Chai Forgot

While reading Monica‘s post, I realized I forgot chai.   I’m not precisely sure where it fits in the tea purist’s world, but I am no purist.  My own short and dirty definition of chai is that it’s an Indian beverage that blends black tea, spices, sugar and milk to make the most wonderful drink.  (If you click on the link above, Wikipedia will give you its lengthy, more precise explanation.)

Mugsy circa 9-06, perhaps waiting for a sip of chai

I don’t recall who introduced me to chai, but it was one of you, an internet buddy.  I’ve yet to try to make my own, in part because I took about a two-year hiatus from chai when Mugsy died.  Each of our fur-kids has had a couple of wacky food cravings, and chai was one of Mugsy’s.  That little guy would go NUTS when he smelled it simmering!  He’d race to the kitchen and park in front of the stove until I poured the liquid into a low, big mug.

For some reason, I’ve always taken my chai in these mugs.    Something about their low, spacious dots just seems right to me for chai.  I’d read somewhere that chai was traditionally served in shallower, large cups… 

Actually, I enjoy Celestial Seasonings chai varieties.  They change from time to time, and the Knight snagged a box of the coconut on Sunday’s grocery run.  I wish I had it with me now, but that’s just one more reason to long for the late afternoon and going home!

So, there’s no plied or otherwise finished spinning to share, nor did I pick up that second sock from 2009 to finish up.  Instead, I caved to peer pressure and cast on for Citron AND a sock mini KAL with some of those stash-bustin’ gals from the Stash Sock Club.   Hem, hem.  Don’t judge me.  Knitting’s my therapy, remember?

How goes your week, now that we’re half-way to the weekend?

12 comments on “Chai Forgot

  1. LOL….Judge you? For knitting something? I think not! One’s knitting is one’s personal business, or therapy, or happiness, or all of that rolled into one. Have fun, and I hope you soon enjoy chai with your memories regularly.

  2. gaylen says:

    Ummm- Chai always reminds of the holidays. It’s the smell I think. Love it as a latte – with steamed milk. Coconut sounds fabulous and those mugs – OMG. I’m coveting they neighbor’s possessions (at least it’s not his wife, right?).

    What a beautiful photo of your little man. Our chat the other day made me face my denial and realize that Dudley is old – even if he doesn’t act like it. g

  3. Sandy says:

    Yes, how could we forget chai! I have a wonderful recipe for making it from scratch, if you’re interested. That way you can use the tea of your choice and vary the spices. Its delish. Come to think of it, I’m overdue – haven’t made it in ages. I’ve never heard of a dog drinking tea. Heh.

    You make it sound like we are bad influences on you. I think not!!!! Just think of us as therapists of a sort. 😉

  4. Blond Duck says:

    I’m tired of being cold.

  5. Marjie says:

    I bought some chai once, but it was more like a hot chocolate thing where the stuff was all powdered and stirred into hot water. Actually, I think my girls may have found it at the supermarket. Anyway, it was pretty good, but I thought I’d like my excess calories to be used somewhere more fulfilling, such as lemon meringue pie. (That’s also why I don’t consume alcohol: why drink a beer when you can have cake?) Off on a tangent, again. Happy Wednesday!

  6. Walden says:

    You are making me want to drink tea again.

  7. louise says:

    Happy National Hot Tea Month, Channon. I’ve been so busy I plum near forgot!!!

    I haven’t had chai in oh so long. I’ve been on such a green tea kick these days. Love the mugs. I can see how they would marry well with Chai.

    Thanks for sharing, Chan. All’s well here, saw a ray of sunshine today:) My plants are grateful…

  8. Anita says:

    Okay, so I admit that tea bores me… but Mugsy is a cutie pie! 😛

  9. Bubblesknits says:

    Chai was my favorite when I was younger. There was a tea/coffee house called “The Celestial Lounge” that my friends and I would go to each weekend. We thought we were so cool. snol

  10. Nichole says:

    Coconut chai??? mmm… you’ll have to give me the verdict on that one!

  11. monnibo says:

    The spices probably helped Mugsy’s digestion or something. You know what’s nuts? I drink chai in one of those scoop-cup (aka bowl with handle) giant mugs too! Who knew!?

  12. Felicia says:

    I’ll have to confess that the one time I tried chai I didn’t like it. Doesn’t mean it won’t be worth a second try – but I’ll make sure it isn’t at the cost of a big coffee chain!

    After reading about the Stash Sock Club both from your blog, I joined the Rav group. Still haven’t made a single post, but occasionally I do read things there. Does that count for anything?!?

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