Team Ravelpaws

Happy little tuesday friday!  All this snow day stuff has me very confused, but it is indeed Thursday, which makes it little friday, Dogs on Thursday and Thankful Thursday.  Phew!

I’m so thankful for my internet friends.   A bunch of us from the Stash Sock Club group on Ravelry comprise Team Ravelpaws, and we’re getting ready to knit our way through the Olympics.  

The fur-girls want me to doctor on the team logo and get their names or something in there, and maybe after lunch, I’ll have time…

Oh, the girls have enjoyed the snow, and having us home with them!  Queen of the mountain is the favorite game.

Yes, our deck is basically level with snow, compacted to the point it really can’t be removed right now.  See that tiny, dark strip behind Gretchen?  That’s the TOP of the wrought-iron loveseat/rocker.

Tune in tomorrow for the next round of as the snow falls.  We have more coming on Monday, so I hear.

20 comments on “Team Ravelpaws

  1. louise says:

    Now don’t those girls look like they’re having fun. it’s difficult to be upset with the snow when you see their delight!!! Have FUN, Channon…

  2. Sue says:

    Are you home for the week? The girls will get very spoiled having you around all day.

    My dogs would be using that snow on the deck to make an escape. It looks like they can almost walk right off into the yard.

  3. Queen of the Hill is looking most elegant! Try to enjoy the time home…I bet there’s all kinds of things to do, some you want to do, some you ought to do! Have fun choosing more wants than oughts!

  4. Marjie says:

    It is sunny and beautiful outside my window today, with 7″ of fresh snow on the groung, and boys finishing their school work so they and Thor can play Kings of the Mountain! I hope the next one goes to Richmond and leaves you alone!

  5. Dawn says:

    Love all the snow…was really wishing we were going to get some…at least we got rain!:) Give the girls big smooches!:)

  6. Barbara S. says:

    They do look like they could walk right off the deck if they wanted (but I know they won’t ever have the opportunity!). Kind of reminds me of the days and days of snow we had one year in SLC when the kids could have walked across the snow in the yard and over the 7 foot brick wall into the neighbor’s yard; or right up onto the roof if they had so desired.

  7. Tina S. says:

    Yep the snow definitely looks deep! Queen of the mountain sounds like fun! Hope you are all staying warm!

    Happy DOT’s

    p.s. don’t let a little, ok a big thing, like snow put you off from having chickens again, the eggs are worth it!

  8. gaylen says:

    As the Snow Falls! Fabulous. You wanted Winter – that’s all I’m sayin’.

    Your girls are adorable as always. :> g

  9. pixelknit says:

    Nice pictures of the girls in the snow. I’ll stop complaining about our snow here. 🙂 Good luck in the Ravelympics!

  10. km says:

    Stay warm! I’m still deciding what to knit for the Olympics…I’ve got to hurry.

    Just ONCE, I’d like to get snowed in. I’m sure it’s not fantastic, but I’d like the chance. On our way home today from the Honda Center (Where the Anaheim Ducks play), we passed a strawberry patch. There were red berries on the bushes. And the fruit stand was OPEN! Somehow that just seems wrong!

  11. AlisonH says:

    Brrr. Pretty, and fun, but brrrr.

  12. Mary says:

    I’m on day 7 of being snowed and loving every minute of it…okay maybe I didn’t like the 12 hours of blizzard so much, but was fortunate to maintain power. Knit GD a sweater. Dogs were happy to see sun today. I opened all the curtains/blinds in the house and the dogs followed the sunshine: morning on the beds and afternoon on the living room sofa and comfy chairs.

    Glad to see the fur girls are on top of things! And thanks again, Chan, for your emails during the storm. Kept my spirits up. I think I had more email “conversations” with you over a couple of days than I did with my husband (away on business trip).

  13. anniebananie says:

    The girls look adorable, as ever, and I’m glad that the snow has compacted so they don’t fall in it (although I know how hard it would be to try to shovel it). Enjoy knitting through the olympics!

  14. I am doing Ravelympics again this year too! 🙂 What project did you select…did I miss that??

  15. Walden says:

    That last picture looks like Gretchen is wants to say “There is enough snow for the both of us, I was here first”

  16. Dianne says:

    We are getting more, too. Yuck. Where is Spring???

  17. Blond Duck says:

    The Babies have never seen snow! I want to take them to the beach this summer…do you know if there’s really a thing called sand fleas?

  18. Mr Puffy says:

    Amazing to see these pictures. Really unbelievable. Thanks for letting me know the Olympics are starting. Sometimes I wonder if I live too insulated a life….

  19. Nichole says:

    Love the pics!
    Let’s go Team Ravelpaws!

  20. Bubblesknits says:

    Go Team Ravelpaws! And I’m still amazed and how much snow you’ve gotten. Just kind of makes the jaw drop.

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