It seems so much more appropriate to write a Dogs on Thursday post with Sissy lolled up against me, even if Thursday is rather much over in some parts of the world.


To the DoT only readers, please skim.  There are more photos of Sissy – my Diva Model Extraordinaire – with wee Gretchen peeking here and there, however, due to some freakish issue no one can pin down and fix, I can’t grab photos at work, so I’m blogging at home, which totally disrupts our routine. 



For the rest of you, this is my Handspun Headband, which Sis has kindly pointed out is always a HAIRband, but only marginally a HEADband.



Pattern:  The Noro Headband, which I followed to the letter, aside from perhaps making it a bit wider/longer than intended, just because it is the first project I’ve made from my own precious handspun, and I wanted to use up as much as possible.



Yarn:  Um, my own handspun, made from a handful of different little sample rovings.  Mostly wool, roughly light worsted.


Needles:  KA bamboo US #6 x 24″ circs.  (LOVE those needles… still thinking seriously about the KA Interchangeables…)



Verdict:  For what it is – a dog-walking, ear-warming, first project with my own handspun – it’s perfect.  I won’t be wearing it to the opera or anything, but it will serve the intended purpose well, and I was correct in guessing that a pattern designed for self-striping yarn would be kind to a mosh of fiber samples.  (And no, I don’t have a photo of me wearing it.  It’s not been a get a self-portrait kind of ten days or so around here.)



The REAL verdict is that my fur-girls rock.  As the song that was playing as I got out of the car says, “Everyone that sees you… wants to know you… everyone who knows you always has a smile… You’re a standing ovation… Everyone calls you amazing…  I just call you mine…”


Photo by Anita... if THAT doesn't make you grin, NOTHING will!


My hope is that each of you has someone in your life, two or four-footed, who makes you feel that way.  Sure, the Knight is pretty awesome and most people find themselves liking him (or hating him… he’s polarizing, I suppose), but these fur-girls never fail to make me smile.


So, happy what’s left of little friday, and I think I’ll get a head start on Friday’s post while I’m here!


18 comments on “Hairband

  1. Marjie says:

    I was wondering where the girls were! Sissy makes a good headband model, there’s no doubt of that. and the girls are always cute together. As my little guy used to sing when he was about 3, and sitting on the floor with Thor, “If you’re happy and you know it wave your paws!” I don’t know why your song reminded me of that, since I’ve never heard it, but there it is.

  2. km says:

    Pretty Great for your first hand spun project.

    I have to say it’s been pretty great to have Rex. I’m glad he decided to join our family. And the handful of squirrels in the backyard are fun.

    I tried to take photos of myself yesterday in my cowl and decided I’ll delete them all. It’s good you have a photogenic doggy model.

  3. Bubblesknits says:

    Great way to use up the samples! I might have to do that with some that I’ve been accumulating.

  4. gaylen says:

    The handspun is great. But even better – that photo of Sissy sitting in the sun with her eyes closed. And the song lyrics. Good job 🙂 g

  5. Sue says:

    If you’re happy and you know it, flap your ears.

    It’s hard not to smile at the furry members of the family. Rob and I were reading in bed last night, propped up on pillows when thud, Fudge joined us bringing a friend with him. He had a large stuffed dog by one leg and proceeded to circle a couple times, then throw himself down between us, put his head on his toy and go to sleep.

    Rob and I just looked at each other, smiled and went on reading.

  6. Anita says:

    Love the headband!

    And I love those last 2 photos of Sissy. 🙂
    The one where she is wearing your headband looks like she is warming her face in the sun, and then of course the last one looks like she is laughing, I know we were! ha ha

  7. Heh…just so you know, I had no idea it was Thursday when I started to read this! Things need to calm down and get settled so I can successfully pretend I have a clue! Love the ear-warmer and model. It must be smashing to have spun and knit up your own yarn.

  8. kathy b says:

    I sing that song to Fireman. I LOVE your cowl headband. SO colorful and practical.

  9. Sonya says:

    Great job on hairband! I have tried my hand at spinning and it did not go so well. Yours is beautiful!

  10. Darcy says:

    The headband is gorgeous and I always love pictures of the girls:)Hugs Darcy

  11. Sandy says:

    Love the headband and love the pictures of the doggie wearing it! So cute! And I adore the tutus!

  12. Nichole says:

    Well said!
    Great post… great pics… love the HAIRband! 🙂

  13. anniebananie says:

    Chan, that is GORGEOUS!!! I love what you did with your first hand spun. And I do love the picture of Sissy yawning while Gretchen just hangs out and both of them in their tutus!!!

  14. Dianne says:

    Love that headband. It’s a perfect use for your beautiful handspun yarn. Kisses to the tutu girls!

  15. Kathy says:

    Awesome handspun, handknit headband. Great job. Mr. B doesnt’ think Miss Sissy likes the headband as much as her fancy tutu:)
    The girls are adorable as always.

  16. Mr Puffy says:

    You’ve done it!!! Congratulations on your very first FO in your own handspun. Perfect pattern choice and it looks smashing on Sissy ~ as does the Tutu 🙂

    Hope your weekend was fun and looking forward to the rundown next week!

    • chanknits says:

      Thank you, Claudia. It gave me far more satisfaction, despite being a coarser yarn than I would otherwise select to knit with…

      Oh – and I’ve decided YOU need this needle case. It’s a little work of art. I need to get it photographed, and then I’ll get it out in the mail.

      Have a nice week!


  17. Cathy says:

    I love the cowl and I love love love the homespun!

    Sissy looks lovely in it, too!

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