Peppy Lizzy

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday, Robin!   I’m really looking forward to our uneventful weekend.   We do have one, small family event planned, but that’s it.  I’m past due for a relaxing weekend at home. 

Meet Peppy Lizzy.  

Pattern:  Lizard Ridge Dishcloth.   I’ve admired the original Lizard Ridge pattern ever since I first saw Stacey’s.   However, I know I’ll never sit down with a project that requires all those seams, so I thought the cloth would be a great way to dip my needles into the Lizard Ridge pool.

Not.  The pattern is well-written, and after the first repeat, you really don’t need to follow the written instructions; it’s almost intuitive.  The problem is picking up those wrapped stitches with cotton.  I’m sure it’s not a huge pain with wool, sproingy wool, but cotton isn’t so stretchy or bendy, so I did one repeat a day of this beast until it was done.

Yarn:  I think I’m past half-way on my cone of Peaches & Creme in the peppercorn colorway.  (So yeah, she probably should be Peppery Lizzy, but …)  I like the colorway, and I do find it a bit more pliable than Sugar ‘n Cream cotton, but it’s a pale imitation of the vibrant Noro Lizard Ridge blankets!

Needles:  #6 Crystal Palace bamboo.  Never any complaints there.

Verdict:  Won’t do anymore cloths, but I am considering using this version of Lizard Ridge for bulky weight crate pad for the girls, just to see how I like picking up the wraps with something more forgiving than basic cotton.

A better grade of cotton that isnt so hard on my hands

A "better" grade of cotton that isn't so hard on my hands

This is also a good place to address the question I’ve gotten a few times about HOW cotton is hard on my hands.   While I know a couple of you know PRECISELY what I mean, and at least one of you is so sensitive to the same that you just don’t knit with what we’ll call “utility” cotton, some of you don’t seem to have any issues with cotton knitting at all.

Lucky you!  I love cotton as a fiber, knitting with it aside.  You see, when I knit with what we’re calling “utility” cotton, it feels harsh – like linen – going through my fingers.  Even the premium cottons (think Blue Sky, Misson Falls) still dry out my hands and wear a sore spot on my left middle finger, right at the index finger side, near the base of the nail.

Clear as mud?

So, what will your weekend bring?  I believe some of you are gearing up for back to school stuff as early as – gasp! – Monday…

17 comments on “Peppy Lizzy

  1. Miss Me says:

    love the dishcloth! i don’t often knit dishclothes but i may try that one. thankfully i can knit with ANYTHING without issue.
    you *could* knit the version of lizard rigde that is all one colour and thus avoid the seams. i must admit that i LOVED knitting mine. seaming i can handle, it is weaving in and burying the ends that i HATE.

  2. gaylen says:

    I wonder if some of the “glove” type lotions would help when knitting with the utility cotton.

    I think it’s fabulous in the colorway – although I don’t understand the name. It doesn’t look peppery to me at all!

    My tummy is grumbling it must be time to eat already. Have agent coming tonight and an interview on Monday 🙂 g

  3. km says:

    I love that color way…and the cloth. I can see why it’s probably not worth it though for a cloth. I have only had problems with cotton when I work long stretches of time with it. I’m using linen for the first time on vacation, so we’ll see how that goes.

  4. Sue says:

    Very nice stitch. I might try an afghan with it if I can find the right yarn.

    Just bought some cotton yarn to try it. Nothing particular in mind, just want to see if I like working with it.

    Everything is in such a mess because of the library, I’ll have to hunt for my yarn and patterns.

  5. Bubblesknits says:

    Knitting with cotton can be hard on my wrists, but it doesn’t seem to bother my skin. Seems like I tried that pattern once before and came to the same conclusion…good for wool, not so good for stiff cotton.

    Meet the Teacher is tonight. It’s really happening on Monday, isn’t it? ::nervous sigh::

  6. anniebananie says:

    I really like the pattern. I think it would look really cool as a pair of socks – one ripple down each side!

    As for cotton, can’t knit with it at all. It actually hurts my hands when I knit with it. So, I stick with wool, and that makes me happy.

    This weekend? Bleh. Saturday is school shopping (without kids, thankfully). Sunday is going to MILs. She’s not doing too good right now…

  7. Darcy says:

    I love lizzy very pretty and yes we have orientations with lots of paperwork this coming week so this weekend I need to organize the girls school clothes and next week buy their supplies.Hugs Darcy

  8. Bridget says:

    Pretty! I cannot get my brain to comprehend the wrapping and turning, etc. so plain dishcloths for me …

  9. texanknits says:

    Oh that’s so pretty. I hope you enjoy your weekend and will you relax just a little for me? My youngest is in a musical with 4 performances and my oldest has band “stuff”. Wish I was you this weekend.

  10. Robin in VA says:

    Thanks for the B-day wishes! What a neat dishcloth pattern.

  11. Anita says:

    I love your cloth & the pattern is pretty, I believe it’s too much of a pitb for me though, I’d prolly get aggrivated. LOL

  12. Despite the “utility” cotton comments, I still enjoy cotton. Although granted it’s not as giving as other fibres.

    I think I may try this Lizzy Ridge dishcloth because I’d admired the Lizard Ridge pattern too!

  13. Marjie says:

    This is a pretty dishcloth. I would never knit any, because I’d get mad at people for using them (I think. I don’t knit, as you know). This pattern would make cute doggy beds, too.

  14. Toni Gomez says:

    I love your cloth! I saw it on ravelry. I may have to give that one a shot. I am in for a challenge.

  15. KnittySue says:

    Love the dishcloth…I think I still have at least 1/2 my cone of peppercorn left too. And yes utility cotton does irritate the fingers…
    Have a great day..stop by I’m having a contest.

  16. nichole says:

    Pretty Lizzy…

    WTP – I’m about 1/2 way thru my cone of the exact same colorway… been knitting market bags mostly.

  17. Natalie says:

    What a great dishcloth pattern!

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