Diva Desires

(Note:  Sissy IS leashed, with the leash in the Knights hand as I snapped the photo)

(Note: Sissy IS leashed, with the leash in the Knight's hand as I snapped the photo)

Sissy here.   It was Mommy’s week to do Dogs on Thursday, so Gretchie and I thought we’d cover this blog for her.  We like that she’s thinking of us, but frankly, she’s a little off on what WE want and need in transportation.

Firstly, she needn’t bother with that Dogcars.com site.  That’s fine for those show dogs who have to travel in crates to keep from messing up their hair or something, and for those dogs who ride in the way-back of a vehicle, often behind bars (like a crate?), but we don’t roll like that, and never will.

(See Gretchens harness too?)

(See Gretchen's harness too?)

Just seeing my blue travel harness makes me leap and dance.  Gretchie isn’t a great rider, but she’s getting better.  She didn’t stand on my head once on our little jaunt over the weekend, nor did she barf.  I get to ride up front in the black truck (note: that would be what I call the dogmobile – Chan), because it has one of those sensors that keeps the airbag off.  I like that A LOT. 

So, here’s my wish list.  Gretchen has wandered off, as she’s still not sure about this riding thing just yet, but the brat does everything I do, so I’m sure whatever I think a divamobile should have will suit her too.

  • Room in the floorboard for leaping in.  I’m a great jumper and all, but still…
  • Doors that open wide enough for that leap to be made without a lot of twists and dodging.
  • A bench seat.  I’ve heard rumblings about bucket seats in the
    Me and Mugsy, but Gretch does the same thing

    Me and Mugsy, but Gretch does the same thing

    second row (like we need more than two rows of seats?  Are they planning on growing more humans or something?  [Note – No Miss Diva, there are no little humans coming, not ever.  But gee, wouldn’t it be nice if when Auntie ‘Nita comes to visit with a new friend too, all of us could pile in for a ride without anyone on someone’s lap?])   Back to that bench seat.  Gretchie insists upon likes to smother   cuddle me, so I think the bucket seats would upset her, and if the humans think we’re riding way in the back, they’re crazy.

  • Rear climate control.  And not that pathetic little vent we have now that cools off the support the back seat is on.  That’s just stupid.
  • No road noise inside.  I think that might help put Gretch at ease, and it would allow me to sleep more soundly.
  • A SMOOTH ride.  Honestly, who did the roads about an hour from home on the way to the beach?  (That’s Richmond folks, with lots of concrete sections.)  That REALLY stresses my little sister out, which is no fun for me either.
  • An escape hatch.  I surely hope Mommy won’t wreck us, but I’ve heard the tales and I’m glad she and Mugsy were able to exit safely and quickly.  As a plus, I love the sunshine and the smells that come in when it is open.
  • I’ve fussed a lot about the cargo area, but I’d like that to be something I can jump into too.  Not that I’ll ride there, but Mommy always says I’m not much on boundaries and it’s true.  If she’s looking at something back there, I wanna’ look too!
  • Perhaps most important of all, we need something where Mommy can safely reach us when if Gretchie does get carsick.  We also really like it when they reach back and pet us.
  • Oh! I almost forgot.  The doors need pockets.  That’s where our leashes and spare harnesses live.  While I love to run free, I’m getting wiser with age and I realize that just isn’t going to  happen on trips.
Mommy has the leash, but Dadaw almost got some tongue

Mommy has the leash, but Dadaw almost got some tongue

Don’t look for Dadaw to guest-post and share his desires, although I’m sure that would be helpful.  He’s all about looks, and that’s cool too, because I don’t want to be laughed at because of my ride.

Don’t forget to visit our fur-friends on Dogs on Thursday.  If Gretchie ever really kicks the carsick thing, maybe we can take trips to visit some of them!

21 comments on “Diva Desires

  1. Sue says:

    Thank you Sissy,that was a good post. I want to add a couple things that I think are important in a new ride. How about nice comfy seats. I don’t want to put my cute little Portie behind on a hard surface for the whole ride and a snack dispenser in the back seat would be really great. Love, Samba

  2. gaylen says:

    Well, I like automatic windows! I love being able to sniff the wind and yell at people when we are stopped at red lights. My mom puts the back seats down and we have all the room behind the front seats. We don’t go if there are other people in the car and that’s good too! Lucy

  3. Marjie says:

    A girl has to be all about the style, and why be stuffed into a bucket seat when you can have a rolling sofa, called a “bench seat”? Come on, who wants a bench when you can have a rolling sofa? And a dainty girl has to have a low spot to jump in, after all; what’s up with that pole vaulting or high jump stuff? Just thinking of Gretchie, there, too!

  4. nichole says:

    Nice post Sissy! We noticed Sophie is getting MUCH better in the car too… she drooled a little bit, but no where near the faucet level of usual… and no puking either!


  5. Barbara S. says:

    Comfy seats are very important! We love to go for car rides and just don’t get to go enough! Car rides mean we get to be on the couch after all! Bucket seats are for the birds (or maybe the cat, ’cause she always has to ride in a box). Oh, wait, at your house you two are allowed on the furniture, aren’t you? (Our people never let us up there unless we are on their lap, which is fine, but The Cat gets to be on furniture, including the bed!)
    Simon loves the back seat of the truck with the window, but I am all about the front seat so I can have a window and a vent! Plus I get to have my head ad ears scratched while riding around. We loved to go for rides in the van, but they hardly ever use it any more. I think I heard them saying that it is all worn out with 200,000 miles and will be leaving very soon, which is really sad. We loved going everywhere in it for years! I think they should keep it just for taking us places, but they say it is too expensive and takes up too much room. It was the best ride of all the ones they have.
    We don’t like the car mom drives so much, mostly because she makes us ride in the back. What’s with that? We like seats so much better, but she said something about having a car with “no dog hair on the upholstery” for fancy cloths. Maybe when dad gets a new car, they will remember to have something with seats for us. (Though we do have pillows in the back of mom’s car.)
    Being able to get in by yourself is important, but just because you can now doesn’t you will always be able to. We both need help these days as we have gotten older and stiff. You are young and I am sure you think it won’t happen to you; of course, you don’t have the super-cold and snow to slow you down as well.
    I need to run, mom is about to find out I am up on the chair and she says I’ll get hurt up there. Like I said, it isn’t fair, since The Cat can get on any chair, couch, counter, or bed she wants! Lots of love, Sadie (Simon says hi, but he can’t be bothered to learn how to type, or even open a zipper to get yarn. He’s not as smart as I am, but he’s OK and all.)

  6. AlisonH says:

    You’ll find an arf-fully good car that’s just right for you!

  7. fireflynights says:

    Sissy, maybe you should speak with Mosby and Roscoe. Most of what you’ve asked for is in their green van even though it’s not our favorite vehicle for taking them places. With the two second row seats in place and a soft dog cover thrown on top you won’t know it’s not a bench seat and the rest of what you want is already there.

    With the rear seat down I don’t think your Mommy and Daddy could ever fill the cargo space for a beach trip. This van is as big as a truck but turns on a dime and the leather seats are fully padded and solid. There are door pockets galore and about 16 cup holders and hidden storage spaces.

    With the second row right-side seat taken out (the seat does weigh a ton to take out) it makes a great vehicle to pull up to the curb and have someone load merchandise into it for you. That also gives lots of room for a dog crate or two in case you ever need to ride in one.

    We hit the sliding door buttons on the key fob and Mosby races down the sidewalk and makes a flying leap into it on therapy dog days. The only negative I see is that we can’t turn off the passenger seat air bag so a dog could ride there.

  8. Cynthia says:

    I wish we could find somewhere around where we live that we could take Luke to run. Wilma is just to old to care anymore, but he still has so much energy…

  9. Dawn says:

    Both posts are awesome! Great job! Happy DOT!

  10. You girls sure get a lot more say in things than we do. Our mom makes all these decisions without even asking us! It’s possbile she did take us into conisderation, though. We can jump in on our own, and we’ve got those cool windows that go up and down from the front seat, so that if we’re the only ones in back we can still have air. The back of the seat folds down, which is nice for long rides. Mom puts half the seat down, puts our crate in the way back, and a pillow on the seat. We can move around a lot that way, and go into the crate (the door is open) if we need a little ‘home” comfort. Mostly, tho, we prefer to sit on the front passenger seat, in someone’s lap so we can see better! (Misty n Sasha)

  11. Carol says:

    Sissy you did such a good job on your post and brought up some very good points. Your so cute! Happy DOT…

  12. Bridget says:

    You make a lot of good points, Sissy, I hope your parents listen.

    We don’t have the same issues at our house, since the cats are too afraid to ride in the care …

    Yeah. I agree!

  13. Anita says:

    That’s my Sissymonster! I hear ya! And don’t worry about what mommy said, you can ride in my lap! 🙂
    Smooches to you & Gretchie ~ Auntie Nita

    Jasmine said that you doggies are just silly wanting to ride in the car… she’ll stay in the house where it’s comfy thank you very much.

  14. Cathy says:

    Super post, Sissy! LOL again and again

  15. Robin in VA says:

    Hi Gretchie & Sissy!!!!

  16. Natalie says:

    Great post! 🙂 Lots that Frankie needs in a car.

  17. Kathy says:

    Dear Miss Sissy,
    Thanks for your post. My parents just don’t understand MY needs and wants and I plan to let this post up and running so they can read it.

    Personally, my requests are simple. Big windows. It doesn’t matter whether they are down a bit or not. I like to “kiss” them. (my “mom” doesn’t understand the gift of “kisses” that I leave on the windows).
    Large back seat.
    Since I need the ENTIRE back seat to lay down, I am going to request a very large vehicle next time. What’s up with the little ones copying every single thing we do? Gypsy jumps around in the back seat and it’s very annoying. She is all over my head and back and the parents just laugh. I tolerate the whole charade.
    You should see my parents as they juggle leashes and dogs just to get out of the car. One would think they never had human kids or owned pets. It’s a nightmare and I just chuckle.
    Color? Doesn’t matter much to me although I do think I would look quite fetching in a red car:).

    Hope you find the car for your mom and da-daw soon,
    Shake a Paw,
    Mr. Bettis

  18. Alicia says:

    Great post Sissy! I love the title especially. My mare’s show name is “All About Diva”, I just call her Dee around the barn, but some call her “Diva Dee.” It suits her well, if you know what I mean 😉

  19. Bubblesknits says:

    Sounds like Sissy is on the right track. Now if she can get the salesmen to give you a good deal…maybe slip ’em some tongue like she tried to give her Dadaw. lol

  20. Criquette says:

    I do hope Sissy finds something that suits her and the brat. And her parents too, of course.

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