Snow Refrain

Just insert the same ol’ same ol’ in here.  I went to work this morning, and it was flurrying.  I came home, after six hours with no internet, no cable, and it was flurrying.  It’s sleeted just long enough to make the hot tub cover sparkle, and now, we wait.

The bed gargoyles, daring me to move them to make said bed...

For those with score cards, please tell me what snow number we’re on, because honestly?  I have no clue.  I know this is the third event in February, and frankly, I’m impressed with myself for remembering that much.

We’ve had two casualties now.  The Knight and our awesome insurance guy have spoken, and sad metal shed (which looks far worse today, after the Knight tried to scrape some of the snow off last night) will be replaced with a sturdier wooden model with a loft (like the other shed, for those who happen to know our property).  But just to make life interesting, the Knight is at Lowe’s now, fetching a thermostat for the just out of warranty hot water heater.  I am SO blessed to have a handy man!

Being Irish, I think things come in threes.  Do my dead Wii handsets Saturday night count?  (Please?!)  Or maybe the brake line that let go in the Knight’s personal truck, repaired on Friday in spite of the storm?  (But not both, because then we’d have two more to go…)  Or how ’bout the flood light halogen bulb he just changed, in the snow, so the fur-girls have a well-lit pen again?

Yum... snow tastes good!

Gretchen wants you to know how brave she is.  She not only has warmed up to the whole concept of snow, but she’ll also run around without a jacket when it isn’t snowing, sleeting or otherwise dropping cold, wet stuff on her head and back.

Be vwery qwiet. I'm hunting wabbits.

Sissy just wants everyone to pay attention to her too.  She’s never really minded the snow, almost always prefers to be “nekkid” so what’s the big deal?!  She was hunting here, although I’m not sure what…

And here comes the snow.  I think I’m gonna’ steam some milk, add some mint Bailey’s and watch it snow.

18 comments on “Snow Refrain

  1. Walden says:

    Your bed gargoyles look like they are taking the job very seriously. They give that “don’t you dare” look very well.

  2. Sue says:

    It’s been snowing for two days non-stop here, but very little is sticking. The wind, however, sounds frightening and is cold and biting. We’re all happy to stay inside today and eat animal crackers.

  3. Marjie says:

    I wouldn’t mess with those girls. They know who’s boss. Thor will stay out in the snow for hours if he has company, and whines in 30 seconds if he’s sent out alone.

    Losing the brakes is worse than our exhaust system breaking, because at least we can stop while we’re being deafened! But I’ll bet my $77.12 bill was a lot less hard to stomach than yours was! Sorry for the loss of the shed; it’s time to get a nicer one anyway. The snow will be getting here sometime after 11. I have food. We’re settled in until whenever we get plowed out!

  4. kathy b says:

    Steamed Bailys! sounds, sorrry, purrrrrrrrfect.

    Don’t worry your streak is over. Throw some dog cookies over your left shoulder……

  5. Mr Puffy says:

    Bed Gargoyles… fits – LOL

    A handy hubby is a blessing indeed! Hope your Irish things come in threes proves wrong. Be careful when out on the roads.

  6. Barbara S. says:

    Well, handy-man husbands are defiantly a blessing, especially when they are home when needed (or at least as close as the fire-house!). Fortunately, I haven’t needed mine so far this week.
    Sadie loves to hunt things in the snow, voles running around on the lawn under the snow being the very best. I just keep wondering why she wants to explore the yard after dark, instead of during daylight.
    I suppose I should go shovel out some more so I can get out in the morning. (Our 12-15″ isn’t really worth mentioning compared to yours and you greater environs.)

  7. Mary says:

    I’m with kathy b…bad streak is over. I will wait another couple of days to decide if the streak is over with or just beginning up the road here. Heavy sleet at the moment, getting ready to turn over to heavy snow with high winds expected by early morning. Should be fun. Alone with the dogs for this one…hubby in Detroit on business. The Doberman is missing Dad. She climbed into my lap and pushed my knitting out of the way. Think it was an editorial comment?

    Stay warm down there. Hope we all keep power, TV and internet. Don’t think I can crank up the generator all by myself in a 25-40 mph wind with heavy snow.

    Anyone seen a sign of SPRING???

  8. Kathy says:

    I agree with you on everything coming in threes. Hope you’ve made your limit now.

    Miss Gypsy and Miss Molly are quite impressed with Miss Gretchen venturing with no coat. They have given up on fussing about going out in the 30+ inches and have taken to it without a big to-do. Thank goodness. Ed knocked down the icicles after one almost hit Molly and caused me to GULP! So a handy-man who’s handy is a must-have around the house.
    Hope you keep your power.

  9. Anita says:

    I think the dead batteries, breaks, bulbs & thermostat all count! You’re one up, so you are good to go. 🙂

    I’m hunting Wabbits… ROFLMBO! Cute photos of the girls. And they do look pretty sleepy & cranky that you were thinking of making the bed up. LOL

  10. Yeah, I agree about the three’s. In fact, after the dog surgery and “the great garage flood of 2010” I’m waiting for the final shoe to drop. Can we just get it over with? Love the gargoyles. Hmm…maybe I’ll rustle up a pair for my bed. 🙂

  11. laceylee says:

    Steamed milk with mint baileys is what I’m talking about. I am glad Gretchen has warmed up to the snow. Angus only wants to venture into the white stuff when it is night and it is frozen and he can stand on it with out falling through. Oh to weigh 7lbs. Enjoy the snow and keep warm!

  12. I love the facial expressions on your girls. I think things come in threes too…I wonder if that is because I have a touch of the Irish as well 1/4 or so…

  13. Barbara says:

    My ex was a total loss in the handyman division. Luckily, I was pretty good at it. And I have a son who is blessed in that department too. And he lives nearby, thank God.
    Have I ever mentioned what fun it is to see your dog photos? Such expressions. And I think I would pass on making the bed if I were you. It’s nice and cozy and probably smells like the two of you which would be comforting to the dogs.
    Nothing like yours, of course, but we are having a cold front for the rest of the week. 40’s at night, 60’s during the day. That is chilly for Florida!

  14. gaylen says:

    Umm- how come you never told me about the hot baileys?

    Your girls are adorable. Hope you don’t go snow crazy!! g

  15. Nichole says:

    Sophie would like to join Sis on her hunt… cute pics… sorry about your casulties, but it sounds like they are mild, all things considering… and I take it the brake line let go without further fanfare, which is always nice. no crashes!

  16. Tobi says:

    Bed gargoyles!! I love it. I might have to refer Blue and Clemmie as that for a bit – it’d be a nice break from calling them ragamuffins all the time.

  17. Bubblesknits says:

    She’s hunting snow-bunnies, of course!

    I wish I had some bed gargoyles. All I have are hogs. 😉

  18. Dianne says:

    Bed bargoyles – that’s hilarious! They really do look like gargoyles!

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