Raise a Cupcake

… and toast CP’s better half on her birthday today!

We’ll call her Boston, since she hails from that general area.  In the good ol’ days – before the Knight and CP were forced to head up separate duty crews – we always celebrated together on their crew night.  Since that isn’t an option anymore, Boston brought a couple of cupcakes from a celebration she had earlier. 

Cappellino’s Crazy Cakes is a bakery downtown.   It’s new to me, and at just over one year in operation, I guess I can still call it a new business.   For those of you familiar with C’ville,  if you’re visiting The Needle Lady, you’re within walking distance to a fancy treat!

Happy birthday, Boston.  May this next year be kind to you and bring you much joy and success.

So, the weekend.  Frankly, I’m glad it’s over so I can get some rest!  Everything we did was big fun, but I’m too old for late nights and early mornings back to back to back. 

Friday night was a quick dinner out with the Knight, followed by washing the chiefmobile at the station in preparation for the big parade.  Actually, the excitement for the night was a few miles south of us, in a little burg named Scottsville.   Another friend of ours is the volunteer fire chief there, and boy did he have his hands full.  We sat up listening as over six inches of rain fell in about an hour, and mandatory evacuations of part of the town came about quickly.  All’s well that ends well though, and Scottsville’s levy system worked.  

Saturday, I met Rosanne and another friend and journeyed to the guild meeting.  Unfortunately, the public library wouldn’t let me use the YouTube video to demonstrate the moebius cast-on, but there were enough people in the group who already knew how to do it that between us all, I think we were able to help everyone who wanted to give it a try. 

We hit Lettuce Knit and Ben Franklin (they had my shorty Clover bamboo dpns on sale!)  and I literally got home in time to change and head out for the parade.

From left: Chief Knight, one of the boys, Boston, CP, me

From left: Chief Knight, one of the boys, Boston, CP, me

(Photo by another friend, stolen from his Facebook album.)

The ten year old engine on which we are resting won best appearing commercial engine (meaning it has a big truck cab, not a pretty, square “custom” look).  CP was shocked.  The tanker – in the background – also won its division, but it’s still comparatively new.  There was no class for chief’s vehicles, since the chiefmobile and Chief Bubba’s Suburban were the only ones in the parade. 

A couple of custom engines - the red one used to belong to our station

A couple of custom engines - the red one used to belong to our station

The guy who supplied the parade photos didn’t win either, but he got best antique fire apparatus last year, so it’s hard to complain.  This was our station’s first “new” piece of apparatus, back in the 1970s.  It was actually a demonstrator that the ladies of the community went door to door to raise to purchase.  (Aren’t those Blue Ridge Mountains beautiful?) 

I did do some knitting, but I wanted to wish Boston a happy birthday and share the parade photos with you.  Yesterday, we had brunch with Chief Bubba, and then dinner with my inlaws and my sister and her hubby.  I missed watching The Patriot on TV, so Sissy and Gretchen will be watching it on DVD with me tonight. 

How was your weekend?  Anything exciting happening this week in your world?

OH – despite your pleas, the fur-girls stayed home.  We stayed (obviously) for the trophy presentations, so it would have been a very long afternoon-evening for them.  However, Sissy thinks she needs a sundress now.  Go HERE to see why.  Of course, if she gets one, Gretchie will too…

17 comments on “Raise a Cupcake

  1. grace says:

    I am glad our weekend is over to and cant wait to find my big comfy chair. One of the parties we were at yesterday had a Jack Russell—George who is 12 years old. Out of 30 some odd people (and I mean odd literally) he decided I was his safest bed and kept springing into my lap for love and affection. They also had a lab mix named Buddy who is 11 and he was just as affectionate but not a lap dog like George. Keep your eye open I mailed a little package today–should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday let me know when it arrives Hugs Grace

  2. Barbara S. says:

    Yeah, but I bet Chief Knight won’t be running over Sissy! Poor Charlie! Between the SUV and the girls…..

  3. Marjie says:

    We had thunderstorms roll through here Friday afternoon, and dump a couple of inches of rain. Trees down everywhere. The miracle is that my street – a whopping 7 houses – didn’t lose power, and everyone around us did. If the girls cry about thunder like Thor does, home was a good place for them.

  4. gmariesews says:

    we did nothing. Walked houndies, went to the park, did minimal shopping, and planted some new veggies.

    OMG! I seriously can’t believe they ran Charlie over and then she blogged about it. Who is she? Seriously?!!!!

    Glad your weekend was lovely. g

  5. Bubblesknits says:

    Love the pictures. And OMG, the pictures of Charlie in that link are hilarious!!! LOL

  6. Okay, we’re friends here, right? Please, please do not get the girls sun-dresses! They are far more beautiful in their own lovely coats than in anything you could buy. Also, glad to hear you survived your weekend. I totally enjoyed mine. I might even blog it!

  7. Sue J. says:

    Oh yes, the sundress is a must! How cute! SO gla dyou had a busy and good weekend. Your life always seems to be so full! Have you seen the new Vera fabrics for Fall? I am so tempted. We are getting ready for family visitors from Minnesota who arrive on Friday for ten days. Hmmm, wonder if I can ask for extra hours at work?

  8. Sue says:

    Check out PetEdge.com for sundresses at low prices.

    First I wouldn’t run over my dog and second I wouldn’t blog about it. Don’t you check to see where your dog is before leaving the house?

    The weather here is better, not great, but better. At least we can walk outside and stay more than two minutes.

    Sounds like you had a full weekend. We stayed in and stayed quiet.

  9. km says:

    What a full weekend! We added swimming at a birthday party, but otherwise the W/D situation took up a lot of time.

    My friend’s German Shepherd actually likes to dress up in a tutu and cape with the little girls.

  10. Kathy says:

    The trucks are awesome:).
    Sounds like a good weekend for all.
    Now about that dress……..I think Miss Sissy would look quite stunning in a dress (with a hat, of course….LOL)and dear little Gretchie would be cute as a button. I wonder how Mr. Bettis would look in a tuxedo? lol

  11. Mr Puffy says:

    Sounds like another full weekend for you! Those cupcakes look very appealing ~ I’ve been enjoying a few cupcakes myself these past few days 🙂

    Glad to hear the levy held. Why is it so wet some places and not others?

  12. Anita says:

    Too bad they didn’t have a category for the chief trucks. I’m glad you had a good weekend, even if it was overly busy. 🙂

    I’m not sure where mine went… other than work on Sat. LOL

    I can see your girls in sundresses now! SNOL

  13. nichole says:

    I’m with ya… much too old for late nights AND early mornings… I’m STILL Yawning from the weekend! 🙂

    Congrats to the crew on their awards… great pics!

    Those cupcakes look devine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dianne says:

    Oh, no. How horrifying to run over your own dog. I clicked some links on her blog, and they ran over another dog, Nell, in 2007. Once could be a horrific, tragic accident. Twice is downright irresponsible. That post is so very upsetting, on a number of levels.

  15. Miss Me says:

    yummy looking cupcakes! although the mountain view is really quite breathtaking. lovely.

  16. AlisonH says:

    Great. Now I’m homesick. I want me some Blue Ridge mountains with a side of Catoctins thrown in. And a cupcake to munch on while enjoying their views. Lol!

  17. KSee says:

    Cupcakes are the big thing down here in NVA/DC.

    Love the photos. I miss having Ben Franklin’s and Woolworth’s. There used to be a Woolworth in the original Tysons Shopping Center. I have found The Varity Store right here in my neighborhood. Been living here since 1990 and never knew it existed until a few years ago.

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