Two Kits and More Hot Green

I’m getting more behind every day, so I’m going to double or even triple up here today. 

Last week,  Two weeks ago, when Ann and HRH stopped by, she also brought the last of the Wollmeise club we shared.  I had a very hard time choosing between the colorways (there are two skeins in every shipment), but eventually settled on another blue.  I still haven’t knitted with any of the Wollmeise yet, but I hear that it really is suited for socks moreso than shawls or scarves.  I just might have to try this yarn with this pattern…

Last week, my third Embrace the Lace Club kit arrived.    Really, no one does a club kit like Woolgirl.   Every last detail is so very carefully thought out.  It’s more expensive than my sock club, but WOW! the stuff I get with it!

Miss Babs lace

Miss Babs lace

Crimson Orchid Designs row counter bracelet

Crimson Orchid Designs row counter bracelet

It would take all day for me to show you EVERYTHING, and the extras in this kit really hit home with me so I’d love to share them all with you, but in the interest of time, just look at this one item as a symbol of the thoughtful details that go into everything in each kit.

I need to bring the taffy in for MJ.  As much as I love all things beach, I’m not crazy about taffy.  But shells!  Those shells were collected by hand, not just purchased in bulk from some online source.

Since the club this year is based on the Virtues, I should mention that this month’s theme is FAITH.  For me, I could tie most any of the virtues to the beach, because it really is where my spirit is restored, but it’s fun seeing how the designers and Woolgirl take each virtue and develop a kit.

More hot green?  You betcha’, but it’s not the FO report I owe you.  I’m blessed with some of the best friends ever. 

Wendy sent me a happy little friendship package!   Her timing was perfect; I really needed a distraction on the day it arrived.  She had no way of knowing that the Fixation she sent was the same colorway I’d picked up more than once, but put back because I have Fixation in my stash already…  The bath crystals smell so sweet!   I had a hard time keeping the dogs from the little packet because the scent is soooo tempting!  Wendy always is sending/bringing me tea, so I laughed when I saw a notepad with tea attached.  Perfect!

You have to see the Dog Days of Summer goodies Wendy shared!  There’s a whole mess of the little flipflops, which I intend to use as stitch markers, I think…  And I always have a tube of lip balm within arm’s reach, so as long as Sissy doesn’t find it and eat it, I’ll enjoy that too.  Thank you, Wendy.  It’s been too long; we need another get-together!

How goes your one-day-closer to Friday?  My brother inlaw insists it is another Monday, but I’m not feeling that, thankfully!

17 comments on “Two Kits and More Hot Green

  1. grace says:

    have my head in pattern books and on ravelry looking for an edging that would tie into snow.

    I love our new Embrace the Lace Kit but I hated getting the bill for the next one already, oh well—I will love it when it arrives which that one should be right around my birthday. I am thinking Red Namaste Bag for my birthday to go with my red buddy case. There are also some great new books out or coming out. Like I need more!!!

    They are mowing so my allergies are acting up in full force. It can be really rough being allergic to pollens and mold, you can’t win.

    Needing a trip to the shore badly but still don’t see it in the near future!

    Have a great day–hugs Me

  2. gaylen says:

    Oh-My-Goodness! I love, love, love that sock pattern and yarn. You are gonna have to knit that up soon. You who – sock mojo get on back to Channon, now!

    The rest of the stuff – I’m pretty sure I don’t have the right words. Love the dog days of summer. Where do people find this stuff? g

  3. Sue says:

    You get the greatest packages. What fun to open them and see all the neat little accessories.

  4. Nichole says:

    Glad you are loving your kits!
    What great goodies – esp the shells and the dog days of summer stuff!

  5. AlisonH says:

    That shade of blue in the first picture had me going OOOH!!!! My FAVORITE!!! Gorgeous. Love the MLK quote, especially this week.

  6. Dianne says:

    Lots of goodies! Love the blue Wollmeise (sp?) and the pattern for those socks is so cute!

  7. Oh goodie! You have so much lovely stuff to drool over, um, I mean appreciate! I love the wool you got with the lace kit. Gorgeous.

  8. Bubblesknits says:

    I’m with everyone else…drooling over the WM. Pretty!

  9. Dawn says:

    What a bunch of wonderful goodies. I love how Woolgirl does her packages….its like Christmas opening them! Fun stuff!

  10. Alicia says:

    Awesome goodies! I’m seriously looking into Woolgirl’s site… the club kits are so thought out! The bracelet looks beautiful!

  11. Darcy says:

    Wow the blue of the Wollmeise is delightfully deep and rich and love the pattern look at all the wonderful goodies you received from your clubs:)Hugs Darcy

  12. Katie says:

    what lovely kits! i think that i need to knit a bit more of the stash before i consider “clubs” again…
    since yesterday was a holiday here, i’m with your brother in law – today may have been called “tuesday”, but it had a “monday” heart.

  13. km says:

    What a week. The blue yarn IS calling out to be those bluebells. I think I need a woolgirl club next year.

  14. Anita says:

    Felt like another Monday to me! UGH!!

    What lovely packages you got there. I love that blue sock yarn.

  15. FABulous packages!!

    What a great idea @ splitting the Wollmeise club, love the virture theme on the other club, and gotta love that very sweet Wendy!! 😉

  16. Monica says:

    OMG that blue Wollmeise is GORGEOUS! *drool*

  17. Kathy says:

    Awesome kits and knitting stuff. Love the chapstick. Very cute:)

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