Fur and Flames

(There are cute dogs at the end, I promise!)

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Please pop over and read all about the new salon equipment at Sissy’s Doggy Diva Spa  our house.  I won’t repeat myself, so you’ll just have to paddle over and read if you’re curious.

Sissy says she thinks long toenails make her feet look thinner...

Sissy says she thinks long toenails make her feet look thinner...

Instead, I need your help.  (Not you Cynthia.  You and Mr. IT have helped enough already.  Please note that while *I* am being listed as the party requiring the security doggy door, someone else’s eyes glisten at the mere thought of technology, security and his little princesses all meeting in one microchip.)

What?  Oh, sorry.  I digress, and moreso.  Personally, I love it when my local life and my blog intersect.  Do you?  Or are they two separate and distinct parts of your life?

Anyhoo, after several years    months   weeks of talking about it, we are finally under construction at Haddon Woods.   Please note that while *I* have begged for an addition for YEARS on end, the fur-Divas get their steps into the pen first.  (As they should, but still!)

Ignore the concrete that has sucked the paint up until the original color is left (the grey is the “correct” color).  We need to repaint, but I keep putting that off with phrases like “… but that will get taken care of with the addition, right?”   I think it’s time to decide what’s going to happen when, and move forward with SOMETHING…

So, back to Cynthia, Mr. IT, and the supreme doggy door.  I’m leaning more in more in favor of a doggy door onto this deck, with a couple of conditions.  A motion-activated light must be installed for Gretchen’s safety.  The sliding glass door shall be replaced with french doors, with the doggy door going on the “fixed” side, so that the working side can have a screen or something.

I don’t know exactly which model our friends have, but the Knight babbled about a microchip that opens the door, so without that, other critters can’t get it.  Here’s a link to some doors of a similar sort I found… 

Anyhoo, I believe construction will be completed this evening with help from our nephew and a friend of his.  I think the Knight will have to powerwash the original deck before he tries to stain to match.  We’ll also need to clean out the pen a bit too.

Do your dogs have a doggy door?  If so, what type? 

Oh, but that’s boring for those of you looking for cute doggies, isn’t it?

Rosanne gifted Gretchen a fetching fire kerchief a while ago, and I kept forgetting to take photos.  Gretchen really seems to like this style; she actually pulled away from me when I wanted to take it off at the end of the photo shoot! 

Sure, its hot, but cuteness has its price!

Sure, it's hot, but cuteness has its price!

It’s reversible too.   

She could match her Dadaw’s personal truck.  Of course, he’s not so worried about THAT truck; he noted last night that the girls sure would be cute hanging out the back windows of the chiefmobile for the parade coming up this weekend.   (I think the temperatures will make this a non-option.  Besides, I think he was joking, maybe?)

Happy little friday!  Don’t forget to visit the other DoT blogs.

23 comments on “Fur and Flames

  1. Tina S. says:

    I love that style of bandana! pretty cool! No chance of the velcro coming undone and loosing it (sampson!)We live in the country so not so in to the doggy door, my luck we would have coyotes, raccoon, possums, or worse yet skunks coming in!

  2. gaylen says:

    When we looked into it – the chip was in a collar, it was big and bulky like the invisible fence collar. Since my hounds don’t wear collars (but they are all microchiped) we looked at other options. Also, when you have tall dogs, doggy door manufacturers think that the dogs get proportionally wide to how tall they are. We are having a custom door put in the new sliders downstairs. It can be shut and locked when the dogs are out and open the rest of the time. Also, my dogs have a very secure dog yard and have chased away any wildlife that used to visit.

    Can’t wait to see the improvements. g

  3. Rose says:

    Love the other side of the bandana!

  4. Nichole says:

    Gretchen looks FAB and so chic in her bandana!
    No doggy doors here (not quite sure they even make one big enough that would allow a person in from the other side, lol) … I would say the chip allowing the door to open is a MUST though if you’re going to do it.

  5. Sue says:

    I really like that style of bandana. Will you trace it on paper for me so I can make some up. I like the idea of the collar going thru it.

    Grace and Splash have a doggy door in their new house. It locks so if J isn’t home or she doesn’t want them running out she can just lock it. When we took Tess and Norma Jean up there to swim Norma Jean ran out thru it, but Tess was afraid. Just as I was bending down to hold it open for her, Norma Jean backed thru it to come in. I guess she thought she had to come in the same way she went out. All day she’d run out and back in. Tess learned to use it pretty quickly.

  6. Marjie says:

    Our doggy door is human activated. Sorry, but I can’t spare my little guys; Thor would be lonely, although your girls would love having energetic little people to romp with, wouldn’t they?

    And of course he’s not kidding about having the girls ride with him in the parade. You know they’d be the stars of the show, too, don’t you?

  7. AlisonH says:

    Can you imagine a raccoon trying to sneak in and seeing those puppies?

  8. Bubblesknits says:

    Love the cute paws at the top of the post. And Gretchen must definitely wear her fire-dog bandanna in the parade. 🙂 Providing we get pictures, of course.

  9. km says:

    I wonder if my kitty would wear one of those?

  10. Anita says:

    Yay! I’m glad the girls get their steps!! Hopefully that addition will happen soon too!

    Gretchie looks cute in her kerchief. 🙂 You should paint Sissy’s nails again! LOL

  11. Pam says:

    OK cutest fur babies! But where did your husband get the covering for his back window? My FF would love that.

    Our group will be yarn crawling, let us know if you get close to our area.

  12. Carol says:

    Nice bandana’s. I love the back of the truck. We don’t have a doggie door but our neighbor does. It is in their back door and then they have another that leads out of the garage. I like your idea. It will look nice when it’s finished. Happy DOT!

  13. Walden says:

    Puppy paws(all dogs are puppies to me) are adorable, like baby feet. Gretchen looks adorable in her kerchief.

  14. anniebananie says:

    If we ever have a dog again, we will have a doggy door with a motion sensor – it just makes life easier. Also, I love the kerchief and think that the fur girls should ride in the chief mobile during the parade!

  15. Dawn says:

    Love the bandanas! Super cute!

  16. Dianne says:

    That bandanna is genious! No bulky knot to get it little Gretchen’s way. Love that it’s reversible!

  17. Tobi says:

    I think that Gretchen is seriously the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on 4 legs! I just love the pic of her modeling the kerchief. And the caption was hilarious!

  18. Miss Me says:

    the kerchief is adorable! sounds like the pedipaw was an excellent investment. sissy should be happy that the knight doesn’t try to paint her nails…

  19. Kathy says:

    Doggie door. I don’t have much advice for that as Mr. Bettis would need one the size of the kitchen door! (eyeroll)
    Love the bandanas. Mr. B is begging for one and he also wants for Gypsy so he can drag her around by the bandana. Trust me when I say she goes along with the fun:).

  20. Cute pup in a very cute bandana! Our doggie door is just closed with a flap with magnets, or we can block it completely with a metal panel. Not suitable for areas with high chance of other critters (wild-life) abounding. Good luck on those stairs.

  21. Cynthia says:

    Our door has a plastic thing that hangs from their collar on the same ring as their tags. It is about the size of a piece of round gum you get out of a gumball machine. I like the added security. We don’t have to worry about other animals, people or the wind blowing it open. They love the freedom, I have looked outside at night and seen them chasing fire flies. We could never do this without the privacy fence. J did some research, he may be able to help you…

  22. Krystle says:

    Renovations always seem to take forever to get started, but once they do, they move right along in an effort to get them done! If you need any design advice I did go to interior design school, and although I changed majors, I will eventually finish and practice Sustainable Design.
    I love love love that the collar goes right through the handkerchief! What a great idea, and very cute designs too! Is Miss Sissy jealous that she doesn’t have a hanky too?

  23. KSee says:

    What a great gift. Way to go Rosanne. I thought about a doggy door for the cats but I would need to screen in the patio. Glad the PediPaws is working out. On another note, I purchased the Furminator in a small size and it is a total bust for the cats. One comb thru you have to stop and take the hair out. May work better for a small god but can’t keep a cat still to stop and go. After all of that I found a metal tooth comb I have had for years from my dog Bilbo Baggins, that was in 1975. Works great on Stanly and Pia. Sissy and Zorro need the brush. They all love getting groomed. I have taken off so much hair that if I had saved it I know I could get lots of yarn from it.

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