Look but don’t touch

… like that’s a problem with the internet.

I thought I’d flash a few of the prizes for my contest to generate  more traffic/entries.   I need to start a spread sheet with the assorted entry options and your names…

SpringValley donation

SpringValley donation

Y’all have seen this yarn before, but just to refresh your memory, one lucky ducky will win this hank of yarn as part of one of the two grand prizes.   If you can’t wait to see if you win it, you can click on the photo to head straight to Jessi‘s shop.  

Piddleloop donation #1

Piddleloop donation #1

That’s the bag from the great gals at Piddleloop that will go with the yarn shown above.  It’s a sweet little notions bag, in Sissy’s honor.  Again, click on the photo to head straight to the Piddleloop shop.  Those girls were VERY generous with their clever bags, so you’ll see more of them later!

Second Grand Prize, from GypsyKnits

Second Grand Prize, from GypsyKnits

Dear Kathy, Mr. Bettis, Gypsy and Molly sent along the other grand prize.  I’m delighted that I get to offer bags by my two favorite bag makers!   Again, click on the photo to head to Kathy’s etsy site.  Each grand prize will also include coordinating stitch markers and tape measures.

I’ll share more prizes another day.  It’s taken about ten hours to get this much written, and I need to go buy a new washing machine tonight, quite unexpectedly.  The Knight is meeting with a certain friend of ours to deliver the first round of special gifts.  I’ve been told to knit faster; “Hope” as we’ll call her began her treatments yesterday.

In other news, Sunny had another surgery today, but pop over and read it directly.  Keep those prayers and good thoughts coming!

9 comments on “Look but don’t touch

  1. Anita says:

    Great prizes!! Everyone really went all out for them. 🙂

    Good luck with the washer hunt…. I know how those unexpected washer/dryer things go…

  2. gaylen says:

    Lovely prizes. I need to go read through the contest again to see what I still need to do. I counted my blessings, I’m sewing cookie sheet blankets (do they count?), I’m sending you prizes . . .

    okay – I’m to read about Sunny. g

  3. Bubblesknits says:

    Ick. I hate searching for washer/dryer type stuff. Although, keep in mind that if you like to felt, the front loaders don’t work so well for that.

  4. Sue says:

    OK, so far I blogged about my blessings, I just started the second cookie sheet blanket, we have eight birthdays on October 26, which we will be celebrating with pictures. Samba and Morgan will probably be dressed in pink and purple. We’ve had pizza three times so far and we’re only halfway thru the month.

    I think I have all my bases covered.

    We did the emergency washing machine buy last year. We got one big enough to hold dog beds and blankets.

  5. Darcy says:

    Great Prizes love’in the purple the bags are awesome.Hugs Darcy

  6. My theme song is taking over my life! What theme song? Same one as always…”If I Only Had A Brain”!! I’d forgotten about the other stuff I need to do for your contest….sigh.

  7. Nichole says:

    Gorgeous prizes!!! Love the bags and the yarn! Beauteous….

  8. anniebananie says:

    I’m going to finish my prizes for you tonight, I promise!!! 🙂

  9. Sonya says:

    Awesome prizes! Good luck on finding the right washer.

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