Whatcha’ think?

I need some advice, input and help.  What I really need is a visit from Stacy London, but PLEASE don’t REALLY send them, because I know how to dress to impress…  I just need the motivation more often.

The Knight and Fred, 8-2007

The Knight and Fred, 8-2007

Going on 13 years with an indoor basset hound has a lot to do with it.  While this photo is from work, and the Knight is in work clothes, the same positions are assumed at home.  There’s dog hair everywhere, slobber and goobers on pants, etc.

Yesterday afternoon, when Gretchen fell into the hot tub, the hemlock ring was wrapped around her, after she came out of the body sheet towel that was first called into service.   (She’s fine; we’d never had the hot tub cover open since she came to live with us, and the Knight was right there to scoop her out, and a lesson was learned… she won’t venture past the top step anytime soon!)

January 2008

January 2008

Baby Sissy was tucked in under my favorite shawl (by Grace  – today’s her birthday, so pop over and wish her a great one!).  My point here is, I USE my handknits, and since my dogs are very much a part of my life, they use them too, in a sense.

Where am I going with all of this?  Well, all of the above plays into my decisions when I am choosing a pattern for a wrap for me.  THAT part is not open for debate, and if it offends you that I don’t shield my knits from my dogs…  I won’t apologize.  I also make the same considerations when I knit for friends with small children.  Nothing with too many delicate yarn overs for little fingers to get caught in, baby blankets are made to be machine wash and dry, etc.

Toy sheep with Sharpie-drawn face

Toy sheep with Sharpie-drawn face

So, the point of this whole post is that while I’m very comfortable dropping a shawl of any shape around my shoulders, I don’t know how to wear them in public.  I’d like to wear them more, because shawls are my favorite project right now, and I have several that deserve to be seen outside of the house.

What shape do you like best, and why? 

Where do you wear your knitted wraps?  Please be specific.  I paint a broad stroke with my attire, and while my daily look is what Stacy would probably call high school casual (jeans and a decent shirt), I also do cocktail and black tie several times a year, with everything in between too.

HOW do you wear them?  With a shawl pin?  Tied?  Flapping in the breeze?  Some other stylin’ method?

The chair doesnt have THAT body part...

The chair doesn't have THAT body part...

While we’re at it, let’s attack the basic triangular shawl with its yarn over increases making an arrow pointing right to the body part most of us LEAST want ANYTHING to point to…

What do you think about the triangle and the “bottom point”?

I happen to like the function of this style.  If the shawl is large enough,  I can tie the front ends in a couple of different ways, and I can walk dogs, wash dishes, knit and otherwise go about my life.  The dogs have never scoffed at the point that points to a place I don’t want to draw eyes to, but precious as they are, they’re not good fashion advisors.

While we’re at it, share your favorite shawl patterns with me.  I have a BIG contest coming next month/week/soon, but I’ve asked so much of you that I should offer something for your troubles, huh?

How ’bout a gift certificate to one of my favorite indie dyers for some sock shawl yarn?  If enough of you participate, I’ll give two certificates, one each to two favorite dyers.

You’ll get one entry for EACH of the questions you answer, because I asked a lot.   Keep in mind you don’t have to be a knitter to enter!   (Yeah, you probably won’t get an entry for the favorite pattern part, but…)

If more than ten of you answer ALL the questions, EVERYONE answering ALL the questions (with non-knitters who mention they don’t knit getting a buy on the fave pattern question) will be entered in a separate drawing for that second gift certficate.  The rest of you will have to duke it out for the original prize, okay?

I did highlight the questions, to make it easier.  No bonuses will be given for advertising this contest, but obviously, the more answers I get, the more prizes I’ll give.

Contest ends at 8am Eastern time (my time!) on Friday, October 2nd, which is both my favorite aunt and uncle’s anniversary and the anniversary of her father/my grandfather’s death.  Prizes will be awarded right here, whenever I get around to blogging on Friday, assuming I’ve worked out the prize details with the two friends I’m blind-siding.

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  1. Sue says:

    OK, you don’t ask much of us, do you? I have a lot of shawls, both knit and woven and I seldom wear any of them, but I do like them and try to remember to wear them. Since I became a stay at home dog handler my wardrobe is generally jeans and a shirt both with pawprints on them.

    1.My faves are large squares that can be folded into a triangle.

    2.I try to wear them for dress up events when a coat
    isn’t called for, tho some go nicely over coats.

    3. I don’t own a shawl pin, but I do have a couple large pins that work, When I was thinner, I sometimes tied them around my waist.

    4. I don’t worry about the point. After all how many people do you know that have such a lovely little tush that they want to call attention to it? You can also swing it around so it meets on one side and the point is on the other side.

    5. I’ve been looking everywhere for a pattern I want to make and the one I’ve decided on is ‘Three Corner Prayer Shawl’ by Debbie Macomber in the Back On Blossom Street book. I even bought the yarn she used on the pictured one.

  2. gaylen says:

    Okay – here goes nothing. By the way – love your hemlock and I’m still thinking about the knitting Santa item. UGH!

    Favorite shape – well I tend to lean toward the rectangle, I can drape it over my shoulder, under the collar on my coat or even over my lap. I generally take my dogs into consideration, because no matter how high I hold my knitting and ask them to wait, they never do.

    Where do I wear them – well, I have a “fancy” poncho style (I should photograph and add to Rav) that I have donned for weddings, parties and the like. It’s essentially 2 rectangles sewn together to form a poncho. I move it around alot. It’s a simple knit on big needles with a couple of extra yarn overs that got dropped (if I remember correctly – I made it long ago). I’m working on getting JB to the theatre so I can wear the SOTSiii (it is beaded after all).

    How do I wear them – generally as a scarf, just sorta bunched up and tucked under my collar – which I guess is why the couple I have finished are currently playing the role of decorative accent – think draped over the top of a dresser or back of a chair. I like the look of the small triangle and the shape like colonnade with the point in front, but I’m concerned about all the “excess” being bunched up under my chin. Plus, I’m not sure I’m young and hip enough to pull it off.

    The point moves – I don’t worry so much about it being over my shoulders, pointing to the rear. When I have worn a triangle in the past I have moved it around so it’s off center, giving a bit more of the front points to grab shoulders and hold so I can function and not be fussing with it. I attempt to look put together and don’t want to be fussing with my clothing all day.

    I’ll have to get back to you on favorite pattern. I like a more delicate look – I still really, really like the Adamas shawl (I think I sent you the pattern) and want to knit it – soon). added the link here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/adamas-shawl

    all done now – g 🙂 Happy Hump Day!!

  3. Tobi says:

    I don’t get the opportunity to wear shawls often down here in Texas, it doesn’t get very cold, but when I wear them it’s usually just lounging in the house and I just drape it over my shoulders, across the back and pull it around me if I get shivery.

    Love the pic of Baby Sissy! So cute. And Fred looks like a dog I would have liked to have cuddled with on a cold day.

  4. Marjie says:

    My turn.

    I don’t knit, so I can’t tell you about my favorite pattern.

    I like triangular shawls if they are long enough that the point is below where you don’t want to point to. I think they look elegant, and I think that if they’re long enough, the taper makes you look thinner.

    I wear whatever I want out of the house, and it’s not always conventional. A few years back, I made myself a giant cloak (think pre-1800, here) with micro-suede outside and fake fur inside. It’s warm; it’s like wearing a blanket out of the house. It keeps my legs off the cold leather car seats. It shields me from cold drafts. And I’m cold if it’s under 60, so that’s really important. And while I do garner some funny looks wandering around in my big=ass cloak in December, while Christmas shopping, for example, you’d be surprised at the compliments I get. So just wear your shawls. It’s no different than a sweater, except that most people don’t have one.

    If I had a knitted wrap, I’d wear it with anything. Either I’d tie it loosely, or just drape it over my shoulders so it ran down my arms. Obviously, if I were a talented knitter like you, I’d have different colors and textures to go with different outfits. And, yes, lacy does work with jeans and a tee, thank you very much.

    So, there’s the two cents’ worth from an ornery coot who thinks that we all need to dress in a kid friendly or dog friendly way (I don’t even own anything that must be dry cleaned)!

  5. AlisonH says:

    Okay, you KNOW what my answers will be! I spent so much time looking for the shawl patterns that I thought just had to be out there, top-down circular, no folded over hide half the stitches stuff, no point at the butt stuff, but what I was looking for just wasn’t out there. Which is how my “Wrapped in Comfort: Knitted Lace Shawls” book came to be.

    I like the v-neck effect my shawls make. I sometimes tie them in front. Others like them thrown over the shoulder as a wrap. I wear mine everywhere and get a ton of compliments.

    I would say the Nina in laceweight is my favorite. (Start at row 2 on the neck in that fine a yarn.)

  6. Cathy says:

    What shape do you like best, and why?
    – I like to knit triangular and rectangular shawls – I have not knit a circular shawl yet, but perhaps one day I will (those pi things throw me for a loop!). I tend to like triangular shawls for many of the same reasons you listed: can tie them, knot them, stick pin them…. I have found that I like a little knitted loop (like on the Anne Shoulder Shawl) that you can pull the opposite point into thereby keeping the flying tips from flying out where you don’t want them to fly (like in your face when driving a car). I saw a 4 sided shawl the other day I liked a lot – picture a triangle with the back-side point cropped off parallel with the hypoteneuse of the shawl (do I get extra points for using big words?!) … not sure where the pattern came from, but will ask the knitter who was modeling said shawl over the weekend. She is supposed to be lending me the book so I can read the pattern myself.

    Where do you wear your knitted wraps? Please be specific. Everywhere – how is that for specific? At the office, on the bus, in the kitchen over my nightgown, out to grab the newspaper out of the box in the morning, at a movie, to dinner, basically anywhere folks can wear a sweater … I find shawls infinitely more versatile though because when you wear a sweater, you have to put your arms in the arm holes and pull them out again when you find you are overheated (and let’s face it, that’s often these days). About the only way I don’t wear them is buck naked, though if I had a soft cotton one, I might do that too!

    HOW do you wear them? With a shawl pin? Tied? Flapping in the breeze? Yes. I have a favorite shawl pin right now – it is wooden and is basically a wooden zig-zagged design. It seems to hold it the best. I refer you to above where I discuss the merits of the little knitted loop sewn onto one triangular point.

    What do you think about the triangle and the “bottom point”? The point? well – that is the point? It can’t draw anymore attention to my derriere than it already draws … it adorns, yes, but really, there is not much to be done with it when you have one. The only concession I am going to make soon is to knit a pattern using the cropped off point method, discussed above, when I get book from friend.

    My handknits have to be dog-hardy too… just this morning Jetta was curled into a ball ON TOP OF MY hand-dyed stained-glass Anne Shoulder Shawl… such is life. As long as no one chews on my beautiful projects, I’ll stay a happy girl.

    • Cathy says:

      Favorite shawl pattern? Good question! I like knitting triangular ones, from the top down; however I enjoyed knitting the clapotis shawl also (trapozoid shaped) … I have seen a triangular clapotis version – I might see if I can do one in that new cropped version style…

  7. p3knitter says:

    Well, here’s my two cents!!! I do hope it helps!

    1. My favorite shapes tend to be long rectangles. I find that I can wrap them around me, drape them over me, or use for a really long scarf!

    2. It depends on what it is. I like to wear them whenever I can. I don’t attend many fancy parties where I have to go ‘black tie’ – so usually I wear them whenever the cold weather creeps out.

    3. Seeing as I prefer the long rectangle, I make them long enough to wrap around without anything. But for a fancier shawl, or a shorter shawl, I love the look of a wooden shawl pin (see the link.)


    4. I like the look of a triangle just fine … but I like my bottom point to be nice and straight (perfect triangle point style.)

    5. Oooo … my favorite pattern … Hypoteneuse. It’s my favorite shawl that I’ve knitted so far!


    Good luck!!!

  8. anniebananie says:

    First, I am glad that Gretchen is okay. Bet that gave all of you a big scare! It gave me a scare just reading about it!

    Second, I don’t wear shawls, so I can’t really help you. I do think that big, rectangular shawls are gorgeous, if that helps.


  9. I am totally un-qualified to answer these questions! I’ve only ever knit two shawls, both were triangles. Over the many long years of my life, I’ve had very few shawls with even less opportunity to wear them!

    I like the look of triangles and the sort of half-circle shawls that Alison designed. My Rav queue is full of shawl patterns, mostly triangles, I think. Um…Swallowtail is probably my fav…I think…maybe.

    My current shawl (bought in Ireland) is worn mostly at home for warmth, but I have worn it to church for sure, and maybe one other place. It’s shape is…rectangular with half of it split into two parts, not too many different ways to wear it!

  10. Nichole says:

    Well first of all – thank you for doing this post because I’m right there with you when it comes to Stacy and the high school casual and I too really need some lessons on shawl wearing! (and um… Gretchie, hot tub??)

    1. I don’t have a favorite shape yet…

    2. Right now, mostly at home… I wore the beautiful wrap you knit for me to work once and my Clapotis to work once. I need to wear them more … in a functional way.

    3. When I wore them to work, they were with shawl pins… at home, just wrapped.

    4. Err… no comment on that point…

    5. Right now its Colonnade for sure.. .fast, quick, easy… Clapotis was fun too.

  11. grace says:

    What shape do you like best, and why? I love triangles to wear, and knit followed by 1/2 circles, full circles squares and then stoles

    Where do you wear your knitted wraps? mostly at home or with good friends at their homes I wore one out one morning to breakfast and was laughed at and I am too sensitive to try that again

    HOW do you wear them? With a shawl pin? Tied? Flapping in the breeze? Some other stylin’ method?

    mostly flapping in the breeze although I do love my pins but the shawls I make for me are very large and I like to fling one end over my shoulder and I want the looseness to be able to shed it easily and not worry about the pin

    What do you think about the triangle and the “bottom point”? I make mine large enough the bottom point is well past my bottom so I don’t let it bother me at all

    While we’re at it, share your favorite shawl patterns with me That is hard but patting myself on the back here I am making my little knits lovincomfort shawl again right now and really really enjoying it although I see some modifications coming, I also have a few others I have made and not debuted yet, so whatever I am creating now—Alison’s shawls are faves, as are Sivia’s, Renee’s (for big sumptuous shawls) and Anne Hansons

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Hugs!!

  12. Pam says:

    Great questions by the way! I am a girl that uses both the rectangle & the triangle. The rectangle with a few beads works well for me in a dressy situation. but I must reveal to you that I am a person that does not like matchy matchy. I wear socks with Danskos & love linen (including the wrinkles). I say this because I think you should wear jeans & throw on that beautiful shawl & jewelry & look like a million! I wear a long rectangle by laying it on shoulders & neck & crossing the ends in the back, bringing the ends to hang in front. I wear both shapes thrown over the shoulders & let them hang with the point of the triangle anywhere from the shoulder to off center in the front. Usually when I scrunch it up loosely, it fits well. I think we try to hard to place it just so. Throw it on & ENJOY!

    I wear them to work & play. I have tied one around my waist at the beach for a cover up, & I have wrapped up using them as a blankie. I have heavy ones that I wear because I hate to wear a coat, & ones that I use in the summer that I have made out of finer yarns. My dogs usually are under them as I knit, so they like either style.

    I have more than a few shawl pins, but I don’t usually keep them on for very long, taking them off & tie or cross the ends over my shoulder. It seems like the shawl looks like it should stay in a particular place when I use them & it usually bugs me after a while.

    I don’t worry about the point, if I wore it in the back centered, I would make a shorter shawl or a long triangle scarf, I guess it would be somewhere inbetween. Thats why the rectangle may be my fav.

    Each new pattern that I knit is my current favorite! A better answer is that my favorite pattern is anything with feather & fan. Shawls are probably my favorite pieces that I make. Relax, throw it on & go.

  13. Anita says:

    Poor Gretchie… do you really think that’ll keep her off the hot tub? LOL

    How do I feel about triangles? I like em, even if they do point at my butt. LOL I need to try a rectangle to see if I like that better or not…

    Where do I wear them? I wear them to dinner out, right? 🙂 I also wrap up in them or throw them over my legs at home…

    How do I wear them? I like the pin you gave me a lot, I think that looks better than tied like I’ve been doing it. And I like it a bit off center too.

    Favorite patterns? I’ve already sent you a bazillion links, do you want more? LOL

  14. Kathy says:

    Count me out as a contestant but I’ll give my 2 cents worth:).
    First of all, thank goodness little Gretchen is okay and DRY!
    1) I prefer circular and triangle because they drape well
    2)I wear them everywhere. Church, dinner, shopping, football games, home or where ever I please. I wear them with jeans, capris, dress pants etc. (you’ll see me with one at the fiber fest:).
    3) Depends how large the shawl is, as to how I wear them. Last week I wore the shawl Grace sent to me. It is a nice large shawl so I was able to drape it over the shoulder with a nice pin. (wore it with jeans and a long sleeve top.) To dress up, I put a costume jewelry pin on them.
    4)Well for heaven’s sake. I never gave the point a thought bu now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m more aware now. Thanks Chan……….lol
    5) Shawl patterns? mmmm………just check out the oh-so-many in my ravelry queue…..lol

    p.s. Love the pic with the Knight and Fred.

  15. Bridget says:

    Well, here’s my 2 cents worth:

    1. I like triangular shawls. For no other reason than that they seem more “shawl” like to me …

    2. I wear my knitted wraps everywhere and anywhere! I found them especially useful when I was recovering from surgery a few years ago, and a sweater or sweatshirt was just too uncomfortable.

    3. I usually wear them just wrapped around my shoulders or even my neck. Though I do have a couple of special ones that I wear with a shawl pin.

    4. To be honest, I can’t be bothered to worry about the point. If someone else is that concerned about how it looks on me, they need a life more than I do!

    5. I think my very favorite everyday-I-love-it-in-general pattern is the Truly Tasha shawl by Nancy Bush.

    (Don’t blame me if you are no sorry you asked!!)

  16. Bridget says:

    Well, here’s my 2 cents worth:

    1. I like triangular shawls. For no other reason than that they seem more “shawl” like to me …

    2. I wear my knitted wraps everywhere and anywhere! I found them especially useful when I was recovering from surgery a few years ago, and a sweater or sweatshirt was just too uncomfortable.

    3. I usually wear them just wrapped around my shoulders or even my neck. Though I do have a couple of special ones that I wear with a shawl pin.

    4. To be honest, I can’t be bothered to worry about the point. If someone else is that concerned about how it looks on me, they need a life more than I do!

    5. I think my very favorite everyday-I-love-it-in-general pattern is the Truly Tasha shawl by Nancy Bush.

    (Don’t blame me if you are now sorry you asked!!)

  17. Bridget says:

    P.S. I have no idea why that last comment is posted twice …

  18. kathy b says:

    I love a rectangle shawl. They are easier for me to wrap around me. The point on the triangle shawl simply points to my butt. That ‘s why I don’t like a rectangular shawl. ! I like a mini shawl to wear with the point under my neck like a kerchief.
    My favorite shawl is the Macnme RUffled Shawl pattern. I have only the second ruffle to finish .

    Great contest

  19. kathy b says:

    Oh and I wear them with blue jeans anywheree: I like to pull them over me like a babushka to embarrass my husband and kids. I say I’m starting a new trend. BRING THE BABUSHKA BACk, besides it is cold her in Chicago!

  20. Bubblesknits says:

    Yeah….what they said. 😉

    How’s Gretchie after her dip? I bet that was one suprised little puppy. lol

  21. Mr Puffy says:

    Hum. So much going on in this post. I’m too tired and have had way too stressful a day (is it only Wednesday?) to think about rules and/contests…but here’s my thoughts on shawls.

    They are my sweater. I don’t look good in boxy sweaters and I’ve found a shawl to be more flattering on me. I’ve never noticed that point on the bottom before. But that’s probably because I tend to wear either the shoulder shawls or the large oversized shawls and not the middle sized one where that is probably most noticeable. I wear them whereever I’m going – but I don’t wear the large glossy ones unless it’s night or a special event. Since I don’t leave the house too often this boils down to running errands and church/temple. I don’t care for shawl pins (I think on me they look old ladyish). I wear both triangle and stole shapes. Some of the stole shapes I’ve not gotten around to blogging but they are very wearable and I’ve used them a lot over the years. What’s a favorite shawl pattern – I love the Diamond Fantasy and I’ve knit it twice. With a single skein of sock yarn it’s just over the shoulders so not the warmest shawl but it’s a favorite.

  22. yvonne says:

    What shape do you like best, and why?
    I tend to lean toward rectangles. Guess I’m just too practical. They can be draped around my shoulders, under the collar on my dress coat, wrapped around my neck when it’s cold.
    Where do you wear your knitted wraps?
    Church, the symphony, special occasions, out to dinner
    HOW do you wear them?
    draped across my shoulders and chest with one end thrown over my shoulder; doubled and looped like a scarf, draped inside the deep v-neck of my coat, loosely tied in the front. I’d wear a scarf pin if I had one
    What do you think about the triangle and the “bottom point”?
    Triangles are beautiful. ….so it points at one of my ‘ass’ets 🙂
    share your favorite shawl patterns with me.
    I aspire to knit the Princess Shawl. I love the Rona Lace Shawl by Anna Marie Jensen, Mohana by Monika Steinbauer, Eliina Shawl by Lankakomero, Lovely Lacy Shawl / Heirloom Shawl by Patons, Miralda’s Triangular Shawl by Nancy Bush, Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman,Mariposa by Merrily Parker, Harbour Lights Shawl by Sivia Harding, Greta Garbo Shawl by Nancy Bush, Lerwick Lace Shawl….hope I live long enough to knit my way thru my queue.
    How ’bout a gift certificate to one of my favorite indie dyers for some sock shawl yarn?
    I’d love it!!!

  23. Eeps, I’ve never knit a shawl so I don’t have an answer for you. Except to add that shawl pins can be veeerry gorgeous accessories!

    I’ll be reading all these comments soon too. I would love to wear more shawls.

  24. Dianne says:

    Fun contest, and I’m looking forward to reading all of the answers. I can’t participate, as I’ve only knit the Clapotis, but have never worn it. 😦 I’m about 3/4 through WendyKnits’ Order to Chaos shawl, but will probably not wear it either – just drape it over the back of my knitting chair.

    Love that picture of the Knight and Fred. Love it.

  25. I like to wear them with jeans and T’s…and formals!

    Poor Gretchie! Give her a “snug” from Fred and Henry!

  26. km says:

    What shape do you like best, and why? I think there is a purpose for every shape. I have a square shawl that I bought in Moscow…I wear it folded as a triangle, and the other 2 wraps I have are rectangular. I wear them as a scarf or as wrap tied in front. I want a neckerchief style, and I’d love a large circular shawl.

    Where do you wear your knitted wraps? Out to dinner, to church (it’s chilly with the A/C, to the theater (not the movies…the theater), and my Clapotis has gone grocery shopping, to the park, and the beach.

    HOW do you wear them? I don’t have a shawl pin. I drape them over my shoulders, wrap them around my neck, tie them in front. I even enjoy just carrying them along for the evening as an accessory when it won’t be chilly until we’re leaving.

    What do you think about the triangle and the “bottom point”? I’m sure I could be more concerned about the arrow pointing at my bum, but most days that’s the least of my worries.

    share your favorite shawl patterns with me. Well, I love Beach Glass for the name. I loved the one Grace knit and was shared on your blog again when Anita visited. I’m leaning toward knitting Ishbel right now for myself. I like Multnomah, except for the way the edging pattern meets at the center. Rectangular Ulmus, Perfect Pi Shawl, Girasole. See…I’m not shape specific…I’ve listed a smallish shawl, a triangle, a rectangular, a roundish, and a full circle.

    Gail (aka Nightsongs), Springtime Bandit, textured shawl recipe, Lavalette, mara, Milkweed Shawl, Aestlight Shawl, Seraphim Shawl, Traveling Woman…and there you have some of my Ravelry Favorites.

    And Bloom (http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/PATTbloom.html) is something I’ve wanted to knit for awhile.

  27. Kathy says:

    I know I’m answering the questions out of order, but here goes.

    Favorite shawl: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/vine-stitch-wrap
    (I’m wearing it in my rav photo {kathyr65}).

    It’s too hot here to wear shawls outside much, but I like them in Houston’s overly A/C’d buildings, like my office or a movie theater. I also like them on airplanes and while traveling. I attach it to my bag (or purse) so it is handy if I need it and I think it makes my purse look cool.

    I never thought much about the point, but your Noro sock yarn shawl is so beautiful I might make one and have to worry about that point.

    Currently I am knitting the Ishbel shawl in a coppery fall color. This is probably going to be my new favorite shawl.

  28. Darcy says:

    1.I agree with you on the triangle having a point directed at your bottom is annoying;)
    2.I like the Damson here is the link: shawlhttp://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/damson-2
    Working two columns of paired yarn
    over increases that radiate from the centre neck
    cast on creates a curved shape that drapes perfectly
    around your shoulders.
    3.I would love to knit the Hanomi as well and loved the clapotis.
    4.I like to wear my knitted wraps to social occassions or just sitting on the couch while knitting if it is a bit cold in the house.
    5.I like to wear mine with a shawl pin as I dont want to pull the shawl out of shape after blocking it.
    6. I also love a simple shawl and if it has a stitch count or spread sheet then I love it even more as otherwise it can be hard to keep track of your stitches and repeats so I’m really starting to like the small shoulder shawls give me a quick knit any day of the week;) Hugs Darcy

  29. Barbara S. says:

    What shape do you like best, and why?
    Well at this point in my life I don’t feel like I’ve worn them enough to really know what shape I like the best. I have a triangle one that I throw around my shoulders to keep warm around the house and I really like that one, but I think it would be tricky to wear out in public.
    Where do you wear your knitted wraps?
    Around home, so you know, on the couch, at the desk, on the deck, out to the mail box, places like that.
    HOW do you wear them?
    Mostly tied or flapping about! (I am not the most styling person, you must realize.)
    What do you think about the triangle and the “bottom point”?
    Well, so far I don’t worry about it so much since for the most part is just the cat and dogs that might see me. But if I start wearing these out and about, I am going to have to put some thought into this. Putting the point on my shoulder seems like an option…..

    “share your favorite shawl patterns with me”
    Include (but not limited to of course!) Hanami Stole, Lily Of The Valley Shawl (Nancy Bush), High Seas, Gaia

  30. BrittC says:

    A very nice Topic. Thanks alot hope you go for the detail next time!

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