Slacker’s Return

I had big plans for the weekend, and for the blog.  Instead, I didn’t read a single blog or post even once.  My big plans for yesterday crumbled in the air.  I didn’t even make it to say bon voyage to the young man who headed for Mosquito Island yesterday.    He graduated from high school on Saturday, and is starting on his next adventure already.  We’re very proud of him, although like his mother, I wish he wasn’t so eager to head to the front lines.   

Of course, we know him from the firehouse.  The only nickname he has that is polite enough for print is Snowplow, and since no one will tell me how he got that name, I’m not sure how polite it really is…

However, I did manage to drag my lazy self across the county to meet a fellow blogger.   Robin is in and out of my area a good bit, and finally, our paths were able to cross.   Her husband quickly came to my rescue and often had one or the other of my girls in hand.  Rudy was a delightful little gentleman, and Gretchen enjoyed playing with someone her own size very much.

(Forgive me Robin - its the only photo I have of both of your faces!

(Forgive me Robin - it's the only photo I have of both of your faces!

It was really Gretchen’s first public play date, and she did well enough.  She made the 35 minute trip (one way) both times without incident, so maybe, just maybe, we’re conquering this carsickness.  She did act like a yappy terrier a bit much, and we’re going to have to work on that.  (Anyone have any suggestions?  I’ve never had a yappy dog before…)

Might I have another treat?, says Gretchen

Might I have another treat?, says Gretchen

Sissy was good enough; she was in her riding harness and not her walking harness, so she pulled a bit more than I would have liked, but she was respectful of the two small dogs she was ripping and running with, as much as their leashes would allow.

Its hard to get a decent photo of THREE dogs!

It's hard to get a decent photo of THREE dogs!

Robin, her hubby and Rudy were simply delightful.  Time flew by, but they’ll be back this way again, and maybe by then, Sissy will not be so eager to tug and we will have corrected Gretchie’s yappies.  Perhaps next time, the Knight will join us too.

How much better behaved could we be?!

How much better behaved could we be?!

What else did I do?  Not much.  We went to dinner one night, went to the firehouse only one night (to see the Marine-to-be), and we spent a lot of time researching vehicles.   I’ll need to replace mine in the next year at the latest, and there are some great deals to be had.  The problem is, I make vehicle shopping as long, drawn-out and painful as is humanly possible. 

You see, I must read reviews and look at every possible option online until I am so confused and frustrated I just want my existing ride to last forever.  The Knight gets put-out with me VERY early into the process, so I’m thinking that I’ll even do most of the test drives alone, and just take him along for an executive veto when I’m ready to buy.

I’ve said it in jest to a couple of friends, but really, here’s my must-have list:

  • The ultimate seats, as in Cadillac, with a ride to match.
  • Luxury.  We’ll say it’s because my back needs it (true) but the fact is, we’re creatures of comfort.  That means leather, power everything, heated & memory seats, etc.  Make/brand isn’t so important, as long as I can get it serviced here in Podunk. 
  • Escape hatch – er, sunroof.  Not negotiable.  I am a sun baby, but now, I claim it as a safety feature, since Mugsy and I made our great escape from that hole.
  • Fun to drive.  We have trucks out the wazoo.  I want something that doesn’t feel like a tank, that I can park without fear of dings.
  • Decent gas mileage.  We’re talking SUV or crossover here, but if it’s not better than the Knight’s neglected Silverado, why bother?  (Because actually… aside from not being fun to drive, it meets all the other requirements.)
  • Cargo room.  Remember, the Knight dreams of a house-pony (giant breed dog of some sort).  Besides, you wouldn’t believe how much stuff we take to the beach.  Sissy and Gretchen require TWO large totes of their own, not counting their food bucket.

Then, we have the ooooh, I want it list:

  • keyless ignition thingee.  Wouldn’t we all love to NEVER dig for the key again?
  • Built-in navigation system.  Why should I have to remember to grab the Garmin?
  • Satellite radio.  Again, why clutter up the dash when it can come installed?
  • One of those panoramic sunroof-things that lets the sun shine in across the passengers too.  My girls are sun babies too.

Things I don’t want:

  • Four or all-wheel drive.  See above – don’t need it, and it makes for a larger turning radius, increases insurance costs and eats away at the fuel mileage.
  • Anything that requires premium fuel.  I get tired of reading that if I can afford a premium vehicle, I can afford premium fuel.  That’s not the point.  It gives me heartburn to fill up at a higher price. 
  • Anything “sporty” because that firm suspension kills my back.
  • Third-row seating that doesn’t fold COMPLETELY flat.
  • Any type of entertainment package.  While Sissy does rush to the TV if I ask if she wants to see Tony, we have a portable DVD player if it comes to that. 

So, you see my problem.  The Knight also insists that a hybrid won’t suit my daily driving, so that’s off the table.  Hrmph. 

I’ve bored you enough, but that also records my list so I can come back and review it.   (And that’s not even talking colors…)

How was your weekend?

26 comments on “Slacker’s Return

  1. grace says:

    We too are car shopping my lease will soon be up. We are thinking BMW X3 –may have to go to used to afford it, but thats where the thoughts are headed. This will be my car and I need allwheel/4 wheel drive because I am a wuss when it comes to bad weather, power everything is also a must and you can hardly beat BMW’s sound system so if it comes with satelitte that would be a plus.
    Color—-not gold, not silver–those were my last 2 cars, thats a real good one, don’t know for sure!

    As you know our weekend was quite nice, now if that feeling will last the week might be pleasant!!!

  2. Tobi says:

    Good luck with the car shopping – I will be doing that myself a little later in the year and all I know is that I want a station wagon so Blue and Clemmie can jump into the back.


  3. anniebananie says:

    Well, you know that I love my subaru, and I just saw the 2009 – sweet! The tribeca is also very nice, and on my list of cars to look at when I finally want to give this one up (which isn’t anytime soon, mind you). Yes, I know it has AWD, but it has a great turning radius, good gas mileage, great cargo space and you can get it with all of the bells and whistles.

  4. Sue says:

    Robert would love to go car shopping with you. He reads all the reviews and does research, too. We’re on our second Suburu and he seems to really like them. The second one has not been as good as the first regarding service, but other than that we’re pretty satisfied. We just need space for dogs. I miss the SUV for lugging trees and furniture, etc.

  5. Sue J. says:

    How cool that two of my favorite long-time bloggers got together!! So glad you all had a good time. I hate car shopping. DH goes nuts for 6 months prior and researches it to death. It always comes back to what we need out here-4 wheel drive. Trucks and SUV’s. sigh.

  6. Darcy Watts says:

    I drive a mommy van and it has tinted windows and it’s white so that works for the desert the van is easy on my back for lifting the girls into their car seats and tons of room so we can take the potty chair for emergency pit stops;) Athena is scared of the toilets that flush
    I would like a built in gps system and satelitte radio not the keyless thing as you cannot break into your car if you lose the thingy happened to someone we know.I like your list things to think about when vehicle shopping:)Hugs Darcy

  7. p3knitter says:

    I guess I’m in the loop too!

    I’ve been thinking about getting a new in the next year, when I fear the my trusty Mazda may finally give out.

    I think I’m going to get a truck as well; with doing re-enactment, it’s just best. But I’ll probably get something gently used than new.

    That, and I REALLY want a truck!

  8. Anita says:

    Wow, your soon-to-be Marine will be going through bootcamp with Levi! You need to give me his real name & I’ll mention him in a letter to Levi. 🙂

    Isn’t Robin great?! I get to meet Rudy this fall when they come on vacation. Then I get to see my girls when I come to your house. Yay!!

    I don’t know if it has all of your requirements but my mom has one of those GMC Envoy’s, it’s a nice vehicle….

  9. Cathy says:

    Jetta is my first yappy one too – let me know what you find out!

    Robin’s hubby was brave to wrangle that pink puppy leash!!!

  10. StarSpry says:

    Sounds like a fun time meeting Robin and letting the dogs play 🙂 I hope Gretchen and Sissy are both better with the next visit!

  11. We just sent one of Daniel’s best buds off to Marine boot camp a week ago. Must be something going around….Car shopping…UGH! You’re making me ill…Will be writing up my weekend when my neck is isn’t hurting so much. Computer is literally give me a pain in the neck!

  12. gaylen says:

    Well mechanic hubby says white cars are more mechanically sound, don’t know why they just are. Good luck on the list. g

  13. Robin in VA says:

    It was a WONDERFUL time…just ask Rudy, he was so darn tired after our visit! I’m so glad to finally meet one of my favorite bloggers (even if I have been a little behind on all my reading and posting!). I can’t wait to come back again. I’m working on my blog post and hope to have it up soon, so many pictures to edit.
    I love car shopping, I just hate the $$$ one has to put out!

    …and don’t worry about the picture, just ask anybody…my mouth is open just about ALL the time and in about every picture taken of me!

  14. laceylee says:

    I was the exact way when i was looking for my car after Korea. Er, except the i didn’t have all those requirements. It is a pain trying to find the perfect one. Angus is a bit yappish, but I have no solutions for help wise.

  15. mrpuffy says:

    I feel for his mother…. but admire young men that make that choice.

    Looks like a fun play date all!

    I couldn’t possibly go through all that in choosing a car ~ but certainly worth it because then you have exactly what you want!

  16. AlisonH says:

    We LOVE our two-year-old Prius, our second one. The back seat folds down totally flat. It actually fits my 6’8″ husband and the cargo space is huge compared to what you’d expect.

    As to why it’s the second, the first was an ’00, a fair bit smaller, and, um, the hubby’s knees cracked the dashboard from being crammed in there. Not a problem in the newer one.

  17. Cynthia says:

    I am going to avoid the car problem for as long as possible. I will run that little ford into the dirt first!

    Trust me when I say I understand about trying to get a good picture of the pups. I can’t get a good one of Luke by himself. I had to sneak one from around the corner and he still caught me! He was asleep and when the camera came around into view he was wide awake. It will be up on Dogs on Thursday.

  18. Sonya says:

    Car shopping turns me into a raving lunatic. I can’t type the response I want to give when they say “what will it take to get you in this car today?”

    I think your requirements have been very well thought out, it’s good to know what you want.

  19. Dianne says:

    Ugh. I hate car shopping. But, since you are asking for input (You did ask, didn’t you? I think so, but maybe not.) Give the 2010 Prius a look. I’ve heard great things about it, and just like AlisonH, I love my Prius. Especially the smart-key. That is now a must-have for me. I don’t know what the Knight means about a hybrid not being suitable for your daily driving.

    If it’s not big enough, how about a Honda CRV? Both my mother and sister have one. They’re really nice– heated leather seats, nav system, satellite, etc. Lots of room for a big dog someday!

  20. Robin says:

    Great to see pics of Robin and Jack!! I love my Toyota Highlander!!!!!!

  21. I love the pics of Robin and the pups. So nice! Glad you got to do that. I like your car want/need list.

  22. nichole says:

    What a fun playdate…

    Ok, in reading what you want/don’t want, the Trailblazer is definitely out for you. For me, it suits quite well… but I NEED 4WD, lol.

  23. Kathy says:

    Congrats to the graduate:). Better late than never.

    Car shopping…….I despise car shopping but I wish you luck in finding what you want.

  24. Bubblesknits says:

    Looks like everyone involved had a great meetup. 🙂

  25. […] Whew.  I need the week to recover from my weekend.  It started around 9pm Friday night, when our new Marine strolled into the firehouse!  I wish I had a photo for you, but I don’t.  You can go see […]

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