I’m in the mood for…

… tea!

It’s time for the first discussion point  in the Hot Tea Month Blog-a-thon

But first, I have to note that yesterday was Ruth‘s – our tea hostess – own blogiversary.  How fitting that a lady of tea began her blogging career during Hot Tea Month, no?

So… the topic.

Week One: January 3rd-9th“Tea as a mood lifter: How does tea improve your day? What is your favorite time for a nice, hot cuppa?”

Oh goodness… there is no easy answer.  Tea improves my day in so many different ways.   Just the very ritual of making tea – the water has to be the right temperature, which cup, mug and/or teapot suits the purpose?, and the waiting on that perfect brewing time – soothes me.

Then, there are the memories.  Just about every flavor of tea has a memory associated with it, be it a gift from a friend, or a tradition from some cuppa’ shared long ago…

From a Woolgirl Embrace the Lace shipment

Not to mention that so many of my cups and mugs were also gifts…

Aladdin built-in brew basket travel mug

As for the perfect time, well, any time is the right time for tea!  I do tend to like a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but for instance yesterday, I craved a nice strong, English Breakfast tea instead.  I tend to move through the tea spectrum as the day goes on, with black teas earlier in the day, then greens, then after dark, whites or herbals. 

(We are just talkin’ hot tea here.  Being a good Southern gal, iced tea – not to be confused with the sweet tea the Knight favors – is good for every waking moment in the warmer months.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go brew a pot of something fragrant and happy!

15 comments on “I’m in the mood for…

  1. gaylen says:

    Love the glass cup and saucer! too freakin’ cute. I like tea in the afternoon. The flavor depends on my mood. Earl Grey or English Breakfast with honey is always good when I don’t feel well. Otherwise – I’ll have a cup of anything. But one we have in the house at all times is Good Earth. I love the spiceness of it!! g

  2. p3knitter says:

    Wow – I totally need to get one of those Aladdin travel mugs … that is fantastic!

  3. Love your travel mug. Love you enough to forgive the coffee in the morning, too! 🙂 Thanks for joining the party!

  4. Bubblesknits says:

    I’ve been craving hot tea instead of coffee, too. Although, it may be where I was sick. Either way, I had to order more! lol

  5. Mary says:

    All tea, all the time. I grew up in the UK – had a British mother. Her oft repeated quote when I was growing up, “Only foreigners drink coffee!”

    I also love that travel mug! Very cool.

  6. sprite says:

    I love your photos! They make me want a cuppa right now!

  7. knitnmom says:

    I love the travel cup – I have never seen one! 🙂

  8. Miss Me says:

    that travel cup is great… must find myself one of those… you’re killing my bank balance today! : )

  9. Sue says:

    Very cute holiday cup and saucer. I learned to drink tea from my Scottish boss, then my best friend is English, so we had tea every afternoon till I moved away. I’m not the big tea drinker that some are and I don’t like iced tea, but it’s good for warming up on a cold evening or for times of stress.

  10. nancy says:

    Love the travel mug, you’ll have to give hints where we can find them.

  11. nichole says:

    Pretty peppermint tea cup!!!
    I hope you get to use your travel mug a lot… 🙂

  12. Blond Duck says:

    Iced tea is a staple in our fridge!

  13. Ellen says:

    That cup and saucer is so darn cute! I start the morning with coffee and have tea later in the day or at second breakfast :0)
    It was fun to read your thoughts and see that contraption….

  14. You know I am all about the teas now 🙂 And definitely LUV our Aladdin mugs!!
    Teavana has a new iPhone app that is wonderful!

  15. Dorothy says:

    Ooooh, a travel mug for tea drinkers! I love it!

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