Parcel Review

I bet we won’t get mail today, but that’s okay, because the past week has been VERY good to me.  It started with a sock club kit last week, and goes through the three parcels I had to open yesterday, and you just have to see them.  The photos aren’t great because the snow clouds had already moved in, and I wasn’t dressed to stand out in what natural light there was and snap photo after photo, but you’ll get the idea.

Those cuties are MY alpacas, made by Anita.   She’s started making her signature clay animals as spinning wheel orifice hooks.  (Last link will take you to her Etsy shop.) 

I love the detail Anita puts into her creations.  Isn’t that the cutest little clay alpaca?  I’m not sure I can leave it hanging on my wheel, given Sissy’s latest path of destruction.  Both girls recognize Auntie ‘Nita’s scent and go ape when she sends even a note, much less something she’s crafted with her own hands.   Still, I have my own alpaca – two of ’em! 

I’m so blessed to have talented friends.  Do slip over to Episode 55 of Manic Purl’s podcast.   Dear Jessi got a much-deserved rave review of her SpringValley Yarns.   She’s famous!!  I’m glad I have an inside track, because I almost always have something on the needles with one of her yarns. 

On Tuesday, Amanda of NH Knitting Mama had a shop update.   I scored a “seconds” version of Franconia for a steal.  I MEAN A STEAL!!!!!  Amanda offered it as a second because one ply of the base didn’t take dye the same way the others did, but I *LOVE* it.  I also have a custom alpaca laceweight she dyed for me at the start of her dyeing career on the needles right now.

In keeping with the friends who dye theme, the most recent sock club kit from Dianne of Creatively Dyed Yarn.   Each of my indie dyer friends has her own style and base yarns, and I really think I could tell them apart with my eyes closed even!  I’ve never knitted socks with beads, but I’m going to have to with this kit.  Check out the pattern page on Ravelry for Sivia Harding’s Emerald Forest Socks!

I know this is a painfully long post, but go grab a cuppa’ and a bite to eat because there’s still more!

A few days ago, Grace’s Master Blocker challenged her readers, and because he must think like the Knight, I won!   I received the beautiful yarn above, and the extra goodies below.   I can’t wait to wind it up and knit with it.  I think it wants to be a shawl for me.  What do you think?

Grace must keep notebooks on what her friends like, because she always sends the most thoughtful packages.  I’m sipping the Mighty Leaf Chamomile Citrus now, and I think I’m in love.  I’d never tried Mighty Leaf  teas before, but I think another parcel will be on my porch about the time the mail carrier can get to us again.  I’m also ridiculously fond of those highlighters with the built-in sticky flags and notebooks.  The red dotted thing almost hidden is a little notebook, in case you didn’t put that together from my almost random comments.

I’ll just briefly note another Embrace the Lace package floated in this week too.  I think there’s only one more to go, but I’m honestly not sure.  Justice is grey, and that’s a shawl in the pattern.   There are better photos in the Ravelry group, of course. 

Last, but HARDLY least is a sneak peek at the Namaste Monroe that wandered to my house.  I couldn’t help myself Monday evening.  I love it, not that I’ll be using it for a few days, what with over a foot of snow on the ground and no signs of it stopping…   It’s roughly the same size as my beloved Newport (same color too), with that coveted outside pocket, firm sides…  I think my dream bag might have landed.  (Disclaimer:  My bad back and I do not strut around with these monster bags I carry.  The bags go from the vehicle inside work, office, home.  For shopping and other ambling experiences, I just carry a small bag with the Blackberry, wallet and keys.) 

My fingers were too cold to peel off all the protective wraps, or to get all around photos, but after I load that baby up and tote it around for a few days, I’ll do better and tell you what I really think.

So, what are you doing this weekend?  Evidently, I’ll be snowed in, knitting, spinning, reading, decluttering, baking…

27 comments on “Parcel Review

  1. Sue says:

    Our mail carrier didn’t get here today either. Whatever happened to ‘Neither rain nor sleet, etc.’? Oh well, you hit the jackpot this week.

    Beaded socks sound painful, but they are pretty.

    Just how many bags do you have young lady? Never mind, I have a closet full, too.

    We got lots of snow yesterday so we’ve been playing outside all morning and now everybody is napping except me.

  2. Barbara says:

    Gorgeous shades in the yarn/gift given you by Grace’s master blocker. A shawl would be perfect- an lovely accent to a black suit or dress….

    I’ve got a couple purses that weigh a ton. I swear they have made one of my shoulders lower than the other. Wish I could learn to 1) put it on the other shoulder or 2) learn to carry a bag in my hand and not shoulder it.
    Sometimes when I am going to be on my feet all day I actually dump out the coins in my purse!

  3. Mary says:

    Speedy “Monroe” girl, aren’t ya? Lucky you. Looks like just the right size for hauling things. Like the little snap that keeps the two straps together when you carry it on your shoulder. I usually avoid two strap bags because one strap is always falling down.

    Hope Gretchen isn’t pouting too much over the snow. We have gone from an inch or two in Thursday evening’s forecast to 6-12″ this morning. Already have about 6″ at 3 pm and it is suppose to continue snowing until the wee hours of Sunday. So much for a little bit of snow…

  4. Bubblesknits says:

    Lots of good things in the mail! I can’t wait to read your review on the Monroe bag. I thought about getting one, but I decided to do the Handbags for Haiti thing instead. I’d been coveting the Knitter’s Satchel for years.

    Love, love, love the alpaca, btw. 🙂

  5. Darcy says:

    I drool over all the goodies you got no mail today for us.
    I will want to hear all about the monroe and it is very pretty.I’m reknitting the Hey Cupcake Shawl and since I’m recovering from a nasty bug I have a headache thinking about laying down for awhile.Hugs Darcy

  6. gaylen says:

    OMG – Love that alpaca – what could I do with an orifice hook? I have no idea what it’s for even! But I want one!!

    Hope the weather is being nice to you. I just sat down and am now having the hardest time staying awake – maybe a nap is in my future!! g

  7. Wow. Good mail week out your way. We only got one package this week, and it Jeremy’s health book…sigh. Enjoy your lazy, snowed-in weekend!

  8. AllyB says:

    Nice stuff! Let me know how you like that new Namaste bag. I specifically want to know if it will hold itself up. I had a Malibu that I had to send on it’s way to another home because when you let go of the handles it just settled down into a puddle, eh. If this new one stands on it’s own I might consider buying one. Love the color, btw. And the Emerald Forest? Love that Creatively Dyed stuff…got to go shop now…thanks!

  9. Anita says:

    Wow, you had a great mail week! Don’t you just love weeks like that? 🙂
    I’m glad you like the alpacas… I hope you are showing them to the Knight on a daily basis! SNOL
    That’s so cute that the girls know when I send a package. I need to get them some toys since I don’t need to send them treats anymore….
    Love, love, love all of your new yarn!! And a shawl for you sounds lovely for it. 🙂

  10. Grace says:

    You too have been having a great mail week, I got 2 new bags from Avenue I have not blogged about yet, Something else, oh my Revolution teas so it was a great package week. And my yarn for the Shoshie KAL a real pretty blue in Cash Vero—whether it ever becomes the shawlette its supposed to be I waited so long for the yarn I lost interest in the shawl!!!

    Enjoy your yarn and teas and bags—its not snowing here but it sure is cold and TOM is sick again!

  11. anniebananie says:

    Your mail carrier must love (or hate) you for all of the packages you got this week! We too are snowed in… no ice skating lessons this morning, no ski lessons this afternoon (I’m glad they canceled, actually, because as the day wore on, I realized that even I wasn’t willing to try to get over the mountain). We have about 7″ or so at the house, and it’s still coming down. I thought it was supposed to stop a few hours ago.

    I really love the bag, and want to see it close up the next time we have lunch. I need a new purse, but haven’t found one that I like. This is the first Namaste bag that I actually, really like. Where did you get it?

    Kids are asleep, DH still in Arlington. Went out twice with kids today to go sledding down the hill. It’s almost too deep to get any good speed, but they kept trying!

    Tomorrow? No church, no CCD. Perhaps a sledding party at my house. Wanna come?

  12. Kathy says:

    Awesome goodies:). The mailman was good to you this week. Love the alpacas, club kits, yarn and bag. You’re going to be busy for quite some time.

    p.s. Mr. Bettis says ppffftt…..and suggests Miss Sissy hire his attorney;)

  13. Marjie says:

    Just catching up on your posts! That blue bag s pretty, and I am strictly forbidden to lift more than 15 pounds “indefinitely”. Woo Hoo! Way to make my guys work for their supper! So I wouldn’t be hauling that around any more than you are. Liked your pictures of the girls in the snow, but we had arctic air (under 10 degrees all Friday and Saturday) which kept the snow south of us. Sunday it’s up to a tropical 18 degrees. Hmph. I’m staying in.

  14. Nichole says:

    Love. Love. Love the alpaca! Pretty yarns… Can’t wait for your tried-and-true review of Monroe! 🙂

  15. Nichole says:

    Oh and I’m a sucker for those pens with the built in post-it flags too!

  16. kathy b says:

    What a visual treat! Seeing all the new yarn makes me green with Hungarian/Irish envy. Grace is amazing eh? I MUST HAVE THOSE PENS HIGHLIGHTER THINGS> I’ve never seen them. My treat to myself tomorrow! WAHOO!

  17. Carol says:

    I love all of the beautiful colors of yarn. Those little animals are so cute. I say a gal can’t have enough bags :>) Thank you for the kind comments and concern for Charli and me. Charli is doing great. In fact, she is back to being Charli once again :>)

  18. Samantha says:

    Those Alpacas are adorable, and I can’t wait to see what becomes of all of that beautifully colored yarn!

  19. AlisonH says:

    My Roomba got too close to my spinning wheel, and the orifice hook was dangling too temptingly close; it hasn’t been seen since. And it wasn’t in the Roomba, either, the little scamp.

    Someone bumped its electronic wall and it had scampered down the hall, found a flannel rag around the bathroom, and was stalled out with its new blankie tucked halfway ’round it. As for the hook? It’s not telling.

  20. Nancy says:

    I voted for Sissy! 🙂 Those are great packages you’ve got there…postperson’s been very good to you. Hey! I got a peacock Monroe too. I love it!

  21. km says:

    I voted!

    I love the peacock color of your bags. And I love the 2nd NHKM yarn too. I get why she seconded it…but that would be great intentionally too. I’ve been itching to add beads to my knits. I’m thinking my first try might be in the BO like on Miss Me’s scarf. Then socks and mitts!

  22. That is my kind of mail!! Love it all (the alpacas are too cute!). But that Namaste Monroe…gorgeous!!

  23. Kathy says:

    Great mail you’ve gotten recently! I love the bag. I couldn’t help myself…my Peacock one arrived recently too.

  24. Sandy says:

    Wow! You did have quite the week, didn’t you? I wish the mail was as exciting at my house. 😉

  25. Dianne says:

    Those alpacas are adorable!!!!!

  26. KSee says:

    I got the Monroe in Plum. Love IT!! My new laptop fits in the center part. Now I just need to have a place to take both out of the house, lol.

  27. […] I pout, and I buy.  Even when I was on a Namaste kick (and no, I still haven’t used the Monroe, but thanks for reminding me), I still used Vera accessories.  The accessories wear remarkably […]

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