Over the Top

Bridget of The Ravell’d Sleave presented my blog with an award:
It comes with a laundry list of questions, and I have time to kill, so…
1.  Where is your cell phone? In my handbag
2,  Your hair?    Needs a trim 

3.  Your mother?  Will be 70 this year.  Somehow, that surprises me.

4.  Your father?   Miss him every day. 

5.  Your favourite food?   Changes from moment to moment 

6.  Your dream last night?   I actually remember it… 

7.  Your favourite drink?  Tea
8.  Your dream/goal?    To work from home and write with the fur-girls gathered ’round 

9.  What room are you in?    The main office at work 

10. Your hobby?  Knitting, reading, scrap booking…
11. Your fear?    Cancer 
12.  Where do you want to be in six years?  At home, writing with the dogs, with the Knight close by too
13.  Where were you last night?  Home 

14.  Something that you aren’t?   Graceful
15.  Muffins?   No thanks, unless they’re pumpkin
16.  Wish list item?   New laptop 

17.  Where did you grow up?    Right here 

18.  Last thing you did?   Laughed at an old friend who stopped by the office
19.  What are you wearing? A bright turquoise blue shirt and the stole Anita made me
20.  Your TV? I don’t feel possessive of any TV
21.  Your pets?   Sissy and Gretchen, the canine princesses
22.  Friends?  Make life worth living 
23.  Your life?  Blessed 

24.  Your mood?  Blissful 
25.  Missing someone?  Yes
26,  Vehicle?  Lexus… but I don’t think we’ll replace it with another Toyota product after all

27.  Something you’re not wearing?  Necklace

28.  Your favourite store?  For what? 
29.  Your favourite colour? Today?  Turquoise
30. When was the last time you laughed?  See #18
31.  Last time you cried?  Don’t recall…
32.  Your best friend?   The Knight
33. One place that I go to over and over?  The firehouse
34. One person who emails me regularly?   comment-reply@wordpress…. 

35. Favourite place to eat?   It’s About Thyme
Thanks, Bridget!  That was fun.  I’m supposed to pass this along to six other worthy bloggers, who may or may not want to play along.  As most of you know, I usually wig out about here, and just invite anyone who needs blog fodder or feels so inclined to participate to play along. 

7 comments on “Over the Top

  1. AlisonH says:

    #34–thank you for the laugh!

  2. anniebananie says:

    If you have time to kill, you can always email me! I’m at the office.

    When do you leave for the beach?

  3. Darn. I figure I email you almost as much as WordPress…Glad you had a laugh today!

  4. Nichole says:

    14 – lmao… WTP!

  5. Barbara says:

    35 questions? Yikes.
    We agree on 1, 2, 7, 22 and 25.
    And you’re not graceful? I don’t believe it for a second.

  6. Bridget says:

    I love who you regularly receive e-mail from! That’s a good one.

    Glad you enjoyed it. I always like seeing what others will write.

  7. Anita says:

    LOL, cute! If I wasn’t so dang tired I’d do this one myself… 🙂
    And…. aww, you’re wearing the wrap I sent you, sweet!

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