Flashing Roosters and Reviews

Happy Monday!  If you’re here for a weekend report, it’s all the way at the bottom of the post.

Rooster_Party_Icon_by_RonI’m late to this party, but I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite roosters when I saw this HERE.   (If you think my fur-girls have cute outfits, check out Charli’s, at the same link.)  If you click on the image above, you’ll find yourself at the origin of said party.

Some of you might know that I collect roosters.  I have rooster tea towels, rooster salt and pepper shakers, rooster dishes (two sets, actually), rooster stitch markers, and so much more.  However, I snapped some of my bigger roosters to share this time.

That’s one of my favorites.  The Knight bought it for me.   All of the rooster art hangs in the kitchen, where “all” of the roosters should be contained, according to the Knight.  (It doesn’t work that way though…)

Another piece of kitchen wall art.  I’m not sure who gave me this one.  I had thought it was MJ, but I just showed it to her, and she doesn’t think so…

These “kids” live on my baker’s rack.  You can’t see the tea tray to the right, but it has a pretty rooster on it too, and there are more rooster figurines on the other side of the teapot.  I thought MJ gave me the round tray too, but again… she doesn’t think so.

Last, but hardly least is my pride and joy.  I’d like him to have his own little display in the kitchen somewhere.  The Knight gave him to me for Christmas, the first year of our married life.   What you can’t see is the weight at his belly (left) actually “works” his tail feathers.  When the weight is moved, his tail feathers section moves up and down!

Thanks to Bella Vista for hosting the rooster party.  If there’s another one, I’ll have to drag out more roosters…

Now, about that weekend!  It was nice and relaxing, even with the weekend-long party.   We learned yesterday that Gretchen is as crazy for fried okra as is her human-mom.   The Knight is thoroughly disgusted, but that’s okay.

This was MJ’s favorite photo from the photo shoot.   She thinks Sissy fancies herself a model, and I’m inclined to agree.

Yesterday, we watched a couple of movies.  The Knight selected Race to Witch Mountain, which kinda’ surprised me.   Sure, the star is a former “wrassler”, but still…  I remember the original Witch Mountain movie from my childhood, so I was delighted.

I had purchased Hotel for Dogs some time ago, but never got around to watching it.  I’m glad I didn’t try to watch it without the Knight.   As it was, I sobbed through the whole thing.  If you haven’t seen the movie, there are spoilers ahead.  It’s a VERY dark, serious movie.  The only humor is the doggy antics you’ve already seen in the previews. 


I’m not even sure about the message it sends.  Sure, dogs and children are NOT disposable, and I am impressed they tackled those topics.  Maybe it was Friday, the adorable, almost all white Jack Russell Terrier, the main doggy star.  Maybe he reminded me too much of Mugsy, and maybe that’s why I almost turned the movie off no fewer than three times.

Still, when the movie ended with its predictably happy ending, I was thinking that kids everywhere just got the idea that rules are optional and breaking them can have great rewards.  All the cute doggies weren’t worth all the tears I cried throughout the flick.  Am I just a sap? 

How was your weekend?

Sunshine and Rain

Gretchen is worn out from all the birthday celebrations.  They started after midnight, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, when the Knight couldn’t help himself and gave them the first  round of treats. 

So much for the furball red-eye fixer

So much for the furball red-eye fixer






Then, both dogs had pudding cups for breakfast.  (Yes, the Knight admitted he was copying Air Bud, where the title character was fed pudding cups…)

Then, I had to scoot into town to pick up party hats from the party store.  Really.  We tried WalMart, PetsMart and a couple of other stores Friday night, and no one had the plain ol’ party hats.  In fact, WalMart only had Mickey ears, and that’s ALL we found in our search.  While I was out, my half sister called to share the sad news that her mom’s 14 year old Yorkie, S’more, had been euthanized after an abdominal tumor was found, following symptoms very similar to Fred’s.

I wish I had a photo  of S’more to show you.  I’m sure I do somewhere in my non-digital photos.  She was a sassy, bossy, funny lady, and I know she will be sorely missed.  Gretchen and Sissy didn’t know her, so we continued on with the celebrations once I got home.  S’more loved a good party, so I’m sure she was looking on from the Rainbow Bridge.

The Knight provided the alterations for Gretchen’s wee hat.  He had rolled his eyes and didn’t believe me when I assured him that Sissy LOVES hats, but as you can see, both girls trotted around the pen with them on for some time.  (Gretchen’s elastic was perhaps a touch long, but she didn’t mind the bulky necklace.)

I had to show the girls’ dresses.  The Knight was irked that Sissy was in pink (not her ROYAL purple), but we had to go with what we could find.  It does note her title and have a sparkly crown, and she did have a purple party hat, so it’s all good, right?  Besides, it was Gretchie’s party, so pink was the color of the day.  I like the shirt-dress, and am sure it will see future use.


Gretchen is between sizes.  One barely fits (the size I picked) and the other is just too big.  Still, she rocked her little sundress, and she can’t fuss that it was too drapey!

Always the DIVA...

Always the DIVA...

They had special birthday cookies before going out for the photo shoot  to play, and Gretchen got a toy every few hours throughout the day, including the last one, just before midnight Saturday.  I even managed to get the crate pad, done in their colors, finished while they napped before dinner.  (And yes, I know crate pads should be slept ON, not under, but take what you can get.  It’s still a cute photo.)

Wheres my hat?!  Come put my party hat back on!

Where's my hat?! Come put my party hat back on!

We were able to dodge the rain showers, and I’m sure Gretchen had a special day.  Sissy did too; she just polished off one of Gretchen’s birthday bones.  (And no, I’m not kidding; Sissy froze right there until I ran down the steps, picked up her hat, and put it back on.  She didn’t run so hard after that; she didn’t want to lose her hat again!)

A hat without a head!

A hat without a head!

My girls do like to dress up.  I don’t know whether they pick up my excitement, or whether they just like it for reasons I can’t understand.  I already have Halloween costumes planned, but I guess I need to also be on the look-out for some fall party dresses for the girls for Sissy’s birthday too…

The teenagers in the party store shared their own dog stories when I confessed the hats were for a doggy party.  The young man’s dog has a Redskin scarf, and when he hears any football game on, the dog goes and gets the scarf, wanting it draped around his neck.  He really likes to sport his team’s colors, it seems.  The young lady in the shop said she wished her dog would do more than eat whatever she tries to put on him…

Do your dogs like to wear clothes? 

Always the polite one, Gretchen says we have an open-door policy.  Thanks for celebrating with us, and come back anytime!

Dorsets and Disclaimers

Actually, the disclaimer comes first…

Gretchen is ashamed that her wish list was flashed, but Sissy just wants to know when THEY get to open presents?!

Gretchen is embarassed, and Sissy is eager...

While Gretchen’s birthday is tomorrow, neither Gretchie Greer nor yours truly intended to solicit gifts.  Do note that OTHER members of our household were NOT included in said disclaimer.   As you might notice in the above photo, Sissy not only doesn’t have the good graces to look contrite, but she’s eagerly awaiting the spoils coming her  Gretchie’s way.

Now, I have to share my new obsession  craft with you.   Those are Dorset buttons, which I learned about when one of my Ravelry groups announced a swap and tutorial.

Starting at the “noon” position, the are shown clockwise, in order of creation.   Those were done on 1.5″ plastic rings with DK-Aran weight yarns.  Last night, I did one with a 1″ ring and light fingering yarn.   The Knight asked if I was making earrings at that size…

There’s a tutorial somewhere in the thread above, but I also used CraftyStylish’s instructions.  The first one aside, it takes me about an hour (including getting up six times to let the dogs in and out and out and in) to make them.  The smaller one took closer to two hours, but I also started dinner in there…

So, the weekend.  We’re hoping for one more visit with The Marine, as we learned last night that he was NOT granted recruiter’s assistance and must report for his next training session as scheduled.  I think we have some couple time scheduled too.  Of course, the BIG plans revolve around Gretchie’s first birthday tomorrow.  Tonight, I plan to buy party hats, plain yogurt, and proper doggy dresses…

Sissy:  I cant breathe.  Gretchen:  Mine is so big I look like a bulldog...

Sissy: I can't breathe. Gretchen: Mine is so big I look like a bulldog...

*I* thought they were cute in the girl dresses, but clearly the fur-girls weren’t pleased with their human frocks.

That obviously leaves yarn time.  Top priority is finishing the crocheted crate pad, and then, more Dorsets.  I also need to FINALLY ship off my Stash Sock Club swap pal’s package in the morning.  I’ve had the bulk of the package ready for over a week now, so I’ll have to get it in gear and send it on its way!

What’s on the agenda for your weekend?

Sophie and Wishes

I have blogging ADD.  I admitted that I’d punted Gretchie’s birthday wish list in favor of the name game, but I totally lost my mind  and failed to introduce you to Sophie.

No, she’s not moving in at Haddon Wood.  She is however, the newest addition to Cherry Pie’s pack.  She’s 13 weeks and 35 pounds, which is to say she’s already roughly Sissy’s size. 

Isn’t she a beauty?!  She’s a sweet house pony.  My first photo of her came to my Blackberry via CP’s wife’s (let’s call her Go-to Gal) cell phone Sunday night, just as soon as they’d gotten home from picking her up.  She was sacked out in CP’s lap, if you can imagine… If you want to know what a lovely, adult Mastiff looks like, visit dear Thor.   Sophie is a true fawn, so she’ll likely remain “blond,” and I don’t think the females are quite as massive as the males…

No, she won’t be playing with the girls just yet.  I’m a firm believer in protecting puppies until they’ve had all of their shots.  Sure, I know my girls are safe, but I don’t know what else has left germs in my yard that might harm Sophie, so until she’s had all of her shots, no play dates.

I'm on the lookout for birthday presents!

Some of you STILL want to know what Gretchen is looking for in her birthday gifts.   Really, she wants for nothing, but Sissy convinced her that she needs to ask for a few things…

  • Crate pads.  (I happen to be crocheting one of several I have planned, and it will be ready no later than Saturday.)
  • Pink squeekies and balls.  I know dogs are color-blind, so explain to me why ALL of Gretchie’s favorites are one shade of pink or another?!
  • Specifically, she likes small-dog balls that squeak.  Did I mention she likes toys that squeak?!
  • Party dresses, specifically, flattering party dresses for both fur-girls.  Gretchen feels the dresses they wore for MY birthday were less than flattering, making both of them look fat.
  • One of Gretchen’s many fans insists she wants a rhinestone studded pink collar  necklace.  Gretchen did smile sweetly when I mentioned it to her…180px-Blue_Tailed_Skink
  • A lizard.  No, really.  Gretchie has tried desperately to catch her own blue-tailed stink repeatedly, at home and in the pump room at work.   Mugsy was into frogs, but my little stinker is crazy for stinks!
  • A birthday cake.  I’m pretty sure Sissy is behind this one.  I’d planned to bake homemade dog treats Saturday for the big event, so maybe I’ll slap a couple together with peanut butter and plain yogurt blended for the filling…
  • Party hats.  This, I’m POSITIVE is Sissy’s doing.  Gretchen doesn’t even know that party hats exist.  I didn’t realize Sissy did either, but…


I’m pretty sure the popularity of this photo is what makes Sissy think they need party hats.  DIVA loves the limelight, you know?

(Yes Kathy, that’s just for you.  Now you can find it easily when you need a laugh the next few days.)

Truly, neither Gretchen nor I intend to fish for presents.  (Do note that Sissy was pointedly excluded from the disclaimer…)


PS – In lieu of a THIRD post, because my rememberer is broken, please wish Ruth a happy birthday.   She shares a name and a birthday with my dear paternal grandmother.  They would have enjoyed each other too, sharing a cuppa’ tea, a good book, and so much more…

In a touch of irony, this was also my parents’ wedding day, and the date on which they chose to go their separate ways.  I could go on for paragraphs about the number of ways August 27th matters, but I’ve babbled enough today.

Name Game

Happy dogs on Thursday!  This is a photo-heavy post, so grab a refreshing glass of something, a snack and settle in…

I know I said yesterday that we were going to review Gretchen’s wish list for her upcoming birthday, but something more interesting came up on Sue‘s blog.  Besides, I think the lengthy list I got was strongly influenced by Sissy…

So, the name game.  The idea is that I share the dogs’ registered names, call names, nicknames, etc., and discuss how the name fits the dog, or whether the dog grew into its name.

We’ll start with Sissy.  When the Knight announced he was ready for another dog, we already knew we wanted a female basset.   The Knight has a habit of picking names before he picks the pup, so I wasn’t surprised when he announced that our new girl would be Sissy, as in Mugsy’s little sister.

Taken on Sissys second day with us, 12-15-2007

Taken on Sissy's second day with us, 12-15-2007

That she was, whether he liked it or not.  My grumpy, old alpha dog was far more tolerant of the clingy not-so-little pup than we’d dared to hope.  However, after being allowed to register my first dog as “Soot” and having the AKC make her Soot ____ (insert a big Roman numeral here), I wasn’t about to make that mistake again.  So, as I tend to do, I over-thought it for weeks.  Finally, I decided she would be Haddon Wood’s Princess of Joy.



Why?  Well, I named our little corner of the woods Haddon Wood, in a round-about way in honor of my dearly departed maternal grandmother, who was named after a book her mother liked, Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall.  Through all of the trials and tribulations of that winter, Sissy kept us all laughing, plus she’d come to us during the “Joy” week of Advent, so…  Princess of Joy.



Does her name suit her?  Yes, it does.  She’s been the best Mama-Sis to Gretchen, and she is our passive alpha dog, but she can be a sissy too.  Mugsy snapped at her a couple of times, and she’ll quickly surrender her alpha status if a dominant dog is around.  She has a VERY soft heart and has to be corrected with kindness.  Positive reinforcement is definitely the way to go with this girl.



Nicknames?  Well, I’ve mentioned some already.  Her call name is Sissy, but she’ll answer to Sis, Mama-Sis, The Hunter, Moo (I have no idea why), Big Girl and many, many more.  Neighbor Guy calls her Big Head, and the Knight calls her Sweet Girl.

When Mugsy died, Sissy was distraught.  We had discussed before Mugsy began to go downhill that we’d have to grieve fast, because Sissy just wasn’t cut out to be an only dog.  So, two months and one day after his death, we brought home Aerial, who was originally going to be Campbell’s Cameo.  (I think those names are explained somewhere in October 2008’s archives?)

Breeders photo that did us in 10-2008

Breeder's photo that did us in 10-2008

The fearless imp didn’t want a soft, sweet name.  So, we spent our anniversary weekend all but arguing over names.  The Knight suggested plenty of things I didn’t like, and he glared or rolled his eyes at everything I proposed.  The wee one just bounced around, being cute and funny while we pondered her name.



I should also mention that the breeder was calling her Maggie, but had no naming requirements.  We never considered Maggie, because nearly everyone we know has/had a pet by that name.  Finally, we agreed upon Gretchen, which is one of many names assigned to Sissy because of her personality, in honor of Gretchen Wilson.  Our Gretchen was definitely Here for the Party



I had grave difficulty settling on her registered name – Haddon Wood’s Gretchen Crup, with a nod to JK Rowling’s magical creature, the crup.   However, as far as I’m concerned, she’s Gretchen Greer, just because…

Surfer Girl 12-08

Surfer Girl 12-08

She’s just a sweet, always-happy girl.  And she does seem almost magical; no one can resist her charms.  She also is generally much more compliant than your average Jack Russell, but even when she is naughty, I generally grab the camera and record it for you, and then we laugh about it.   Honestly, she’s so rarely corrected that I hardly know what to say.  She’s never needed any real discipline, but since her breed is known for having its own sense of fairness, we’d have to choose our methods carefully.

Nicknames?  Oh, she has a few!  She’s turned into quite a lady, but she can do rough and tumble with Sissy too.  Neighbor Guy calls her Ragdoll, the Knight calls her Sweetpea, Sissy knows her as “the baby”, and I most often call her Gretch or Gretchie.  Gretchie Greer gets used once in a while too.

What’s interesting is that I have taken to talking to both girls with a combined name – Pookeylou.  However, Gretchen is Pookey and Sissy is Lou.  Don’t ask…  I have no idea!

Happy little friday to you!  I’m ready for the weekend!

Looking Back

Well, we made it through the weekend.  What’s unfortunate is that I forgot to honor Neighbor Guy’s birthday on Saturday, and BIL’s fiancee’s birthday on Sunday, while I was busy trying not to get bogged down by the “history” in those days.  Now that they’re safel behind me, I can mention why.

Saturday was Pop’s birthday long before it was Neighbor Guy’s.  It was our second birthday without him, so it wasn’t so raw, but it will forever be bittersweet.  It’s days like today when I’m alone in the office that I miss him most.  We had our best chats when the office was empty and it was too hot for him to work on the property behind the shop…

Sunday marked one year without my baby-man.   Ooops… nope, I just can’t say much more about my devoted little guy without my eyes getting all wet.

Look at the pretty butterfly I saw in the dog pen on Sunday.   I couldn’t get any closer, but isn’t it lovely? 

I do seem to really be into blues and greens right now for some reason.  Is everyone as color-fickle as I am?  Actually, I know the answer to that one – no.  Most of you have a favorite color and it’s been your favorite color for quite some time.

I failed to share this with you ten days ago.  Little Teddy Mag – the tree my inlaws gave me for my birthday – managed to produce one little flower!  It’s hardly the prettiest magnolia blossom I’ve ever seen, but it delighted me like no other.  I wasn’t expecting anything at all this year, or next for that matter!

And yes, that’s a spider web you see in the corner.  Those little weavers have taken over Haddon Wood this summer!   We’re finding impressively sticky webs everywhere, even a few in the corners of the rooms we don’t use so much.  Ick!

Tomorrow, we’ll see if my polite little lass will tell us what she wants for her firstest birthday coming up.  (The Knight insists she wants cash, but I’m QUITE sure that wee Gretchen Greer would NEVER be so brash.  Sissy?!  Now, if asked, I’m positive the DIVA wouldn’t hesitate to spell out precisely what she’d like…)


I did a lot of knitting over the weekend, while I was socializing.  I’ll just flash the latest ballband cloth.  It was made from scrap yarns, with black cotton contrast.    It’s BBC #4, if you’re keeping score at home.

However, most of the weekend, I was knitting in the round, cranking out my bolster pillow.

Pattern:  Bolster Your Spirits Pillow is a very simple little pattern.  You’ll note that one end is open…  I still need to figure out how to finish it off so I can remove the pillow form to launder it.  I did just pull the yarn through after the last row and draw it shut (like a hat), and then I sewed that bit shut, from the wrong side.

Isn’t it a pretty little puckered end?

Yarn:  Plymouth’s Kudo might be one of the best-kept secrets in the industry, and here I am, ratting them out.  It’s a cotton, rayon, silk blend, it’s self-striping, so what’s not to love!?  Well… yes… it will require very special care when it needs to be washed, and that’s why I want to make the one end easy enough to open back up so I can slip the form out and hand-wash the “cover.”

Needles:  US #7 Knitpick Options.  This is supposedly an Aran weight yarn, but danged if I see it.  I knew I was going to use a pillow form, and I knew I didn’t want any of the white showing through, so since I tend to knit a little loosely, I dropped down a needle size.  I got precisely the fabric I wanted.

Verdict:  I love it, and can’t wait to finish off the other end and put it on the bed.   I might have to do another of these for the ugly outdated bolster in the guest room too, if I can find the yarn again, in a colorway that will work for that room…

Now, I’m having fits of castonitis.  I’ve cast on a hat, an entrelac scarf because I NEEDED to try out the Plymouth Boku that has been in my stash for ages now.  I’ve also wound the yarn for another shawl, but I’m using the needles I want to use for that project on the above mentioned hat, so…

I have a couple of cloths I want to knit that aren’t ballband cloths too.  Anyone else have castonitis?


Whew.  I need the week to recover from my weekend.  It started around 9pm Friday night, when our new Marine strolled into the firehouse!  I wish I had a photo for you, but I don’t.  You can go see Anita’s new Marine, who happened to be in the same platoon with ours.  It was great see him, all tan, lean and back to ma’amming me to pieces again.

He joined us Saturday night for a dinner already planned for our 4th Year dude at UVA.  “Blister” has been around for years, being a local who opted to attend the hometown college.  Luckily, while Blister won’t be running crew regularly for the academic year, he will still be around.   No pictures of him either… sorry.

Finally, a photo!   Saturday morning, I did make it to our guild’s vendor market.  I couldn’t resist these pretties.   Christina and her sister fire their own glass and create all kinds of beautiful pieces.  If you don’t want to wear their art, they also make windchimes and sushi plates.  To see more of their work, click HERE

After dodging tornado warnings and hitting all three Richmond yarn shops, I didn’t have time to make a dessert as I’d promised I would for Saturday night’s fete.  Good thing The Pampered Chef had introduced me to what I call my 10-minute to chocolate cake recipe.  (Again, no photo…   I was too busy knitting and listening to those boys  young men to remember my camera languishing in my purse!)

2779However, I do have a recipe.  You’ll need the Rice Cooker Plus, although I happen to know that the stoneware fluted pan will also work in the microwave too, but the times will vary.  (Disclaimer:  I do happen to be a Pampered Chef consultant.)

It’s easy, quick, moist and yummy.  Supposedly, this will work with ANY type of frosting and cake mix, but I’m too hung up on my almost instant German Chocolate version to try anything else.

YOUR COOKING TIME WILL VARY!   Microwaves are persnickity things.  Your wattage matters.  Whether or not you have a turntable matters.  It’s a little touchy, figuring out when the cake is done.  I will tell you this…  do NOT use a cake tester-thingee.  The spongy nature of microwave cakes wipes the thing clean.  The jiggle test doesn’t work so well either, so good luck, and try using a table knife…


“canned” frosting (I use coconut pecan)

one box cake mix (I use German chocolate)

oil, water and eggs

Directions:  Spread frosting on bottom of rice cooker.  Mix cake mix BY HAND, according to the directions on the box.  You don’t want all the air a mixer will create in the batter… trust me.  Pour batter over the frosting.  DO NOT use the lid for the rice cooker.  Cook for 7-10 minutes, on high, until done.  Let cake stand for a couple of minutes, and then carefully turn the rice cooker upside down on a plate. 

The cake will self-frost.   I recommend serving on at least a dinner plate sized piece, with some sort of lip to it, unless you like running, sticky glaze on your counters, table and hands.

If you don’t have a turntable in your microwave, you’ll want to turn the cake at least once during cooking.   If you use the stoneware, allow at least a couple more minutes of cooking time.

It gets rave reviews, even from professional cooks.

How was your weekend?


Nope Gretchie, this isn’t for you.  It’s my third ballband cloth.

Yarn:  The main color is Sugar ‘n Cream’s Pinky Stripes, and the trim is done in Lion Cotton raspberry.  Boy is the Lion Cotton worlds softer than the “Cream.”

Needles:  I was worried the “fabric” of the others would loosen when wet and in use, scrubbing, so I dropped down to a US size #6 for this one.   It was a royal pain to knit, so I’m happy to report that my sister says the cloth made on #7s holds up just fine.

Of course, I’ve already cast on for #4.  I only have three cloths in my to be gifted pile, so I need to keep chuggin’ along.

I’m not sure what my weekend holds.  I don’t know if my back is up to riding to Richmond for the RCK vendor fair tomorrow, and that’s all that is on my agenda.   The Knight and I haven’t been home together in a while, so that will be nice!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Walk This Way

Happy Dogs on Thursday to ya!   Today’s post is all about Gretchen Greer and her new harness.  You see, she suddenly began pulling a few weeks ago, after a “lifetime” (short as it is) of walking like a perfect young lady.

The other two harnesses she has didn’t help.  Sissy uses a Gentle Walker, but we have to clip it to her collar too, or she can slip out of it.  While searching for the right harness for my wee lass, I read that the Gentle Walker isn’t ideal for long walks, and since that’s what we’re shooting for with both girls, I looked elsewhere.

In part because it came in PANK (that obnoxious, hot pink color that is Gretchen’s signature hue), I purchased this one, the Soft Walking Harness from In the Company of Dogs. 

It’s padded, with a soft, adjustable, webbed belly strap.  The front is not adjustable, and slips rather closely over the head.  Since both of my girls are used to being dressed up, Gretchen couldn’t care less, but Mugsy would have fought this design tooth and nail.  (He didn’t nip, but I’m sure the nail part would have been applied to my skin as he fought it/me off.)

Now, if only the temperature would drop below 90 before dark so that we can test it out with a nice stroll! 

I like the style, and if it suits Gretchie as well as I think it will, I’ll be trying to find something similar for Sissy.  I’ve found a somewhat similar style, but it doesn’t come in a royal purple, so what’s a dogMa to do?!

Don’t you think Sis looks sad and is feeling left out there?  She wants a sporty new harness too…

And please wish our friend Rudy a very happy 1st birthday!

Rudy, greeting Sissy

Rudy, greeting Sissy

Happy birthday, Rudy!!

Happy little friday to the rest of you.