All that Glitters

First things first.  Gretchen would like to thank everyone who voted for her, and those who would have voted if they’d seen the post in time.   She would also like to thank the judges and administrative staff who made Mango Minster 2010 possible, and –

Sissy just cut her off before she could blather nice things about the winners.  Sissy isn’t a bad sport, but she wouldn’t need much encouragement to become one.  (Can you BELIEVE that grumpy face on my sweet girl?!)

The lone casualty... one shed roof

So yeah, we’ve survived round… whatever number we’re on of winter 09-10.  I’ve lost track of how many snows we’ve had, but this was the third over 12 inches snow we’ve had this season.  It was the worst in terms of wind and side effects.  We lost power twice.  The first time – Friday night – we only were without for about 30 minutes, because the Knight’s old schoolmate, now a foreman with our beloved, awesome little electric co-op, happened to be driving through the area and took care of the little incident post-haste.    Saturday morning, we were without for 5-6 hours, but we all just crawled back in bed and slept through it.  The power has flickered a few times, but I can’t thank the good people at CVEC enough!  They’re even on Facebook, so we don’t have to go to the website to get updates.

See the Knight (in red)? See his truck? (mirror on left of tree trunk)

The worst?  No internet for about 24 hours Saturday-Sunday.  The Knight had to tend my Farmville plot from the firehouse for me.  (Yeah, dirty little secrets…  we’re HUGE Farmville addicts.  Don’t judge; just friend us and make us your neighbors already.)  I do have email on my Blackberry, but most of y’all were painfully quiet during the same time period.

Still snowing...

The longest?  No cable, from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.  I ran out of DVDs Saturday night, and darned if the batteries weren’t dead in my Wii remote!  I have the only “motion plus” handset, so that meant no Wii Resort.  It was ugly, especially when the Knight and his band of warriors drove past the house TWICE (going and coming) en route to a neighbor’s heat pump filled the house with smoke call.  (And yes… I was on the phone with him demanding a battery delivery when the call came in, so I’m not at all sure why one of the trucks couldn’t risk getting stuck in our drive to bring me batteries.  Hrmph.)

In case you’re actually concerned about this poor, spoiled plugged-in country girl, we ventured out to our new, local WalMart last night and bought a four-handset, wireless, rechargeable contraption for all the Wii stuff.  Oh – and we got more milk, dry pasta and meats for the next siege, which begins sometime tomorrow.  (It’s all about priorities.  I never ran out of cookies, tea, K-cups, or peanut butter, so heck yeah, the Wii charger was more important than the food!)

Snowman attempt abandoned once gloves got wet...

I did go play in the snow yesterday, or tried to.  Turns out that the multi-layered mess of heavy, wet snow, sleet, snow-melt-refrozen, and very dry, powdery stuff we have on the ground doesn’t make a great snowman.  I also lack proper gloves – and so did WalMart.  The Knight went to work today and is going to hit Tractor Supply for some water proof/resistant gloves for me.  I’m afraid I set a dreadful precedent and not only kept a path cleared for the fur-princesses into the pen, but I dug my silver stead out on my own too.

Seriously…  The Knight has renamed Lexie-Beastie “Snowbunny.”  He swears that he’s never driven a vehicle that handles so well in snow and ice.   I was under the mistaken impression that ground clearance was an issue for her, but evidently not.  The Knight has spent the last three snows trying to challenge her, and she just laughs at him while sticking all four tires on the ground.   He’s never even had to put her in her “snow” mode.

So, that was my weekend.  I did some knitting and tinking and tinking and knitting, because it seems I didn’t knit as well by booklight as I thought I had 10 days ago.   I finished a book and started another, but I’ll post about them later.  This last shot is for the Edward lovers out there…  a local friend remarked that the snow glistening reminded her of Edward’s sparkly skin.  (Sissy notes that we are a soundly Team Jacob household, and Gretchen has suggested that a few of you might not know all the Twilight lingo…)

How was YOUR weekend?  Anyone have any pretty, browned winter grass to share?  Or sand?  How ’bout you year ’round beach dwellers?

21 comments on “All that Glitters

  1. km says:

    I’ve got a post up today that you’ll love.

    We had rain on Saturday, but the sun is out again…and the snow is beautiful in the mountains. I’m sure the snow I wish for isn’t as fun when you don’t have the lodge staff to clear the walks.

    You need a headlamp for knitting in the dark. You wear the elastic around your neck and the light hangs in the perfect spot for knitting. I perfected that one in the hotel when the kids couldn’t fall asleep without the lights off.

  2. Blond Duck says:

    It’s just rainy and cold here. Very gloomy for S. Texas. Running out of PB would be a nuclear disaster in the Pond!

  3. Sue says:

    We have brown grass and mud. They make for lovely pictures. It’s been snowing all day, but doesn’t seem to be sticking, I guess that could change.

    Sound like a frustrating weekend, don’t you just hate those?

    Tsar thanks you for your support in MangoMinster. The big boy is savoring his third place finish. Fudge is glad the whole thing is over.

  4. gaylen says:

    How gracious Miss Gretchen is.

    Who’d’ve thunk Miss Sissy would be such a poor looser! She’s a winner in my book. Give her a peppermint from Aunty G and tell her pouting isn’t becoming.

    Love the glistening snow and your snowman resembles a poodle!

    I have green grass — for the record and in 3 weeks I’ll have beach!! g

  5. Marjie says:

    Nary a flake of snow landed here. Yet in Philly, a mere 120 miles south, they had 28″. Oh, the joys of the ever fickle Mother Nature! My brown grass peeks out at the bottom of the yard, from whence the snow has blown to drifts in my driveway and around the back of the house. You know my 95 Caddy is a great snow car, because I raved about it last winter. Jeepers, when I was going to pick up my son at the airport in it, I was cursing about the drifts in the drive and having to go back at them a couple of times to get through (and I am gifted at the fine art of the curse, I assure you), but when we came back in, I realized that I had been swimming the car through the snow, since the snow was full of undercarraige marks. And, word of warning: while a Suburban will go through drifts 2 to 3 feet high if the other side isn’t that deep, with beautiful fans of snow flaring out the side, don’t try ramming it into 3-1/2 food deep snowdrifts and expecting to batter your way out. Been there, done that. Then I needed a loader to dig me out. Just sayin’.

    My daughter is on Farmville, They told me I am forbidden to join Facebook, because they will never friend me, and old farts don’t need friends anyhow. But it does provide entertaining conversation. Adopting purple alien cows can do that.

  6. Mary says:

    I see we suffered most of the same fate as you though we are 150 miles apart. Fortunately, we did not lose power (a true miracle), but we did lose satellite and internet. Satellite finally cleared off due to the sun late yesterday and the internet came back on this morning. We got around 25″ inches up here, along with blizzard conditions. No work today (yahoo!) because the Feds are closed (I work in DC).

    Glad you survived, though it sounds like it was ugly for a while. Not looking forward to more of this “stuff” tomorrow…possibly blizzard warnings AGAIN! Hope you survive the next round. And I think Sissy’s face is a good indication of how she feels about more snow. I’m with her on that one.

  7. Walden says:

    Sorry about all the snow, but you can definitely keep it. 🙂 Of course we all must have our priorities! If there is an apocalypse any time soon I will know who to hunt down for the good stuff.

  8. Oh my…we had a beautiful, sunny, warm weekend. Should I feel guilty? No pics yet, but I noticed the iris are getting going already! I had all the power I needed, but did NOT watch football, or much of anything else….

  9. Dianne says:

    Good luck with the next round! You have Wii? I’ve been looking for one around here for weeks, and everyone is sold out. I got my tax refund burning a hole in my pocket, and I’m going to treat myself. Anything you would recommend I get to go with it? When I eventually find one, that is. :-/

  10. AlisonH says:

    Beautiful, and oh so cold looking pictures there. I’m glad we recently bought (at last) a generator–although, come to think of it, I’m not sure we have any gas for running the darn thing come the next earthquake. We’d better get on it.

  11. Anita says:

    I love looking at your snow even though you guys are tired of it by now. 🙂
    And you’re right, Sissy doesn’t look very happy in that photo. She was just grumpy cause Auntie Nita couldn’t come play in the snow with her. 😛

  12. Look at all that snow! Glad you survived (but without the internet….yeah, I think we’re all too plugged in because I’m not sure I could do it!).

  13. Kristyn says:

    Well we will finally be getting our snow storm tomorrow. Of course 6-10″ is nothing compared to what you have gotten.

  14. Darcy says:

    I slept alot this weekend still trying to overcome the virus the cough is still with me as well.
    What you need is a Beam N Read so that you can knit or read and wander around the house without tripping;)
    It is warm during the day here in the mojave I wear just jeans a short sleave t-shirt and sandles so it is amazing to see all the snow lovely pictures I bet the girls are having fun:)Hugs Darcy

  15. lacey says:

    we are getting more snow as I type this. Ugh! Your sparkly is soooo pretty!

  16. Bubblesknits says:

    Wow. That’s a butt load of snow. There’s talk that we might get some towards the end of the week, but I don’t believe those lying weather guys. They like to yell “snow” and watch (most) us Southerners freak out over milk and bread. ::snort::

    I finished my Simple Things Shawlette this weekend! With beads! Also met up with some buddies for some coffee and knitting on Sat. morning. Very nice. Fate must have been preparing me for today. Gah.

  17. Barbara says:

    You northerners have really been hard hit this winter. I get constant updates from my Michgan son and my NYC daughter. She’s about to be hit with something tomorrow.
    We get a piece of everything you get- with rain or cold weather..don’t forget, we’re not insulated for anything much down here. 30’s and 40’s are really cold for us!
    Nice snow pics- takes me back to my days in Michgan, where we would wake up after a party and see our driveway (and front lawn) filled with cars our guests could not manuever out the night before!
    No…I don’t miss it!

  18. Nichole says:

    So did you add a few new DVDs to the collection as well? 😉
    As you know – we’ve lived thru the pure hell of no nothing for 9 days… I’m just glad you only had to go a few hours with the power. Cable and internet can be done without if absolutely necessary, but power is key… esp if you want to flush the toilet! 🙂

  19. Tobi says:

    That snow is unbelievable! It’s also really beautiful!

  20. Lucy says:

    Wow. Your pictures are beautiful! By contrast, in Dallas we’ve got dirty road slush and ice – yuk. The weathermen here are predicting a “downfall” of 2-3 inches by Thursday. Right. Uh huh. Sure thing.

  21. Kathy says:

    Weekend? You already know. Shoveling 30″ of snow for 3 hours then rubbing Bengay on every muscle that was used in the shoveling process.

    About no gloves, grab the needles and some yarn, girl, you need ’em. Or send me your handprint, I’ll make you a lovely pair:). It’s not like I don’t have time over here……lol

    Please tell Miss Sissy that Mr. Bettis still thinks she’s the Top Dog 😉 and he also gets a wee bit tired of the little ones “blathering” on and on about nothing.

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