Lucky Dog?

Well lookee here!

Evidently, several of us are livin’ right as the saying goes, because I can blog! 

Oh.  Wait.  Never mind.  I’m at home with my trusty laptop, where Flickr works and Comcast and its new commercial modem are removed from the equation.

This is the happy little Post-It Gmarie included in her package.   Silly little things like that make me ridiculously happy.  The dog, which jiblets aside could be a Sissy profile, is cute, but the colors really work for my inner preppy.  (Cue a Barbara Mandrell impostor singing “I was preppy, when preppy wasn’t cool.”)

photo by MJ, 11-2007

So, MJ did come in, after taking Nick to the groomer’s.   That means packages went in the mail, so hopefully in a couple of days, several of you will have your prizes in hand. 

Where were we?!  I honestly have no idea.  This thing with Flickr at work has really thrown my blogging mojo out of whack.   I still owe you a post about my spinning wheel, but that will come one day when I can blog at work and the mojo is back. 

I know yesterday, you missed the Lucky Dog photo I showed earlier, and this lovely pair of earrings from the awesome Ann.   They’re actually a cool, coralesque pink, that looks good with all sorts of shades of pink and red.  I know, because I have a very similar pair, without the rosette.

I have to pause here to again thank all of the very generous vendors who made the Blessed Big Bash possible.   I know not everyone had her donations featured here, but I do believe I mentioned everyone, and if not, correct me and I’ll make it so!

I failed to get a photo of Felicia‘s BEAUTIFUL wooden needle case, so we’ll have to wait for it to arrive at its destination.  I also sent along the business card Felicia sent, so I can’t even send you to look at the beauties.  With a bit of luck, she’ll help me out, because these are TRULY little works of art.  (And think sewing needle case, not knitting needle, okay?)

Last, but hardly least, I need to share the yummy braid Ann brought me from Rhinebeck.  That’s Gnomespun, and it’s my first Polwarth (breed of sheep).  I’m really enjoying spinning with different fibers.  I think it’s going to be next on my bobbins.  Thanks so very much, Ann!

Tomorrow, so I don’t have to rely on Flickr, I’m going to tell you about the new series of books I’m hooked on.   How goes your week?  Any of you work for Yahoo and/or Flickr?

12 comments on “Lucky Dog?

  1. Anita says:

    Pretty earrings, and that roving is lovely. You’ll have to let me know how you like the Polwarth, I haven’t tried that one yet….

  2. Yvonne says:

    I LOVE those earrings!
    That profile does look like Sissy….and the colors are perfect.

  3. Yeah for access to photos! My week is rushing by in a blur…glad someone got to mail packages…I pulled off a blog post late today, too. Wow, miracles really DO happen!

  4. Sue says:

    Nick looks like a sweet dog. Glad someone had a good day or at least partly good day. I’m still looking for a good one this week. Maybe tomorrow.

  5. Okay I hope you find this funny, but I immediately thought “lucky bitch” (as a joke post-it) until I saw the jiblets… *ahem*

  6. gaylen says:

    Well I never even noticed the jiblets – leave it to you to look (!)

    Hmm – I know about the books – I know! Other than that – I got nothing! g

  7. Sue J. says:

    Welcome back, giblets and all. Too funny! Seriously, glad the blogging mojo is coming back. Don’t let Yahoo and Flickr get you down.

  8. Sandy says:

    Ooooh! That roving is gorgeous! Drool.

    I hope the technological issues get sorted soon. They can be so aggravating, can’t they?

  9. Marjie says:

    Nick is such a pretty dog. Too bad he and your girls can’t hang out together at the office. One big happy dog family, as it were.

    And I upload pictures from my hard drive directly, bypassing flikr or any other service. I know from nothing about all of this technology crap!

  10. Kathy says:

    Very handsome Nick. oohhhh…and nice fiber:).

  11. Miss Me says:

    Gnomespun? The fibre looks gorgeous but the name alone makes ME smile! : )

  12. nichole says:

    Love that braid of fiber…….gorgeous! The Lucky Dog is adorable!

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