(The Knight happens to love a good corn dog, just so you know…)

That nose gets her in trouble every time.   Yesterday afternoon, as we have every single weekday afternoon since the steps were built off the deck, I let the girls out, let the girls in, and then went about MY business. 

Yeah, the girl happens to think she’s also a sight hound, but it’s that dangerous combination of can’t see but can smell that leads her astray.  (She was STANDING in my lap when I took that photo, just so you know.)   Yesterday, I was frantic when I found an unwrapped “roll” of quarters on the sofa upon returning to the too-quiet living room.  A quick count calmed my racing pulse; 40 quarters, but not the FIRST shred of a wrapper.

They're all angels when they're sleeping...

What was she thinking?!  What enticed her to EAT the wrapper?  The Knight had handed me the roll of Bicentennial quarters the night before, because I collect them.  Shame on me; I should have put them right away, but honestly…  Even with all the training my bassets have given me, it never entered my mind that she’d EAT a roll of quarters.  Thank goodness it was just the sleeve and not the coins themselves…

I think that Mr. Bettis is a bad influence.  Maybe she was collecting coins for his defense fund?

16 comments on “Coindog

  1. anniebananie says:

    She wasn’t actually trying to eat the coins, she just needed her fiber (in the form of paper, but still). And are you sure it was her and not our sweet little Gretchen? 🙂

  2. Walden says:

    I don’t believe dogs(or any animal, for that matter) will ever believe that they don’t fit perfectly in a lap. 🙂 Not that it is a bad thing, just not always very comfortable for the human.

  3. gaylen says:

    It’s so not Mr. B’s fault. He’s just a dog who has too munch energy! Maybe the wrapper smelled like PepperJack Cheese-Its! That’s it – they smelled like her favorite snack. Yea Sissy. 🙂 g

  4. texanknits says:

    Looking at what Mr. Bettis just did her dye stuff I’d say he’s going to need all the defense help he can get! When you figure out how to knit with a dog in your lap let me know.

  5. Whew! I sure am glad that only the paper was ingested! Perhaps the knight was snarfing a BBQ or corndog in the few moments prior to rolling said quarters…?

  6. Nichole says:

    Think girl understands money makes the world go ’round… 🙂

    Seriously though – glad to hear it was only the wrapper! Reminds me of the night Tut’s tags went “missing” and I was convinced he ATE them… even made the poor boy throw up, only to find them stuck down inside the couch later on… :/

    Great pics!

  7. Dogs! They are exactly like children, which is why one can never answer the question “why?”! They don’t know why, they just did it. Cute pics, though.

  8. Sue says:

    Bentley was attracted by shiny things. He’d pick up coins wherever he could find them, in the house or on the street, and take them to his window seat or to the corner of the back seat in the car. We called it his savings account.

  9. Anita says:

    LOL, silly Sissy. 🙂 I like what Scrabblequeen said, They don’t know why they did it, they just did it. SNOL

    And Mr B does need a defense fund. ha ha

  10. km says:

    Ok…that’s scary. I’m sure you wanted to count those 2x.

  11. Mary says:

    Our Doberman consumes vast quantities of paper products (tissues, paper towels, etc. – will raid the garbage for them). Though I must say, Sissy is fairly talented to have unwrapped the coinage first. If you aren’t sure whether it was Gretchen or Sissy, you will soon know who the culprit was…just watch for the evidence!

  12. AlisonH says:

    You know when they are sleeping, you know when they’re awake, you know that they’ll be bad and good so be good, for goodness sake! Oh, you better watch out…

  13. Dianne says:

    My Emma is a paper eater, too. Books, receipts, mail, even a $20.00 bill when she was a puppy. Sigh.

  14. Miss Me says:

    it was a paper wrapper wasn’t it? we see more and more of the prefab plastic coin tubes and those would NOT be good for anyone (or anything!) to eat.

  15. Bubblesknits says:

    That’ll be a lot of quarters. (Says his defense attorney. LOL)

  16. Kathy says:

    ROTFLMBO………Yep, she’s rounding up for his defense fund.
    Just so you know, Mr. B probably sent a willful vibe so he would have company in the “dog-house.” LOL
    We’re leaving tomorrow to pick up college girl and it would be wise for Dear Sissy to send well behaved vibes this way to Mr. Bettis:).

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