Tea Network

Tea, the friendship-builder.  Tea, the networking tool.

Week 4: January 24-30
“Whom have you met because of something related to tea? Share something about this person and how your relationship began and blossomed.”

Cute little tea magnets

I can’t begin to count the friendships I’ve made through tea.  Instead, I’m going to mention a couple of significant ones, and note that I thoroughly enjoyed hosting the tea swaps, meeting so many tea lovers, and making new friends.

To clarify, I’m not sure how many people I’ve actually MET through tea related things, but it’s amazing how a shared love of tea has deepened many connections in my life. 

Because I never pulled out my camera while we were together, I don’t have a photo of Ruth.  I could steal one from her, but I won’t.  I can however, remind you of the tea she brought me when we met in person!    Tea, dogs, books, knitting, and a friendship was born.   We’ve shared one cuppa’ in person, and countless more as we email, read each other’s blogs and chat on Facebook almost daily!

I was thoroughly spoiled in one tea swap by Nannette.   Just because life gets in the way and we don’t chat regularly doesn’t mean I don’t still think of Nannette.  The garden flag she gave me still graces the back deck.

I believe tea swaps introduced me to Holly too, and as tea tends to do, I then got to know her sister Lacey.  (I have the flowering teas in my car, and next week when MJ is back in the office some, I’ll be able to get things shipped!)  They’re both kind, thoughtful, talented women and maybe one day, life will let us share a cuppa’ in person.

While I could go on all day, I’ll close by mentioning Wendy.  I’m not sure which swap brought us together, but she’s shared a lot of tea with me, in person and by mail.   In fact, I can’t  recall a time we’ve gotten together she hasn’t handed me some new tea finds to try.  (Now THAT is a true tea friend!)

I couldn’t begin to list all the friendships I’ve made through tea, whether tea brought us together or not.  Please know that if I didn’t mention you, I still adore you and appreciate the teas you’ve shared with me!

Tea is a special part of so many of my friendships, all the way back to my toddler days, when a neighbor lady took on my mother and insisted I could – WOULD – have a proper tea with her.  There’s just something cementing about sitting down with a cuppa’ and another person… if they aren’t a friend when you plop down, they will be before the last sip!

Thanks again Ruth, for continuing this Hot Tea Month tradition.  Sip on!

6 comments on “Tea Network

  1. Sue says:

    Yes, sharing tea seems to bring people closer. It’s a wonderful way to relax and spend some time trading stories. I hoping to host a little tea party in the library this spring.

  2. gaylen says:

    you always have such great photos! I was thinking of you last night as I was heating water and trying to decide if I should have the second to last chocolate mint or save it. (I saved it.)

    I think tea is fabulous and one of my favorites is the tea pot I brought back from England. I don’t even care that is has a crack! g

  3. Grace says:

    lovely post and wonderful memories of how tea has shaped our adult lives!!

  4. Are those cute magnets on a real mitten or a tea mitten? I can’t grasp the scale. Thanks for sharing a cuppa or two with me this month, as well as for the last several years.

  5. Darcy says:

    Friendships formed over a cup of tea warm the heart:)Hugs Darcy

  6. Bubblesknits says:

    I’ll drink tea with you when I finally get myself in your neck of the woods. 🙂

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