Round … what number?

We never really stopped looking for another vehicle for me, but I did stop obsessing about it.  At the moment, we’re in negotiations.  You see, we both love the Knight’s personal truck.  Scratch that; all four of us love the truck.  The girls have more room in his back seat than mine, although they still wad up in the middle.  (Can you believe I don’t have a photo of them sleeping together in the car?!)

OBX 2-09 ... pretend it's the backseat of my car

Anyway, what with the chiefmobile and his work truck, his personal truck sits undercover, unloved, so we’ve declared it our travel vehicle, at least until gasoline prices top $4 again.  That opens up a new world of car shopping for me, because it means I don’t have to give a second thought to cargo room.   

Mugsy and the Knight on the big green tractor ~ 2005

Now, I could be really practical and go sedan, as the Knight would like, but I don’t like cars.  I’m a country girl, born and raised, and since I can’t toodle around on a big ol’ tractor, and since I do have enough decorum to realize dresses, heels and pick-ups don’t mix well, that still leaves me with SUVs, or preferably, a cross-over.

Now…  here’s where I need your input.  We’re having a premium fuel debate in The Woods.   The Knight says it’s not a big deal, especially since many manufacturers “recommend” premium fuel but don’t require it.  I say if they think we should use it, we should, and it gripes me to pay more for premium fuel if I’m not getting something out of it.   (And we’re not looking for performance.  I would rather have better fuel mileage.)

Am I being hard to get along with?  I know a few of you have Subarus, which I think of as wonderful, practical cars, and they take premium fuel, so educate me here!

(Now, since it’s taken two hours to type this much, I’m going to publish.  Some of it is because the girls wanted to go walk in the sunshine, and some of it is because of a customer, so I’m not REALLY complaining…)

20 comments on “Round … what number?

  1. Sue says:

    Good news!! Our car is in for service and they gave us a loaner. It’s a brand new Subaru Outback with all the bells and whistles, think heated seats, and it takes regular, not premium. Rob says all the new Subarus that are not turbo charged now take regular. Just ask the dealer.

  2. gaylen says:

    First Love the photo of your Knight and your boy driving the big green tractor!

    Second my husband only puts premium fuel in his sports car every couple of tanks – depending on price. He says there is a fuel additive you can add -but really the price difference between premium and mid-grade (he never goes below mid) is so nominal that you won’t even save enough to pay for the additive.

    I don’t see a problem with dresses, heels and trucks – that’s why they made running boards and I’m guessing you don’t wear dresses tight or short enough that they are indecent when you climb in. Just sayin’ g

  3. p3knitter says:

    I always felt that they made premium fuel for a reason, but my Dad, Grandfather, and Uncle have all assured me that it doesn’t make a difference. I know that my Dad’s truck call for a higher grade of fuel but so far, he’s had no problem with regular. So, honestly, I personally can say that I’ve never heard of a car or truck have trouble because of the type of fuel.

    BTW – great picture of the boys on the tractor!

  4. I simply cannot be of help in this debate! My father swore by using “the best” fuel, not just higher octane but also only certain brands. I don’t share that view. I had a car that specified ‘mid-grade’ fuel and I fed it that for all the years I owned that vehicle. When I sold it to friends, they never used it again. They got the same mileage I had gotten and the thing lasted for many more years. I don’t buy into it any more. Hubby Dearest, though, puts only Chevon gas ( with Techron, you know) into his sporty little Mazda. Whatever!

  5. Yvonne says:

    I know little to nothing about vehicles, but I do know I’m with you, I prefer an SUV type vehicle. With an unlimited budget, I’d go for a Toureg :-), otherwise, I have no clue.
    As to the ‘walk in the sunshine’….WHAT SUNSHINE?!? Send some a little south.

  6. Anniebananie says:

    OK. I have a Outback, with 233K miles on it, thankyouverymuch. And I have NEVER used premium fuel. I have used 89 octane, and when things got over $4/gallon, I used 87 octane. I change the oil regularly, and get it maintenance when it needs it (it needs the oil changed now, actually).

    I love my outback and am going for 300K miles on it.

    Oh, and one more thing – the car has 233K miles on it, and it still gets 26 mpg, the same that it got when it came off of the showroom. In the summer, with the AC on, it gets 24mpg, but that’s still really good in my book!

  7. Blond Duck says:

    We always use premium fuel. It really makes a difference in the engine, particuarly if you have a high-performance sports car like my husband does.

  8. AlisonH says:

    My understanding is it makes a difference longterm in the life of the engine if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. But don’t quote me.

  9. Nichole says:

    I’ve been taught to follow the recommendations for the fuel… for the life of the engine/vehicle. Also that you shouldn’t “mix” by using regular one time and premium sometimes… stick with one.

    Thankfully I’ve not bought any car / truck that requires premium though!

  10. Barbara S. says:

    Wait! What? You are telling me I am supposed to be putting premium fuel in my car? Nooooo, I am sure not! No one at the dealership *ever* told me that and it runs just great.
    (Oh and BTW, Tom and Ray on Car Talk don’t advocate premium fuel for most any car either. They are always telling people they don’t need it and it is a waste. Well, unless you are going to buy a Jag or something.)

  11. Barbara S. says:

    Oh, and years ago when we had a CJ7 Jeep, Hubband said skirts and high heels looked sexy hopping into the driver’s seat. But G is right, they make running board for a reason.

  12. Marjie says:

    Oh, come on,you know I have a Dodge Ram pickup with an extended cab, and I drive it in a dress and heels all the time. The guys at the lumberyard think it looks fine. So, get yourself one of those! Or else a front wheel drive Caddy like mine has a big trunk, and plenty of back seat for the girls. And I don’t do premium fuel either. Happy Thanksgiving, Chan. My boys waved down I-64 at you for me as they passed this afternoon.

  13. Darcy says:

    I have a chevrolet venture van and dont know anything about vehicles except the van is easiest on my back since I have 2 girls in car seats no strain no pain mommy van suites me but I love hearing from you all about the fun upgrades and gadgets newer vehicles have always interesting sorry I was not much help though:)Hugs Darcy

  14. Anita says:

    What do you mean dresses, heels and pick-ups don’t mix?

    Well, in my opinion, premium vs. regular doesn’t matter if it has ethanol in it. (which most do) That is what is gonna clog up the works… I have to agree with the Knight on this one.

  15. Amanda says:

    I’m really of no help here, since my car company is going out of business… but I am with you – I love my truck. Cars don’t feel very safe to me, being so close to the ground.

    Do you mind if I ask – why are you getting rid of the Lex?

  16. Tuffy says:

    I reckon apart from the price, there’s really not much of a difference between premium and regular… unless you’re into engine and car performance. I think there’s something about premium burning more efficiently … i.e. speed?


  17. LindaM says:

    2006 Subaru Forester… been using regular fuel with no issues. Had a ball bearing go bad in the back left tire, (covered by warranty), but with 75K+ miles, no other issues either. This is my 3rd Subaru and I love them. LOVE. THEM. Mine has most of the bells and whistles, except leather seats. Oh, and it’s a manual transmission. Love me some stick-shift driving. I’d highly recommend any Subaru – Drove my first one 11 years and only traded it in ’cause it was too small to travel w/ a baby.

  18. Kathy says:

    Love that picture of the girls:)
    As far as vehicles go, I’m the kind that if the vehicle gets me from point A to point B, we’re good to go………lol

  19. km says:

    I drive a HUGE gas guzzler. So I can’t really talk. But, that’s what fits our family. I vote you go with what fits…and ignore the other stuff.

  20. Bubblesknits says:

    I’m another one that doesn’t use the fuel they recommend. I do try to use a reputable station, but that’s about as far as I go.

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