The Unexpected

(Note:  Knitting content below!)

Mrs. P. (the dear woman married to Pissy) called yesterday to mention that there was a car in at the dealership where they both work that I really should come test drive.  So, I did, but more just to rule it out than anything else.  You see, several people who know me well – including the Knight – think I need to at least consider sedans in my hunt for the next vehicle in my life.  I’m still not sure about that, but I can tell you I was unexpectedly pleased behind the wheel of the 2010 Ford Fusion.

Admittedly, the model I drove didn’t have some of my musts, but I still got a good feel for the vehicle, and liked it enough to ask the salesman to call me when they get an SLE in. 

What impressed me:

  • SYNC.  Without any instruction, two touches allowed me to find my beloved ’80s station on Sirius radio.  I know the Knight would love all the other things SYNC will do for us, including its E-911 feature, included in the SLE. 
  • The ride.  That means comfort, quiet, steering… the works. 
  • The view from the driver’s seat.  Previously, I’ve rolled my eyes when the Knight waxes poetic over a dashboard or a stereo system or whatever.  This car made me happy, just looking at the turquoise gauges, the easy steering wheel mounted controls, and the “stack.”


right side only

right side only








  • The sunroof.  (Moonroof?  I know there’s a difference, but I have to have the kind that is power, slides all the way open or tilts up just to vent that hot air this time of year.)   I’d forgotten what it was like to have a vehicle with a sunroof you can use at any speed without all sorts of weird pressure issues inside the cabin.
  • Fuel economy.  It’s conceivable that as much interstate driving as I do, I could get 31 mpg.  That’s roughly 30% more than my average now, and still 25% or so more than the best we’ve ever gotten with the Lexus.
  • The Ford dealership is literally “over the hill” from our shop.  Not that I plan to have to be there much, but it’s as convenient as it gets. 

What I’m not sure about:

  • It’s smaller than the Lexus in the passenger compartment.
  • It has a trunk, not a to-the-roof cargo area.
  • It has “command” seating, which gives me a better view than the average sedan, but not the one I like best, which is from a full-size truck.  (I know, compromise…)
  • It’s a sedan.  A pretty sedan, a pert sedan, but nevertheless…

If it came in a wagon, I think I’d have fewer reservations.  As it is, I’ll drag the Knight along when they get one in with all the features we want.

The summary:  The 2010 Fusion didn’t eliminate itself.  Instead, it leaves me confused, and wondering where the compromise between cargo and fuel economy will lead me.

So, for the knitting bit.  It’s a spoiler, so if you don’t want to see photos of the second Embrace the Lace kit, you’d better stop reading here.

embrace the lace 1

Okay, here come the spoilers!

Group shot...

Group shot...

The gorgeous yarn, by Mama Llama, in a cashmere lace.  I didn’t dare fondle it too much, because Gretchen and I are still all but joined at the shoulder when I’m home, and she did have QUITE the thing for cashmere when she was a wee pup…

The most beautiful project bag, in my (today anyway) favorite colors…  It’s a Julip bag, designed just for delicate lace projects!  I must confess that I didn’t know of such a thing, and I’m eager to try it out. 

The extras, part I

The extras, part I

MJ is crazy about the heart boxes that held beads for the project and a stitch marker.   She’s really impressed with Woolgirl’s extras too, at least with all the handmade papercrafts that are in each package.

Here’s the heart too, just for the other crafters out there.    There were also all kinds of heart confetti sprinkled within the package.  I’m pretty sure the fur-girls ate a piece or two each, but considering their adventures on Saturday, I’m sure a few sparklies won’t hurt ’em.

Photo courtesy of the designer

Photo courtesy of the designer

Well, this is long enough, so I’ll stop here.  How goes your Tuesday?

24 comments on “The Unexpected

  1. AlisonH says:

    So much con-Fusion, so many choices. Good luck!

  2. Darcy Watts says:

    It sounds nice I know you’ll pick just the right vehicle for you and your family.I love the embrace the lace kit the yarn is gorgeous:)Hugs Darcy

  3. Barbara S. says:

    Oh man, has Julip got some seriously cool fabrics for her bags! (I like the one you got, as well as a lot of the ones in her shop.)

  4. Sue says:

    Very pretty scarf in a lovely color. How far down on the list is it?

    Sounds like the great car search is heating up. Do the fur girls get to test drive it?

  5. Bubblesknits says:

    Nice…I used to have a Ford Mustang, albeit a bare bones model. Didn’t have any problems out of it, other than it being cursed. Seriously, I think it had a huge “Hit Me” sign on the back. ::sigh:: The only con I would add to the list is resell value, otherwise, they’re good cars.

    Love the kit! ::drool::

  6. laceylee says:

    pretty scarf! have you thought about a subaru? they have station wagons and all sorts?

  7. Robin in VA says:

    AWESOME package…love the colors!

    Well, coming from a Chevy gal I can’t say I’d ever drive a F#$D (hee-hee), Seeing as how GM is now down the tubes I’d be shopping around elsewhere if I were in the market. But hey…it sounds like a good fit, maybe you should go for it!

  8. grace says:

    No Con-Fusion about it for me, I just can’t get out of a sedan once I get in it, and if I did my back would be out for weeks,

    I love my Embrace the lace kit, of course its hearts!!!
    But its not on my immediate to do list, that is full of other fun projects!

    I am sitting here in the heat, surrounded by rain clouds, doom and gloom and not a drop spills from the heavens/ If the skys would break maybe my mood would too!

    Hope you are having a good day, I think I will go bake a pie or something!!!

  9. Mr Puffy says:

    I love your Embrace the Lace kit!!!! It’s gorgeous ~ I’m popping over to read more about it 🙂

    If I ever need to buy anything I’ll check with you first. I so don’t have the patience for researching anything – except yarn!

  10. Cathy says:

    Oh, boy – is that lacy turquoise cowl pretty or what?!

    (Kinda over cars since my wonderful SUV became a pancake and I had to settle for what I could afford right then – but it is fun to shop and dream!!)

  11. Sue J. says:

    Got my kit from ETL, too. No one puts together a kit like Jennifer. All of it is just yummy. Sooooooo soft! Good luck with the car thing. Confusion is a permanent state of affairs here when it comes to cars.

  12. Anita says:

    Love the lace package! That scarf is gorgeous!! 🙂

    Hmmm…. never owned a Ford before…. LOL

  13. Ruth says:

    OOhh…I saw that show up in your queue and was intrigued, in a good way. I wanna see you make it! Or at least, see it after you’ve made it.

  14. Tibbers says:

    Have you considered the Nissan Rouge or Morano? They are like a car, SUV, wagon crossover. My Rouge gets 30mph on the highway. Good luck and have fun!

  15. Dawn says:

    Soooooo love that package! Woolgirl is so awesome…love all her goodies!

  16. Kathy says:

    Oh my gosh! That is gorgeous! There’s that cashmere I was talking about in the previous post….lol
    Hubby here is a BIG Ford man!
    I’m not picky. I only want a car to go from point A to point B without breaking down) You have no idea of some of the vehicles we have owned in the past (eyeroll)
    How was my Tuesday? Confined to bed with an anaphylatic reaction to meds taking phone calls from the dr all day.

  17. Nancy says:

    what a great lace kit! I want to be in that club next time. Oh, a Ford Fusion, huh? That’s a very nice car, a friend has an ’08. He loves it. Kate doesn’t even sync!

  18. km says:

    I’ve heard the Fusion is nice. I’d like to try a Ford Flex. If you’re that close to a dealer…try one out.

    The lace kit is amazing. I love all the extras.

  19. Good review and pretty nifty pictures. I like Sedans, but didn’t when I had the dog. I really like that cargo space it provided. What about looking at the Ford Escape? My parents have one and they love it. It has plenty of cargo space, gets good gas mileage, and I’m sure you can get it all tricked out.

    Just another one to add to your list. 🙂

  20. gaylen says:

    Wow! That’s going to be one lovely wrap/scarf. Can’t wait to see it make it’s way into rotation. Will be interesting to see what you do about the car. g

  21. nichole says:

    What an amazing package… LOVE the color and all the pretty extras….

  22. Sarah says:

    Oh I think I will chime in on the car discussion! I have a VW Passat! It has way more room then I thought, and I love it.

    Moving on, my mom has a Nissan Murano and it’s AMAZING! It has tons of room in the trunk/cargo area. It’s an easy and very comfortable ride, and just a great all around vehicle. Highly recommended by me and my mom 🙂

    Good luck on the car search!

  23. Miss Me says:

    love that scarf…

  24. […] The Knight found one with TWO sunroofs, and that really made him happy.  I think the girls would enjoy their own place in the sun, but would it warm the car up considerably?   And then there’s Sync, which I was very impressed with HERE. […]

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