Tongues Out Challenge

A couple of my pals on Dogs on Thursday have already submitted their entries for Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures 100th Post Tongues Out Challenge, and you know I love an excuse to blog about the fur-girls.

Kiss me, Dadaw!

Kiss me, Dadaw!

That’s my favorite of several photos with Sissy’s tongue in plan sight.    It seems my big girl likes to show her big ol’ pink tongue.

See the tippy-tip of my wee tongue?

See the tippy-tip of my wee tongue?

Gretchen is much more ladylike, and I really had to dig to find a photo of her tongue.  I do have a full pant from last week, but prior to that, all I could find was just a hint of tongue from an early puppy snapshot!    However, consider yourself warned; if you ever meet Gretch in person, keep her away from your face or she will slip you some tongue!

Grinning for my Auntie Nita

Grinning for my Auntie 'Nita

Oh!  I almost forgot this one.  Anita took it of her buddy the Sissymonster last fall.   Sissy wants to know when her favorite auntie is coming back up!

I have so much stuff to show you, but I think that will wait for another day…

Raise a Cupcake

… and toast CP’s better half on her birthday today!

We’ll call her Boston, since she hails from that general area.  In the good ol’ days – before the Knight and CP were forced to head up separate duty crews – we always celebrated together on their crew night.  Since that isn’t an option anymore, Boston brought a couple of cupcakes from a celebration she had earlier. 

Cappellino’s Crazy Cakes is a bakery downtown.   It’s new to me, and at just over one year in operation, I guess I can still call it a new business.   For those of you familiar with C’ville,  if you’re visiting The Needle Lady, you’re within walking distance to a fancy treat!

Happy birthday, Boston.  May this next year be kind to you and bring you much joy and success.

So, the weekend.  Frankly, I’m glad it’s over so I can get some rest!  Everything we did was big fun, but I’m too old for late nights and early mornings back to back to back. 

Friday night was a quick dinner out with the Knight, followed by washing the chiefmobile at the station in preparation for the big parade.  Actually, the excitement for the night was a few miles south of us, in a little burg named Scottsville.   Another friend of ours is the volunteer fire chief there, and boy did he have his hands full.  We sat up listening as over six inches of rain fell in about an hour, and mandatory evacuations of part of the town came about quickly.  All’s well that ends well though, and Scottsville’s levy system worked.  

Saturday, I met Rosanne and another friend and journeyed to the guild meeting.  Unfortunately, the public library wouldn’t let me use the YouTube video to demonstrate the moebius cast-on, but there were enough people in the group who already knew how to do it that between us all, I think we were able to help everyone who wanted to give it a try. 

We hit Lettuce Knit and Ben Franklin (they had my shorty Clover bamboo dpns on sale!)  and I literally got home in time to change and head out for the parade.

From left: Chief Knight, one of the boys, Boston, CP, me

From left: Chief Knight, one of the boys, Boston, CP, me

(Photo by another friend, stolen from his Facebook album.)

The ten year old engine on which we are resting won best appearing commercial engine (meaning it has a big truck cab, not a pretty, square “custom” look).  CP was shocked.  The tanker – in the background – also won its division, but it’s still comparatively new.  There was no class for chief’s vehicles, since the chiefmobile and Chief Bubba’s Suburban were the only ones in the parade. 

A couple of custom engines - the red one used to belong to our station

A couple of custom engines - the red one used to belong to our station

The guy who supplied the parade photos didn’t win either, but he got best antique fire apparatus last year, so it’s hard to complain.  This was our station’s first “new” piece of apparatus, back in the 1970s.  It was actually a demonstrator that the ladies of the community went door to door to raise to purchase.  (Aren’t those Blue Ridge Mountains beautiful?) 

I did do some knitting, but I wanted to wish Boston a happy birthday and share the parade photos with you.  Yesterday, we had brunch with Chief Bubba, and then dinner with my inlaws and my sister and her hubby.  I missed watching The Patriot on TV, so Sissy and Gretchen will be watching it on DVD with me tonight. 

How was your weekend?  Anything exciting happening this week in your world?

OH – despite your pleas, the fur-girls stayed home.  We stayed (obviously) for the trophy presentations, so it would have been a very long afternoon-evening for them.  However, Sissy thinks she needs a sundress now.  Go HERE to see why.  Of course, if she gets one, Gretchie will too…

Love, love, love

(If I sync’d music to my blog, I’d have the intro to All You Need is Love playing over and over and over…)

Wooo-hooo!  It’s Friday!   We have a busy weekend ahead, but it’s all fun stuff, so bring it on.   I’ll mention some of our plans, but first, that other finished object review from last weekend.

Charity hat #5

Pattern:  Aston, size small.  I really enjoyed this pattern.  I made no changes, but I do wish I’d done a shorter i-cord.  (The pattern doesn’t specify.)

Yarn:  Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in colorway #776.  I LOVE this yarn, but at $6.95 a skein for only 85 yards, I don’t think I’ll be knitting with it too often.  Pity, because I LOVE this colorway.

Needles:  #6 KA circs.  I LOVE those needles too.  (I’m just full of love today, huh?)  I also used #6 metal dpns, but those are just functional – no love there.

Verdict:  I’d love to do this pattern in an adult size, and I just might splurge and buy a couple of skeins of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton too.

So, the weekend.  Tomorrow, I’ll be presenting a moebius program at our guild meeting.  I’ll head on home so we can turn around and head to the Crozet Fire Department‘s parade.  The Knight hasn’t said another word about the fur-girls riding along, but I’ll take photos either way.  Sunday, we’re having brunch with Crozet’s chief and his wife (and maybe their teenage son), and then Sunday night, dinner with family.

And no, the stairs weren’t finished yesterday.   It seems neither the Knight nor Nephew have built steps before…  The fur-girls are very excited about the construction though, and about having Nephew around for extra sweet-talking and petting.

I wonder if the steps will get built this weekend? 

So, how ’bout your weekend?  Is there some R&R on your agenda?

Fur and Flames

(There are cute dogs at the end, I promise!)

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Please pop over and read all about the new salon equipment at Sissy’s Doggy Diva Spa  our house.  I won’t repeat myself, so you’ll just have to paddle over and read if you’re curious.

Sissy says she thinks long toenails make her feet look thinner...

Sissy says she thinks long toenails make her feet look thinner...

Instead, I need your help.  (Not you Cynthia.  You and Mr. IT have helped enough already.  Please note that while *I* am being listed as the party requiring the security doggy door, someone else’s eyes glisten at the mere thought of technology, security and his little princesses all meeting in one microchip.)

What?  Oh, sorry.  I digress, and moreso.  Personally, I love it when my local life and my blog intersect.  Do you?  Or are they two separate and distinct parts of your life?

Anyhoo, after several years    months   weeks of talking about it, we are finally under construction at Haddon Woods.   Please note that while *I* have begged for an addition for YEARS on end, the fur-Divas get their steps into the pen first.  (As they should, but still!)

Ignore the concrete that has sucked the paint up until the original color is left (the grey is the “correct” color).  We need to repaint, but I keep putting that off with phrases like “… but that will get taken care of with the addition, right?”   I think it’s time to decide what’s going to happen when, and move forward with SOMETHING…

So, back to Cynthia, Mr. IT, and the supreme doggy door.  I’m leaning more in more in favor of a doggy door onto this deck, with a couple of conditions.  A motion-activated light must be installed for Gretchen’s safety.  The sliding glass door shall be replaced with french doors, with the doggy door going on the “fixed” side, so that the working side can have a screen or something.

I don’t know exactly which model our friends have, but the Knight babbled about a microchip that opens the door, so without that, other critters can’t get it.  Here’s a link to some doors of a similar sort I found… 

Anyhoo, I believe construction will be completed this evening with help from our nephew and a friend of his.  I think the Knight will have to powerwash the original deck before he tries to stain to match.  We’ll also need to clean out the pen a bit too.

Do your dogs have a doggy door?  If so, what type? 

Oh, but that’s boring for those of you looking for cute doggies, isn’t it?

Rosanne gifted Gretchen a fetching fire kerchief a while ago, and I kept forgetting to take photos.  Gretchen really seems to like this style; she actually pulled away from me when I wanted to take it off at the end of the photo shoot! 

Sure, its hot, but cuteness has its price!

Sure, it's hot, but cuteness has its price!

It’s reversible too.   

She could match her Dadaw’s personal truck.  Of course, he’s not so worried about THAT truck; he noted last night that the girls sure would be cute hanging out the back windows of the chiefmobile for the parade coming up this weekend.   (I think the temperatures will make this a non-option.  Besides, I think he was joking, maybe?)

Happy little friday!  Don’t forget to visit the other DoT blogs.

Oooh, shop-shop

I still owe you another FO report, but in the meantime, let me distract you with some shopper-tunities.

Firstly, I’ve been remiss in not sharing the photos of my pretty Piddleoop bag sooner.  It’s called a project wedge bag, and it jumped in my cart when I failed to check out with a Hannah bag.   Do note the “I helped Hannah” button though, so I can still tell the Knight this bag (with the button attached) was purchased to help Hannah’s owner cover her final expenses.  There was more candy included, but we ate it.  (Sissy still wants the blowpop, but no dice.)

Zipper pull reads, Dog Lover

Zipper pull reads, "Dog Lover"

See the zipper pull too?  Sweet!  That’s just another reason I love their bags. 

Last year, I somehow missed out on the Get Your Knits in Virginia state-wide yarn crawl.   Two local shops are on the list, but there are a few others that I hope to hit in the month of July.   Anyone else getting their VA knit on in July?  Speak up, and maybe we can cross paths!  (Thanks Cathy, for bringing this to my attention!)

ScottieDog0609-homeLLast, but oh-so hardly least, I’ve been seriously disappointed in Dooney & Bourke‘s offerings for several years.   No, it’s NOT the traditional, all-weather-leather I fell in love with in the previous century, but it’s red and it’s terriers, so what’s not to love?  (It comes in a white background version too, but I’m seeing red.)

(Go to the website linked in the photo if you really want to read the fine print.   I didn’t really want it there, but maybe you’re interested?)

I should also mention that when I was 11, my dream dog was a Scottie.  I still think I’d like one, but the grooming kills the urge every time.  That, and they tend to be one-person dogs, and we’re a two-dog lover household.

I mean really… red x terriers x bag.  I might need more than one…

Nothing But Blue Skies

No, really!  After months of Monday posts, crying about rain, we have blue skies, and had ’em all weekend too.

I really had a lovely weekend.  Friday night, I seamed up my new friend, today’s FO report.  (Just hang tight.  We’ll get there.)  Saturday, we had a great Junior League board retreat, complete with a little yoga class before lunch.  (Mostly on stress reduction, breathing, and a couple of little Sun Salutations, for those of you who know I used to love yoga and have been told not to do it anymore because of my back.)  Saturday night, dinner and shopping, and yesterday was a lazy day at home with the Knight, and another FO (which I probably won’t share until tomorrow).

How was your weekend?

Now, about that FO…

Meet Soyool, the sheep.   Isn’t he cute?!

Project:  Actually, he’s based on a Shaun the Sheep pattern, which is available as a free Ravelry download.  Despite the seams, it was a quick, fun project.  I didn’t use bulky wool, so some of Soyool’s dimensions are off, I’m sure, but neither of us mind.

Yarn:  His body (all creamy parts) are done in Paton’s SWS.  Its shedding, loose ply made me think sheep, so I hope I haven’t offended sheep everywhere by making Soyool’s “coat” out of a soy-wool.  (Hence, his name!)

His legs and all other black parts were done out of Patons Classic Wool.  I probably should have held it double, but I didn’t. 

Needles:  SWS/creamy parts knitted with #9 tigerwood straights.  Black parts, #7 wood straights.  (Again, I should have either gone down a couple of needle sizes or held the yarn double for the black, but what’s done is done.)

Verdict:  Have I mentioned how cute I think Soyool is?  Or that Sissy actually had part of his hind end in her mouth while I was sewing on his face?  Gretchen would like a turn to chew him to bits  play with him too, but that isn’t happening.

The Knight even glued the eyes on for me.  Do you like the bigger eyes better

I’d also like to thank the deer, God, Sissy, Gretchen, the Knight and anyone else remotely responsible for allowing my lilies to actually bloom this year.

Happy Monday to you!

What’s Up?

I hoped to have a finished object to show you today, but maybe tomorrow… 

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, I thought I’d share some photos of some of the fathers in my life. 

Taken by MJ March, 2007

Here’s Dae, doling out biscuits to the crew – Mugsy, baby Sissy and Shadow.  As a refresher, Dae is my father inlaw. 

Yes, Mugsy is being vocal.  He used to get very excited about getting a biscuit, especially when Dae made everyone wait and take turns.


You’ve seen my favorite photo of Pop before.  I’m grateful that we had Father’s Day with him last year.  (He died a year ago today.)  

Today is also one of his granddaughter’s wedding anniversary, so I wish her and her husband many more.  It’s also Aunt Elizabeth’s 90th birthday today.

Taken 7-1993

Taken 7-1993

Of course, there was my own father, for whom I don’t believe I’ll ever stop grieving.  That photo says all that I cannot.






Last, but hardly least, there’s the Knight.  The fur-girls think he’s about the best Dadaw EVER.

OBX Fall 2008

OBX Fall 2008

I think the way Sissy is looking at him says it all.

Wishing all the dads out there a great weekend!

Any special plans?  We’re going to dine with the inlaws at one of our favorite spots, but I’ll probably do another special meal for the Knight at some point this weekend too.  I guess I need to get a card from the fur-girls for him at some point, huh?

She’s a Wild One

… with an angel’s face…

The Knight found this hat Saturday, and I couldn’t help myself; it came home with us.  Gretchen was surprisingly content to wear it.    She does prefer to wear it MUCH further back on her head (more like a collar), but she actually wasn’t pleased when we took it off of her so she could go outside. 

Happy Dogs on Thursday to you.   Please pop over and read the great post on protecting your pets in the event that they get lost.  For the record, our girls are micro chipped and registered with Home Again. 

Today is also Shadow’s birthday.   I believe he’s three, but it might be four.  He’s not very happy with the birthday ‘do MJ got him on Tuesday.  She asked the groomer for a summer cut, and well…

You decide.  Here’s another photo of Shadow, with his more natural look:

Taken 11-07

Taken 11-07



Now, it might feel cooler, but the poor boy isn’t happy at all.  Their other sheltie is getting groomed today, and I sure hope Nick doesn’t get scalped too!

Happy little friday!

Beach Trip!

No… it’s still monsoon season here in my neck of the woods, but since it’s not looking like we’ll head to the beach for quite some time yet, I thought maybe I’d go to Carolina in my mind/blog.  (Apolgies to Mr. Taylor and his song.)

September 2008

September 2008

Our trip last fall was painful; Mugsy loved the beach, and going without him just wasn’t the same.  Still, with the Knight walking Sissy, I had plenty of chances to pick up some great shells.   That might be another post later this summer, because I never photographed most of them, but they’re waiting on me at home.

I cried and laughed when I saw this sandy old tennis ball under the house near the steps, almost assuredly one of Mugsy’s that got left behind on another trip.  It was a bittersweet sign that Mugsy remains with us.  Interestingly enough, while still-puppy Sissy put EVERYTHING else in her mouth, that ball was never touched.

Are you out there, Mugs?

Are you out there, Mugs?

There’s just something about the beach, particularly the Outer Banks, that just makes everything right with my world.  I can’t wait to go back, but until then, I have my memories and my photos!

On a much lighter note, I have to thank Bridget for reminding me of Bloomsday, which I missed yesterday.  James Joyce is one of my favorite authors, so it’s nice to reconnect with “his” day.

I also have to thank the Knight for humoring me last night and watching Sweet Home Alabama with me.   It’s one of my favorite movies, and I think he enjoyed it too!  He especially enjoyed Bryant, the big, mouthy coonhound.  (A large hound is always welcome in our home.  They are not house ponies.)

Waiting is the hardest part

I spent a lot of time waiting yesterday, and I made several rows’ progress on my Tofuchief.   It’s a simple garter-stitch shawl, made of Tofutsies, so it will be nice and easy to care for, as I intend to leave it at the office for cool mornings.  I think I’m about done, so look for an FO sometime this summer.

DMV was my big ordeal for the day.  I had to renew my license BEFORE my birthday, and since they mail the new one to you now (somehow, that’s more secure than just HANDING it to me in person?), I didn’t want to wait until the end of the month.  It took ten minutes just to get through the line to the information desk, which is where you get any forms you need and that stoooopid number that controls your fate.  About two hours after I walked through the door, I walked out.  I bet the actual transaction only took about five minutes!  Are they all that belabored?

405_3499mdI did break up the chores by lunching with Ann.   We supped at Chaps,  on the downtown mall.   Those of you who know the area are assuming we also ducked in The Needle Lady, and you’re right!   One of the things I bought was some Noro Kureyon sock yarn, on sale.  (I believe that’s the colorway I got… )  I don’t know that I’ll make socks out of it, but you never know.

MJ had borrowed Beethoven’s Big Break from the Knight some time ago, and she just finished watching it again.   Unfortunately, the Knight returned to the office while it was playing.

235801Why is that unfortunate?  Marjie knows, as do a few others.   The Knight is crazy about our fur-girls, but the dog of his dreams is a big, hairy, house pony of a Saint Bernard.   His newest joke is that instead of the stereo-typical barrel under its neck, his Saint will carry a small crate, so Gretchen can ride within. 

Anyhoo, how goes your week?  I’m looking forward to a quiet evening at home tonight, after being out and about until after 7pm yesterday.  I got a lot done, but still!!