on a business trip when it  happened, but my boss bumped me and went instead.  I remember having an instant change of heart when I took his call, asking if we had seen the news.  We had not, but work stopped and firefighters and officers alike crowded around TVs throughout the station.  Unfortunately, that first school shooting of massacre proportions seemed to open the way to more and more, including our own at Virginia Tech, the second anniversary of which was last week. 

If our children and young adults aren’t safe at school, what does that say about our society?

On a lighter note, how was your weekend?  Not much more knitting happened yesterday.  We spent a good little chunk of time at the firehouse for a meeting for me, and just doing chiefly things for the Knight’s part.

In Memorium

It’s been a while since I managed to post on a weekend, so here you go…

Auntie used to knit dishcloths for everyone, in this style.   The firehouse secretary mentioned that she missed the cotton cloths a former co-worker used to make for her.  She said they were crocheted, but quickly admitted they could have been knitted.  So, I whipped one cloth and one scrubbie out this morning…

Patterns:  The scrubbie’s been done before, but I didn’t do an FO report.  It’s Kathy’s own version, linked above.  It’s a very quick, easy crochet project, and it’s my favorite dishwashing accessory.  The cloth came from HERE, and while I started the decreases at 44 stitches as written, I think that the next one will be 50 stitches at its widest point…

Yarn:  Peaches & Creme, in “peppercorn.”  Love the colors, and it is softer than the other “cream-named” cotton, but still not as pliable as the Lion Cotton, and there’s no comparison to Blue Sky Cotton.  I have a cone of it, so the Knight wants to know how many years worth of cloths I have to go…

Needles:  #7 wood for the cloth.  I miss my rosewoods when I don’t use them, so I think I need more sizes.

Hook:  Boye size G, of course…

Verdict:  Both will be made again and again.  I’d like to convert everyone to the make in less than an hour scrubbies, but it’s funny how when I know I’m making a cloth in Auntie’s memory, I don’t mind knitting with cotton OR making a cloth.

And no, that’s not what I said I’d be knitting this weekend, is it?  Sue me.  I’m in the mood for instant gratification, and my WIPs aren’t working for me at the moment.  Maybe Monday I’ll report that I suddenly knitted something I had planned to knit, but don’t hold your breath.

Finally Friday!

It’s been a long week, an unanticipatedly busy week.  I’m looking forward to another quiet weekend with lots of knitting time.

searching for fame & fortune

searching for fame & fortune

The fur-girls heads blew up like balloons  are wearing crowns around the house now  really appreciated all of the props you gave them yesterday.  Their agent is now proposing all kinds of crazy ideas big contracts for them, given their fan base and their seemingly universal appeal.  There are no plans for their own blog, as they get more than enough time here.  However, I still want to find an Easter bonnet for Sissy, and I think Gretchen Greer needs a spring sweater with pearls…

Since there’s no knitting I can talk about, I will share some nice dining experiences I’ve had this week.  (Note:  I did NOT say no knitting has happened.  I’m just doing some secret stuff, okay?)

I could look up the statistics, but Charlottesville has more restaurants than lawyers, and if you count fast food and ice creams stands, I think even the docs could have a run for their money.  (Let’s say all licensed, practicing docs and lawyers though…)  There’s something here for everyone, but generally, the Knight is a creature of habit.  So it was a nice change to dine with some friends Tuesday night at Shebeen.   It’s a fun little pub and braai in a spot that I used to frequent in another life (both for me and the eatery). 

We started with the hummus and then I shared the Sosatie with a new friend.  (Scroll through the dinner menu, if you’d like…)  As always, everything was perfectly prepared and nicely presented, with pleasant, efficient service.  It’s a little off the beaten path downtown, but I wish the Knight would broaden his food horizons so we could dine there more often!

Wednesday night, we were a bit late for dinner, so our local stand-bys were closed.  Almost the only sit-down option without going into the City, The Lazy Parrot was a very pleasant surprise.  The Knight had a plate of mini-burgers and I had a buffalo bleu chicken sammie.  Their sweet potato fries are not to be missed (we have eaten there in the past, but now that they have a new no-smoking section, we’ll go back more often), but I REALLY enjoyed the honey they served with the fries this time. 

OBX 2-2009

There are no big weekend plans.  My back is a touch grumpy again (it doesn’t like meetings, it seems), so I think lots of knitting in the sun and watching the fur-girls romp is about as exciting as it will get for us. 

How ’bout you?  What will the weekend hold for you?

Because YOU Care…

To our concerned public:

Mommy’s fine.  Not home enough, kinda’ like the obnoxious schedule Dadaw keeps, but her back’s working okay.  The only ones suffering are those left behind.  (Mom here – they’re hardly neglected, but of course, you know that, right?)

We’re still suffering from the inability to patrol our neighborhood.  The humans just don’t get it.  (Hem, hem.  The DOGS don’t get it; there will be NO MORE neighborhood patrols, ever.)  They are being pretty patient with our new window hunting games, but it’s just not the same.   The squirrels mock us, and have even talked the birds into taunting us. 

We’re good girls.  They tell us so all the time.  So, we’ve hatched a plan.  We’re gonna’ join the fire department and the Junior League.  Then, no matter what meeting our humans head off for, we can go with ’em.

Haddon Woods Princess of Joy 10-08

Haddon Wood's Princess of Joy 10-08

(Can’t you just see that?!  Sissy could run the command post for her Dadaw, and Gretchen could run the rehab sector, bouncing from one resting firefighter to another.  And because I know Kathy never tires of it, don’t forget that Sissy can be quite the lady, so I’m sure both would enjoy the League too…)

We’ll need references, of course.  I know Auntie ‘Nita will lie speak up for me – Sissy-, but we’ll need quite a few to cover our bases with both groups, I think… 

Well, we’re off to see what else is happening with all of our doggie pals in the Dogs on Thursday group.  Today’s a special day for them – 100 posts! 

Our good friend and benefactor Sue is having a neat contest.  We like the freckled feet the best, but I don’t think that’s the point.  You’ll just have to go see for yourself…

Wags, woofs and kisses,

Sissy and Gretchie

Don’t Look!

If  I don’t tell you now, I’ll forget… Don’t you love a nice contest?  Ally B is having a wonderful one, and while I’d like to be selfish and keep it to myself, I do get more entries for sharing the news… 


I hope Ally doesn’t mind that I borrowed her photo.   Don’t the prizes scream SPRING? 

Which reminds me…  I have a pattern for a Tofutsies tee I’d like to make…