The Great Thaw

We’re thawing out around here.  Our road was finally plowed, sometime between getting home yesterday and leaving for work this morning.  You don’t need photos of snow melting, but trust me…  it’s not as pretty as fresh-fallen snow.

Now, before the week gets totally away from us, we need to jump back to Friday morning.   I was expecting a special package from Anita, and showed up well before the snow.

That’s my most-special lazy kate, hand-crafted and designed by Anita and her DEAR husband.  It arrived unfinished, so I still need to pull out the wax and rub it down, to match my Siren (my spinning wheel).  Of course, ‘Nita’s Sissymonster knew her favorite auntie had last touched the pressie, and she was trying to figure out how THAT works, when ‘Nita was nowhere to be found…  (Yeah, that’s a shadow from my hand in front of the flash on Sissy’s neck.  I told you yesterday that I don’t do well with indoor photos.)

Since I have a lovely, diverse group of readers…  A lazy kate holds bobbins (the rather spool-looking things on a wheel that hold the yarn?), and Anita and her dearest designed this one specifically for our long, big, fat Heavenly Handspinning bobbins.  Anita and I also find plying easier when the bobbins are horizontal, so there you – er, I? – go!!  (That’s a shot of the top rod, showing how they slide out easily.)

But wait!  There’s more!   I also have the proto-type for the clever-crafty-couple’s first yarn yardage measurer.   I started to edit and crop this photo too, but then Anita couldn’t see wee Gretchie sniffing and missing her too.  No, it’s not assembled yet, but that basic line counter goes on the bottom of that piece hanging on the right, and then the yarn is tensioned around the rods, and you have a measuring tool to figure out how much yarn you’ve spun!

Neither Anita nor I had accurate results the first time we tried using a fishing line counter as a yarn measurer, but we learned it was faulty tensioning, not a bad concept, so this little jobby will take care of that.

Then, I arrived home to find snow already sticking to everything in sight, but there was also another very special box on the front porch.  Sue and her pack sent some very special presents indeed, and what with the shower of gifts and snow, my Christmas spirit soared!

Doesn’t that look JUST LIKE my Mooo?!   Sue really is quite a talented stitcher, and I’m a bit jealous that she can finish her own works into pillows.  When I was doing cross stitch, I had to pay a seamstress to finish mine or just do wall hangings, which I could manage on my own.  (No sewing required…)

These photos REALLY don’t do these beautiful pillows justice.  Doesn’t this one capture Gretchen’s adorable little “let’s play!” pose well!?  I am still trying to find a safe,  happy spot for these pillows in our home.  The girls are fascinated by them too, so it has to be a home high, high up, where Sissy’s slobber can’t reach them. 

Sue, I simply cannot thank you enough for your perfect gifts.  They truly are heirloom treasures, but I also can’t stand to have them out of my sight, so I look forward to finding them just the right home.  Together, you, Anita and the snow brought Christmas to my heart this year.  I am blessed beyond measure with dear, talented friends!

And no, I’m not going to ask if you’re ready.  I’m not, but tomorrow is Christmas Eve anyway, and somehow, it will all come together well enough and it will be Christmas… ready or not.

11 comments on “The Great Thaw

  1. gaylen says:

    Love, love, love the pillows. And yes, I did know about those.

    I think spending time with those you love is more important than “being ready” any day. I don’t have a big gift for JB – nothing but the fact that I still love him and enjoy spending time with him after 15 years – I think that’s a pretty special gift unto itself.

    Bought some fun cheap cards/dice games. We’re going to start a new tradition. Could be really, really fun.

    Happy holidays. Don’t stress too much. g

  2. Sue says:

    You’re safe and warm at home with your man and your doggies. That alone means it’s a good Christmas. Relax and enjoy the day.

  3. Marjie says:

    Those are some wonderful pillows. Of course, having seen Sue’s Santa collection on her blog yesterday, I’m not shocked. I’m so glad something finally clicked for you! Now, to get my elves to finish my shopping…and then wrapping…while I cook my butt off…you see how well that’s going, right? Thor’s sitting beside me, making sure I don’t stand up too much. Good boy!

    Merry Christmas, Chan!

  4. Grace says:

    what wonderful gifts for a very deserving lady!!!!!

  5. Wow…Sue did a GREAT job on those pillows! Your pups will be with you forever captured on a lovely piece of textile art.

  6. Anita says:

    Well, no one seems impressed with our LK. LOL They just don’t know what a handy little item that is! 🙂

    The pillows are lovely, she did an awesome job!

  7. Bubblesknits says:

    Cool!!! I love the Anita & Co. lazy kate! Let me know how the tension system works. I’ve got one of those fishing line meters and never have been able to trust it.

    Those pillows are absolutely gorgeous. Seriously…Sue is one talented woman! 🙂

  8. Terrie says:

    What wonderful gifts!

    I love Gretchen’s little coat 🙂

  9. nichole says:

    What wonderful gifts… esp those pillows, absolutely amazing! I hope my package arrived… although it pales in comparison! Merry, merry!

  10. Dianne says:

    Those pillows are lovely!!!! Sue is so very talented, and kind and generous!

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